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talker2a2 07-18-2005 11:22 AM

benefits for caregivers?
hi there im new here and basically trying to get some information from my mother.
ok here it goes:
My moms, mom who is 85 and on SS just had a stroke. shes partically paralyed, and legally blind. she cant drive and is probably going to have to be comepletely taken care of now. my mom is about to loose her job because she has to take so much time off. if she becomes her mothers full-time caregiver, will there be any benefit programs she can try and qualify for?

i have been on the internet for hours searching but there is waaay to much info out there and i cant find anything that pertains to Caregivers benefits.

any advice would be appreciated,
thank you

Misty800 07-18-2005 07:11 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
I am not aware of any way to be paid to take care of your own mother. Medicare does not pay for custodial care, only for necessity nursing care if health requires it and then only for limited time.

Is your mother an only child? If she has siblings, maybe they would be willing to pay your mom to do their share of caregiving.

My parents paid my sister to take care of them for a period of time. This was only fair since the other 3 children could not do their share.

mightyquin 07-18-2005 10:10 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
I don't know of any direct benefits to caregivers. However, I think she might be able to get a break on her income taxes.

last1 07-19-2005 05:47 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
AS a social worker, I can tell you that there isn't any program that will benefit or pay a family member for taking care of another family member. Caring for each other is the expectation especially when it is family. On the other hand, you can apply for Family Medical LEave (FMLA) through you employer (it's a Federal law) that will allow you to take time away from work and secure your job. However, it will not "pay" you if you're not working.

Obivously, you can see the problem if people decided to take time off to care for family members and wanted to bill the state or the federal government. Right?

ericaw 07-20-2005 12:32 AM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
I fyou try social sevices they can provide someone to take take care of her and maybe you too.There might be a share of cost but it will be low depending on the care that is needed.In my state(cal) the call it a chore provider but also look into home health aides in your state.

Lisa_P 08-03-2005 05:48 AM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
My mother, who is in much the same situation, was put on a state program administered by the county that paid a wage to her caregiver. It was part of the "Elderly Waiver" program in that state. After she was qualified for Elderly Waiver, she qualified for a "PCA" (Personal Care Attendant) who could be a family member. [In the state where I live now, it's called CDAC, or "Consumer Directed Attendant Care," and is also under their Elderly Waiver program.] The bad part of the program was that they did an annual assessment of how much care she needed-- which was (according to their guideline) five hours a day-- SPREAD OUT OVER 24!!! So even though I was there 24/7, I was paid for just 35 hours a week... But it was something-- which really, really helped! I took care of her for just over a year before I moved to another state (I TRULY feel guilty). My brother lives with her now and does the caregiving.

Gingerly 08-25-2005 01:29 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
I'm not sure about the State you live in, but here in California we went through In Home Support Services through Aging & Adult Services. They do pay your family memebers to care for a sick family member.

Please check this out. Take care,

Jenetti 08-28-2005 09:31 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
SSI pays a lady to come in and take care of mom for 2 and a half hours a day , 5 days a week. thats all mom qualified for. if she becomes more disabled they can raise it to maybe an hour more a day, but shed have to qualify for it. 2 and a half hours doesnt seem to be alot, but it does help my mom out alot, but then shes not paralyzed , and shes not totally bed ridden yet. mom also had beginning stages of alzheimers, and we have found out when it gets worse, she'll be able to qualify for a few hours per day more, but nothing 24/7. that would have to be privately paid for, we're just greatful for the hours she is getting, since i cant be much help (i have fibro and thyroid problems plus a bad back myself), tho i do all their finances, medication refills, doctor visits, shopping, etc. so i am doing my share in their caretaking as well (no i dont get paid). i wish i could direct you somewhere that would help you sweetie, but i really dont know of anyone that would do it full time and get paid for it by the govt.

ktlady 09-25-2005 06:26 PM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
Please check with your County, Town, State government senior affairs offices. They would be the ones who will advise you where to get help.
As far as financial help, there is no programs I know of but your mother's mother is entitled to be taken care of properly and with dignity without your mother being the only caregiver. Also get in touch with your church.

May God bless all of you .

suziewong 12-09-2005 03:32 AM

Re: benefits for caregivers?
hi so sorry to hear your country dont pay for care of ill person think this is so bad after all most your country is so big and collect alot of taxes,i live in uk and my husband is unable to work due to me having a nuerological disease im 39 i have 2 dependant children age 13,18 my husband claimes for care given to me also looking after the children it helps us so much as i can not be left alone.also it would cost the country more if i was hospitalised.

boaz 12-23-2005 08:17 AM

Re: benefits for caregivers?

I understand what you said about gov. helping paying for parental care, but if they could come up with some incentives or some help at all, because it does cost them also heavily doesn't it when elderly are put in homes on Medicaid? If there was a program to offset that and make it more helpful for working families to give the care they want to their parents, I think they should come up with something, not a full out paid deal no, I don't mean that, but to get on my soap box the government wastes so much on crazy stuff like life on Mars?? Who cares ?? What about the lives we have right here and now on dear ol earth? That's just my beef, and like I said not complete help just a hand up or a break of somekind, cause so many suffer financially, I have lost my whole inheritance, my husband was working then he got hurt real bad and is now disabled, during that time we went thru my inheritance to live on cause I can't work, my mother is completely dependant on me, so now were down to just getting buy instead of having dreams of a new kitchen or a nice vacation, or even a decent vehicle, but I made that choice and I would change it, I think maybe a tax break would be great as a start.....jst my 2 cents....

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