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Myshkin 10-12-2012 07:55 AM

Will 5 days gluten free affect tests?
This saturday I went gluten free in a (somewhat desperate) attempt to change my miserable health. Much to my surprise it worked. It worked very very very well within days.

This wednesday I also got the message, that I have been tested positive for Sjögren's Syndrome, and now it is imperative that I get tested properly for Celiac. I am quite sure I have it. It's often co-realted to Sjögren's.

Thursday morning I went back on gluten. So that's five days without gluten (and one of those days I had quite a bit of soy sauce containing gluten by accident).

Since thursday I have been feeling like hell. I am scheduled for a gastrocopy and blood sample monday.

Will these 4-5 days from saturday-wednesday affect the test results?

I have asked two doctors and got two different answers...

SOE 10-17-2012 09:14 PM

Re: Will 5 days gluten free affect tests?
I think you got two different answers because they really don't know. Make sure you tell the doctors running your tests about your days gluten free. I'm in the process of getting tested as well. My blood tests were negative, but I'm told 30% are false negative. Next is a consultation for an endoscopy.

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