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flickfire 11-18-2019 02:32 PM

CP patient with throat spasms
I have a 51 yr. old CP patient that I take care of a couple times a week, and I have been with him least several times when he gets these coughing fits, that
sounds like his throat is going into spasms. He has this hacking, uncontrollable cough that goes on for a few minutes, and then his throat spasms, and he makes these loud "GGGGRRRRRRR!!" sounds, then finally, the spasms go away, and he's okay for a while, but he ends up drooling on himself in the process.

I just really feel bad for him, and the sounds he makes are very unpleasant to listen to. His other caretakers said that he's had an endoscopy done, and that they couldn't find anything wrong, but I'm sure it's related to his CP. He doesn't walk, and his arms(especially the left), and his legs spasm quite a bit, in spite of the fact that he takes meds for them.

I googled his symptoms, and I read that he might have something called a "Cricopharyngeal Spasm" that happens in some patients with CP. I just want to know is there anybody else who takes care of CP patients, who maybe has experienced this, and can give me some advice on how to help him?

It's just that he's a really nice guy, and I hate seeing him go through this day after day, with no resolution in sight. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank You!!

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