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Please help

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Please help


I am in a very tough situation here. I'm basically trying to figure out if I have a candida problem, and while most of the evidence seems to point towards yes, there are a few things that seem to tell me I don't. I'll start from the beginning.

On August 9th I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. A few days later I was with some friends and was told I had horrid breath. This makes sense, as I had holes in my mouth that still hadn't healed. Of course, I became self conscious of this fact. I was also very upset because, I had worked hard the entire summer to put on some muscle in the gym and after about a week of really not being able to eat much I had lost a lot of it. On the 17th, I moved in to my dorm for my freshman year of college. As you can see, I was under a lot of stress. I was also on what I'm pretty sure was penicillin for about 4-5 days after the operation and some steroids to help with healing (not inhaled steroids, tablet form).

Since about a few days after move-in day (I'd say the 20th) I've been struggling with what I thought was oral thrush. Of course, as you all know very well, most doctors are very poorly informed about this condition or set of conditions. I wasn't aware that my problem could have anything to do with what I was eating or drinking (the first weekend here involved quite a bit of beer... and pizza). It took two weeks to finally get a doctor to prescribe nystatin for me. I had two doctors look at my mouth beforehand and say they didn't think I had thrush. My symptoms were, and still are:
-White coat on the tongue that can't be scraped off. Thicker at the back (and some of this can be scraped off but the rest, which kind of looks like white hair on my tongue, cant be. When I use a tongue scraper I get this white liquidy stuff to come off, and when it dries, it smells sour)
-Coating is always worse in the morning and gets better throughout the day.
-Has never been painful, ever. Or itchy. However, the first time I tried to use my tongue scraper on it, it bled a little. Upon closer inspection I realized it was actually the papillae that were bleeding, maybe I scraped too hard. That hasnt happened with scraping since.
-Indentations on the side of my tongue for my front three or so teeth on each side. When I googled teeth indentations on tongue, I got something about poor nutritional absorption. This would be consistent with candida in my gut, right?

Anyways, the nystatin didn't seem to help at all. I went on a second course of the stuff and still no improvement. Of course, during this time I was still eating whatever the hell I wanted.
After this I went to a dentist, who told me that she didn't see ANYTHING wrong with my tongue (BS), another doctor who told me that there wasn't anything to worry about, and lastly an EAR NOSE THROAT SPECIALIST who said he didn't see anything wrong with it but took a culture because I asked him too. Results just recently came in - nothing. No anaerobic bacteria OR fungus. He referred me to another doctor. Getting sick of this.

Throughout the course of the past two months, and once I became aware of the different aspects of candida, I've tried different things. I tried gentian violet. I didn't think it was working so I stopped. When I stopped the GV after about a week and a half, the coat had been prettymuch eliminated except at the back of my tongue. Immediately after I stopped using GV, the coat started to cover my entire tongue again. I also tried GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and that didn't seem to do **** either.

Here's the real kicker - I've had this white, indented tongue for about a month now, in the past two weeks constantly clearing my throat and coughing sometimes, and a sinus infection with post nasal drip that just won't stop. To be fair, I've had a chronic sinus infection for a few years now. I've probably just taken notice of it. OH, and recently, I've had heartburn a lot more often that before. That's another symptom of candida overgrowth.

Now about a week ago I decided to go gung-ho at this thing and end it. It's really putting a detriment on my scholastic performance. I always wake up with circles under my eyes that only slightly fade during the day ... AKA I DIDN'T SLEEP WELL. Not good. So, I decided to cut out carbs and sugar as best as I could while in a college environment. Yes, that even meant avoiding the beer and the parties and all that. Eating mostly chicken, salads, if I had carbs they were brown rice, etc. I started doing literally EVERYTHING that can be done without a doctor's prescription: Fresh garlic. Apple cider Vinegar. Coconut oil. GSE. Probiotics (20 BILLION A DAY!). Brushing my teeth with myrhh toothpaste.

NOTHING. No results. NO Die-off reaction. Nada.

The problem is, there really isn't anything else that could explain all this. A chronic sinus infection with post nasal drip could be bacterial, sure, and could explain the cough, but not the coated and indented tongue. Definitely not the GERD.

I have pictures that I've taken while using the GV and while not using it to emphasize what my tongue looks like, but the last forum I was on, an admin removed them. Since I don't want to cause any waves here, I'll only post them if someone asks for them.

I guess my real point is that I'm extremely frustrated and want to know what this is. On one hand it seems like it's gotta be candida. On the other hand, nothing seems to do anything at all against it, and the oral white coat isn't painful or itchy, although maybe the indentations are because it's swolen? And not because of candida in my gut? I put on another coat of GV last night and looking at it this morning, my tongue appears to be white UNDERNEATH the gentian violet coat. That doesn't make any sense.

The white coat is NOT dry mouth, because my mouth is plenty wet. I've smoked maybe three times in my life and never recently. I'm still in pretty good shape, and very well cut.

ANY advice at all would be appreciated.

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Re: Please help

I'm sure you've gotten help by now but Diflucan (prescription only) is used to treat serious candida infections and it certainly sounds as if that's what you have. I am a woman and have been plagued with yeast infections since I was 14. I have been on candida allergy shots for 28 yrs. they are wonderful. No matter what any dr. says, a white tongue is not normal.

Hope you got cured!!

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