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klrb70 09-07-2010 11:11 AM

Hoping for some aide
My cousin (male, 41 years old) has severe cerebral palsy. He can't walk, but does drag himself around on the floor. He can't use the toilet or bathe himself. Can't feed himself. Throughout his life his parents have cared for all his needs, and as he became an adult and they got older, they could qualify for an aide for him that comes in in the morning. His father died 2 years ago and his mother has been on her own taking care of him with just the aide for a couple of hours in the a.m. She has had surgery on both of her shoulders, twice on her right one and needs knee surgery on both legs and probably hip surgery is not to far away. She is in her 70's. They have a van and my cousin doesn't get out to much accept to appointments with his dr and such. Well, she tore her shoulder again trying to load him up for an appointment. I suggested a lift for the van, but she can't afford one and says that SSI won't help with it. I would think there would be some way to get him qualified to have a wheel chair lift for the van at minimal cost to him. I would appreciate any information anyone would be willing to share about this. Thank you.

gracie10 10-22-2010 04:26 PM

Re: Hoping for some aide
I have not yet needed their services myself but, I do know that here in Massachusetts the state department of rehab & disabilities has all kinds of available services related to independence, in-home care and assistive technologies. They have a specialized department that deals with grants to cover the cost of all kinds of needs and equipment.

If you are unaware of such a department in OK, you might want to google OK rehab/disabilty services or or something similar.

Hope this helps....Best of luck.:)

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