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charlesmuthu 02-28-2012 08:37 PM

Botox for spastic diplegia
I am a 45 years old male. I have some difficulty in walking. About 10 years ago my condition was diagnosed as ? cerebral palsy by the orthopedic surgeon whom i am seeing since. Now i was referred to the Rehabilitation Specialist. He checked me and said that my thigh muscles and calf muscles are tight and he want to inject Botox there and later want me to wear AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis). Any advice ? I appreciate your comments.

yankeegirl 03-02-2012 11:53 PM

Re: Botox for spastic diplegia
I had botox in the quads in 2004. It does make your muscles looser but for me at least it made me weaker. Your spasticity adds strength to your legs, so without it there might not be much strength left. After I was given the botox I did fall down more and kept landing on my knees onto the floor hard. Of course I have no idea if it would be the same situation for you, but that's how it was for me. Good luck.

Oh, I should also tell you that after I had that done the doctor confessed that it was very hard to find the exact spot to put the botox in the quads so that it would be most beneficial. He didn't want to do that again and was I believe going to try the hamstrings instead. I never went back for more botox because I felt overall it was not going to change anything in a positive way.

I had AFOs when I was a little kid but not since then. I'm not sure how much they helped at the time--I know that's not helpful to you! I need a doctor who deals with adults with CP and I cannot find one in the Northeast whatsoever.

jkbenny 04-11-2012 02:39 PM

Re: Botox for spastic diplegia
This is helpful - I have been considering botox for my hip abductors at the suggestion of my GP but even my nightly baclofen dose can render me unable to stand or walk because of weakness from my lack of spasticity! I can't imagine that becoming permanent for several months! I walk with crutches and/or us a chair but regardless....

abarreto93 06-25-2012 07:46 PM

Re: Botox for spastic diplegia
I'm 19 and was diagnosed with the same thing since shortly after birth. I've had Botox in my hamstrings and heel chordes maybe 3 or 4 times within the past 10 years. The actual pain of the injection isnt too bad, they usually numb it first. Which hurts worse haha. As far as the effects, I'd say it helped somewhat. It does make your legs a tad weaker, but that rebuilds over time. You have to stretch your muscles in your legs out for maximum effect.

I also wore AFO's for most of my life up until I was a freshman in high school, when I decided I wasn't getting girls with them. They're also very hot during the summer, a tad heavy, and not designed for running. I would still give them a shot though.

Hope this helped.

KimmieDee10 07-02-2012 03:25 PM

Re: Botox for spastic diplegia
I heard about botox helping out with people with CP for a long time, but I always wondered if it would help or not. It was interesting reading everyone's experiences with that. Thanks for sharing. I have always been curious if sometime, I should give it a try. After reading all of your stories, it definately gives me something to really think about.

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