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ipineda 09-28-2015 02:22 PM

need advice - desperate
I am need of advice or direction. My mother has severe neuropathy. she has gone from walking with a cane, to walker to wheelchair and now is pretty much bed ridden. We can only slide her off the bed, transferring her to her doctors appointments is like torture...she has so much pain that she can barely even roll over in the bed to be changes. She is 68 years old and she went from walking to being in bed within the last 3 years. She fell and broke her arm and was in nursing home from Jan. 2015 to May 2015. We have been trying to care for her but requires 24 hour care as she cannot be alone at home. It appears she will have to go to nursing home again because we have no one to care for her 24 hours. I want to make sure I have done all I can for her before I move her back...
she is currently on on IVIG therapy and has been for over a year now, to be honest I haven't seen any improvement in her at all with this treatment.
she has some fractures in her hips that we are waiting on the heal so that they may do a hip replacement.
Has anyone had experience that they have gone from being bed ridden to being able to at least walk again even with a walker? if so what treatment did you use? She is currently under a neurologist, orthopedic, pain mgmt., neurosurgeon, all these doctors care and we have not seen any improvement whatsoever. My mother is in so much pain every hour of every day and it is heartbreaking....I desperately need guidance if anyone has had any success.
She is on lots of different medications and those have not seemed to improve her condition one bit.

jameshadley 09-27-2016 12:54 AM

Re: need advice - desperate
You can hire a PT for taking care of her. That'll be a lot of help. Also, you can sign up for telemedicine services, to avoid working her up too much. The doctor gets the reports and updates and the PT and you can make sure she's doing well. Good Luck.

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