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abrniidgrl 07-23-2010 09:34 PM

caregiver fee question
I am a certified Nurse Aid & will be going on a cruise with my current employer a close friend of a close friend. This is a short 4 day cruise in our local area. Normally I work for them only a few hours a day. I have no idea what to charge. I have a daughter who will stay with my folks. I will be with this elderly couple (the woman has Alzheimers) the whole trip except when sleeping and my cabin is across from theirs. HELP I don't know what to do.....


I make very little per hour and I don't work full time.

Its very hard to find a job where I live.

melliann 08-19-2010 08:20 PM

Re: caregiver fee question
I pay myself $12 an hour. For my sisters wedding next weekend I am having my best friend as a PCA/fill-in caregiver for my son and she is getting paid $15 an hour. I would say with your training and how much care you will be providing in those 4 days I would say at least $14 and hour during the waking hours and $5 an hour while sleeping. That is what I do for my PCA's when I am not able to do a shift or something like that.

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