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dan275 08-04-2012 08:06 PM

CTS, Guyon's Canal, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: My Experience! Ask Away!
Had a carpal tunnel, guyon's canal, and cubital tunnel release on Jun 25th and have been recovering since. Feel free to ask me any questions you have from my pre-surgery and post-op experiences.

A little background:

31 year old male, police officer assigned to a bicycle unit. Several hours spent each work day riding a bicycle to include computer use and constant writing. Also an avid weight lifter, swimmer, mountain biker, and motorcycle rider since 18.

Pain started in September 2011 at work. Just sitting down relaxed and I began to feel aching and burning in my right hand slightly into my forearm. Pain continued to get worse. Never hurt while doing any repetitive activity, only after.

Saw my doctor in early November and referred to a specialist soon after. I was told it was tendonitis and to wear a wrist brace 24/7. Did so, stayed away from weights, but the pain continued. On and off pain for months and eventually lessened to my right hand only.

By April I had enough of the constant off and off pain, to include the occasional numbness/tinging in random spots on my hand. Got a new doctor and new specialist. Low and behold, I had CTS, Guyon's Canal Syndrome, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome on my right side to include my left arm as well! My surgeon advised me I had denervation on my right guyon's canal and within in a year I would start to see muscle atrophy in that area.

Shortly after I began experiencing immense pain in my left hand and both elbows. Some of the worst pain I've experienced. It took my employer 2 months to approve my first surgery on my right side so I spent my time home ridden scared to use my hands or bend my elbow in fear it would set off pain.

So anyways, feel free to ask me anything you want regarding this. I had a triple whammy surgery all at once and would be glad to share my experiences!

akerley 06-23-2013 12:41 PM

Re: CTS, Guyon's Canal, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: My Experience! Ask Away!
Hey there, my name is Alicia. I'm 33 yrs old. I have had bilateral submuscular ulnar nerve transpositions back in 2008 and 2009. Now I have been experiencing constant pain in my elbow, wrist, and fingers.. along with hands falling asleep, except in the whole hand, whereas with my cubital tunnel it was my pinky and half ring fingers alone. also been dropping things again, randomly. it's really annoying, and the pain keeps me up alot of nights.. my physician didn't touch it, just is making me go back to my surgeon on july 5th. i'm a bit curious as to what may happen this time around, afraid now i have compression/entrapment in my wrists.. i do wish my doc would have sent me back for EMG again though. how are you doing now with yours?

Lilygirl254 11-21-2014 07:02 AM

Re: CTS, Guyon's Canal, and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: My Experience! Ask Away!
I have tingling in my last two fingers, in the crease of my arm and sometimes up the middle of my forearm. Was your surgery open or endoscopic? I think endoscopic requires less recovery time and has less after surgery pain. If endoscopic is a possibility, I would definitely prefer that. Thank you.

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