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Raider66 12-10-2008 05:06 AM

dealing with a bipolar son
My son is 18 years old and we suspect he is bipolar. He is currently in limbo about his schooling even though he is in the 12th grade and has only 6 months to go. He has definite anger issues and is in trouble in school on an almost consistent basis because of that anger. He has failed the 1st 9 weeks and is on the road to failure this 9 weeks. Both the principal and his dad and I feel he would be best suited for alternative education where he could get his GED, but he wants to do cyberschool to get a real diploma. It is doubtful that I will be able to get him in on time to attend cyberschool not to mention the fact that he 1. may not get in because of his suspensions.2. have to get him into the dentist within 2 weeks (not going to happen) 3. he is behind a year already.

HE has tried on 3 occassions to kill himself andhas been hospitalized once. He was given trilepical ( sp) at the hospital and was doing well on it until he decided he didn't want it anymore. He has wrecked his car, damaged my car, run up bills he cannot afford to pay and owes me over $2000.000 from stealing my credit card along with cell phone bills etc..
His attitude is horrible, his favorite saying is "I don't care.", he is frequently verbally abusive towards me and others, and is basically hell to live with. Its becoming increasingly hard to have him here at my house. He is scheduled to attend counseling next week, even though I have a suspicion he will not go as he told me he would. I cannot deal much longer with the lies, manipulations and all out disrespect. I just don't know how to cope even though I have been educating myself on the subject, and find that I am sinking into a depression as well. Is there anything that anyone can help me with on this subject? I'm at the end of my rope.

fossilapostle 12-10-2008 04:35 PM

Re: dealing with a bipolar son
Are you sure it's not drugs? That kind of behavior, especially with the stealing, sounds like it could be caused by drug addiction.

Anyway, obviously he needs help. That's a tough age too. He's legally an adult, but probably is still dependant on you. I would make your supporting him conditional upon him getting psychiatric help, including taking whatever medications he is prescribed. He really needs it and if he wont' get it voluntarily, then you'll have to force the issue.

dolejaly 07-27-2009 06:18 AM

Re: dealing with a bipolar son
About what age was your son when you started noticing things change w/ him? I would definitely go with the counseling and maybe halt a bit on medication beings the side effects might not be good in the long run, but that is not saying don't allow the medication, just try the counseling first.

Have you had a chance with one on one and to see what he really feels and thinks? Hang in there, its hard, but remember one thing, "my grandmother always told me, remember your the mom and let him know that you are doing everything that is in his best interest for him."

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