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LauraLee77 01-14-2013 01:16 PM

Doctor not being fair
Hi All,

I am just looking for some quick insight. My doctor ran the TTG test which came back at 30 (anything over 19 is positive with this lab). I live in Canada and things can be slow moving here. He stated he would send me for a biospy to confirm so I continued with the gluten. I went in last week and asked him about the referral to the GE and he looked at me blankly. Then he said that the Gastro's won't do those biopisies because my one blood test came back positive. He pulled up the results - which I know is not a high positive value- and said it states positive for celiac... so I am celiac.

I, also, have Hashimoto's (which has been cycling between hypo and hyper over the lst year)- which concerns me about a false positive as well as Fibromyalgia, PCOS and ADHD (adult dx'd). I know I am a prime candidate for celiac but am unsure if I should overhaul my life without further confirmation.

Any insight anyone? I am a 35 year old woman who is struggling to get better. I beleive gluten free is good for probably anyone, but I would like to know for sure if I am celiac.

luca689 01-15-2013 09:11 AM

Re: Doctor not being fair
If the lab results were positive, your Drs probably don't want to subject you to a procedure that isn't necessary because all procedures have risks, no matter how small. Did your Dr give you instructions on how to go about gluten free? It is much easier as there is much more variety in pastas and such now as opposed to several years ago. It certainly sounds as if your Dr has diagnosed you as being celiac. If you have questions about your diagnosis, I have found that your Drs nurses, in addition to Drs themselves, are a great patient resource.

LauraLee77 01-15-2013 09:49 AM

Re: Doctor not being fair
Thanks for the response. No, he gave no instructions as well as he did not address the other meds I am taking. My only pushback is that he initially said, at the time of the blood test, that it is not 100% positive and a biopsy is needed. If he would have just addressed that again by stating what you have suggested I would feel more comfortable.

This is frustrating! Do you have any recommendations on resources for gluten free living?

luca689 01-15-2013 11:14 AM

Re: Doctor not being fair
First call the Dr's office and ask the staff for instructions or local resources. In fact, I believe that there is a support group for celiacs right in Sydney. And I believe there are many reputable Canadian websites for various celiac associations of Canada. There is plenty of good gluten free food out there, even bread, if you toast it. You just have to learn to read every label, and know the label laws/guidelines in your particular area. My rule is "If you put it on or in your mouth, know the ingredients"

LauraLee77 04-26-2013 08:22 AM

Re: Doctor not being fair
Just an update...I returned to my doctor with my concerns and realized he had me mixed up with another patient who already seen a gastro and was given a diagnosis without biopsy. He referred me right away and I have a biopsy scheduled in May. I am hoping it comes out negative. During my consult with the gastro, he stated that the positive TTg could have been from dairy consumption.

Thanks everyone for their input.

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