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plm 08-11-2004 06:53 PM

what kind of wrist splint, glove to buy?
Went to neurologist today with painful hands. She's scheduled an EMG (?) in a few weeks. Said to get wrist splints to use while on computer, and possibly while sleeping. Said any drug store should have them. I've been looking around on the internet and see all kinds of different ones. One called a Pillo-split looks real padded and nice for sleeping, but they are $40 each!! Ouch. Also saw a couple of long gloves with no fingers that had a stiff piece of plastic or metal in them. About $20 a PAIR. Big difference. Wonder if the cheap ones are real uncomfortable. Also saw something called Smart Glove for $20 each. Just looks like a black Michael Jackson fingerless glove with a removable splint. So I was wondering what you all had tried, and how did you like them? Looks like I could spend $100 for two hands easily.

Tranzwarp 08-12-2004 08:46 AM

Re: what kind of wrist splint, glove to buy?
I bought a $14 one at a local pharmacy for night-use. It has velcro and simply slips over the hand. It also has a removable metal brace. Haven't looked for one for computer usage, but I think I should.

Good luck with the EMG. It's really nothing to be concerned with. No pain, just a little "funny bone"-like sensation.

Take care,


Angel8 09-21-2004 06:05 PM

Re: what kind of wrist splint, glove to buy?
Hi... My Dr. gave me some wrist splints when I saw him the other day... I have also some that I bought at Wal-Mart... :wave:

kb1lon 10-05-2004 04:15 PM

Re: what kind of wrist splint, glove to buy?
Check with a medical supply place that carries orthopaedic supplies. The prices for splints range greatly from OK affordable to OUCH. I went the ouch route only because I'd tried some of the lesser ones to find out they were giving me a rash and other pinching issues. The best I've seen (and still have) have two velcro straps that connect to laces that tighten the brace around your wrist so that it's snug (they are never what you can call comfortable) and have a rigid metal splint that starts just above the wrist and ends mid-palm. Set right they will hold your hands in one position. It's a really good idea to wear them at night to keep you from bending your wrists at all which can exacerbate CTS.

They are difficult to type in.

I now wear a pair of Valeo weight training neoprene wrist wraps while typing. They serve two purposes. While not being rigid they remind me to keep my wrists straight. Purpose 2 is they are terry lined and warm to keep my wrists warm, and re-warm my fingers when they get icy cold, which they do on a frequent, nearly constant basis unless I take steps to prevent that.

The wrist wraps can be had at about 24 a pair from this site: - then navigate to supports and wraps, and scroll down to find the wrap around wrist support - a friend who's had it pointed them out to me and I am very glad I bought them.

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