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levi'smum 01-22-2007 10:31 PM

a little worried
hello everyone i am pregnant with my second child which is due in 4 weeks i already have my precious little man levi aged two whom has spastic quad cp. i am extreamly worried about this birth. with levis birth i had a normal pregnacy and a 24 hour labour with a two hour pushing session. the doctors where totally negligent during my labour and after the birth towards me and my son. i am within no doubt that these incidents( i will not get into it all unless anyone wants to know) cause my sons condition. but there is always that little voice in the back of my mind about it happening again. it was the best and the worst day of our lifes and with this baby i would just like it to be the best day. is there any chances of a woman having multiple children with cp?? i am also worried about how my little man will deal with his brother or sister over taking him and feeling a little out of place i will do everything i can to involve him in everything. is there anyone whom has had a healthy baby after a cp bub and how did they cope thanks for your time hope to get some advice.

skigirl1689 01-23-2007 06:54 AM

Re: a little worried
I don't think that you have much to worry about. My mom had two healthy kids after she had me and she didn't have much trouble raising me and my sister even though we were only 11 months apart. I wish you the best of luck.

Steffers2318 01-23-2007 08:27 AM

Re: a little worried
Yeah, I would try not to worry. I mean, there is a chance any pregnancy could result in CP, but having one with it doesn't increase the chances. I'm sure many, many people have been in your shoes and it has worked out fine. It's normal to be nervous after any kind of bad birth experience, though. Look at it this way, you will know what to look out for during the delivery and what to tell the doctors to avoid. Good luck!

levi'smum 01-23-2007 03:07 PM

Re: a little worried
thank you for your reasurance. i will try to stay positive and deal with what ever will happen. :angel:

joromo703 01-24-2007 07:19 AM

Re: a little worried
Our son who is 4 has cp and our 20 month old daughter is as AB as they come. It was a tense pregnancy, but everything worked out.

We were very worried about how Patrick would deal with an AB sibling, but it has not been an issue yet. He is enough older that he is still better at most things. He just seems to ignore the things she does better (stairs, climbing, skipping). I'm sure it will come up someday in the context of the "why am I different than the other kids?" talk, but it has not come up yet.

We have tried hard to get Patrick interested in things he can do well despite cp, but in the end, I don't think there is a real answer to this problem. She will be better than he is at some things he wants to do. Some things are just sad.

This issue is one of the things which is making my wife and I lean against having a 3rd child. We don't want to have a boy who will be more of a direct competitor with Patrick than his sister is.

levi'smum 01-24-2007 03:27 PM

Re: a little worried
thats exactly how i feel and why i am worried i do not know the sex of our second child and i really do wish it will be a girl levi will always be my special bub but i would love him to be my only little man so he feels even more special in the way that he is my only son. levi is completely non active he cannot sit crawl or walk and he prob never will. so i am scared that his feelings will be confused when his sibling over takes him you can already see it in his eyes that he wants to do everything my friends babys his age do and he gets so frustrated. but then i think it could motavate him to try harder and join in with things he cannot do.

jomeja 01-25-2007 11:24 AM

Re: a little worried
I understand your feelings completely. Even though with our Megs we knew it was do to medical negligence, in the back of my mind when I was pregnant with our youngest I always worried a bit about that. With all 3 of my kiddos, 17 yrs, 12 yrs, and 4 yrs I had c-sections.

I prayed that our youngest was a boy for the same reasons. I wanted Megan to be our only special little girl. Like everything else, God walked us thru everything and life is good.. Just try and enjoy your pregnancy and try to not worry too much.

Hugs and Love

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