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CP and Adderall XR

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dustinb85 HB User
Post CP and Adderall XR

Hello. My name is Dustin 132 lbs 5'7. I am 26 years old and I have mild CP. I turn in my feet a little when I walk and used to have bad extemly poor hand writting. I also have a lazy left eye or stigmatism.

From 12 to 9 I work in a call center giving support and retaining Cable TV customers. I actully was feeling so annyoed because every time I would hear the phone beep to indicate a incoming call... I think to myself "Why am I here?" All these people annoy me and I hate helping them. Maybe I have ADHD I thought to my self. ? I always lose my wallet and can't remember where my cell phone is. I hate talking to customers at work and I rather enjoy the silence while I am not looking forward to the next customer. tight muscles tight anxiety maybe?

My doctor prescibed 10mg of Adderall XR. Then he changed it to 20 because it wore off too soon. When I took the medacine I felt energetic and a little shaky at first. But I felt more social and talkative. It was making me more focused. But now I am talking everyone's ear off.

I recently found out when I consumed double the current amount of adderall XR I walk better "natively" and my posture seems to be improved.

While I was on Adderall I mentley figured out that I have been holding the pen wrong my whole life. Rather then holding it at a angle, I was holding the pen straight up and down. This made my handwritting bad becuase it made my hand shake while I was writting. I been holding my pen wrong for 21 years and the adderall overdose made me realise that. Also same thing with how I was holding the pool stick when playing Pool with friends. I kow hold the pool stick at an angle and twist my arm to steady the stickjust never had any logic untill this adderall overdose maybe?

So I stand straighter and my muscles seem at ease. My regular does was 25 which means I consumed 50mg. I knew this dose was too high because all day I was very thirsty and hot. But I felt great mently and phsyically. I had a headache when I came down about 9 hours after I took it. I was so excited about my coordiantion increased. My thinking was on another level and I was every customer's best friend. I called my doctor and told him that I accidently took 2 of them and it seemed to increase my motor skills greatly. He says that is great and he is not afraid to tweak my medicine. He wants me to try 30mg and then 40 to see what the lowest but most effective dose is. He also wants me to keep a log of blood pressure and heart rate when I take diffrent doeses. To be honest I am scared this might be a high that will disappear as I gain tolerance on the medicine and my motor skills might stop being as smooth and precise. I am not in a wheel chair but I feel upset I can't be the way I want. I know eveyone should just accept the way they are but I am not afraid to try diffrent things.

I have had surgey 3 months ago and they put in a baclofen pump. I was hoping amazing results in my posture (which might not be that bad, I am sensitve) and in my hand writting.. But even after constantly altering the dose I waas not getting the results I wanted. But i keep having the pump doctor up it and down it because I start to get anxiety that I am getting too much medicine. I think that could be the placebo effect and she is very annoyed because I think she feels I am a "baby".

Well... I wanted some advice on the pump and your thoughts on my adderall situation. Also any other advise would be great.

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Freestyles HB User
Re: CP and Adderall XR

Hi Dunstin,

Welcome aboard and thanks for the super interesting post. What you described essentially describes my current situation, bang-on.

A little background -

I'm 29 year old male with spastic diplegia and use 2 canes to get around. I work full-time, live on my own and my life is otherwise what most people would consider "normal"

A couple of years ago the doc put me on 0.5 mg of clonazapam for anxiety-induced spasticity. At first, this worked really well, it almost completely got rid of my anxiety, my flexibility greatly improved and I always found that when I chased the clonazapam with a couple of cups of coffee, it got rid of any drowsiness and made me focused and social.

Fast forward two years, I decided to slowly wean myself off of the clonazapam after reading one too many horror stories on benzodiazepine addiction,a completely flat mood, a limited attention span, and most importantly ZERO motivation, which I attributed to the clonazapam (this is all very unlike me). This was quite the journey The spasticity and anxiety returned worse than before, flu-like symptoms, chills, depressed mood etc. Now, I'm almost completely off this drug and only take it 1 - 2 days a week when absolutely needed.

My main problem now is lack of focus! I've been a bit of a scatter-brain for as far back as I can remember but nothing like this. There are days where I find it tough to type a 3 paragraph email without my mind going off in ten different directions, finding the right words etc. It's definitely becoming an issue both at work and outside of work so I made a visit to my primary doc and gave him the full goods.

Bluntly put he was of absolutely no help so I booked a follow-up with him for next week and I'll ask him to refer me to an ADHD specialist... Wish me luck!

What's fascinating is your finding that your coordination and flexibility actually improves as you increase your Adderall dose. I've sometimes had this result with OTC stimulants (caffeine, energy drinks etc.) Sometimes it's has a great effect where my balance and flexibility improve, along with my focus and alertness. Other times caffine just makes me stiff anxious and irritable.

From reading your post, I'm thinking that this is a matter of finding the right balance between the adderall, and baclofen (although, mixing an upper and a downer is very counter-intuitive for most docs.)

I've been doing some googling on this which is how I stumbled on to your post. There is some (very limited) research out there that says that a drug called provigil (essentially a stimulant like Adderall) is helpful for spasticity in kids with CP. The story is that the discovery was accidental as a patient with CP was actually looking to get treated for ADHD. Really fascinating stuff. Perhaps spasticity has more to do with brain chemistry than we originally thought??

My question for you: What's your current dose of Baclofen? I've been on the oral med (years ago ) and found that it was of no help. I wonder if you're actually getting better results because your combining the stimulant (adderall) with Baclofen? One without the other might actually be contributing to your ADHD symptoms. When were you first diagnosed with ADHD?

Sorry about all the questions... This is quite the discovery!

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