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LOZZIE1 09-19-2012 11:40 AM

fec-t chemo
hi everyone.this is my first time posting on this site but i have posted on the breast cancer one before.i am due to start on 6 rounds of fec-t chemotherapy tomorrow for grade 3 breast cancer,i just wanted to know what sort of side effects other ladies have experianced with this it as terrible as iam imagining.i have heard some horror stories about it.i had chemo last year for lung cancer (another primary cancer,i know,iam just very unlucky) and i coped really well but for some reason this one scares me.maybe its just because its my second time around.if i could have some positive stories as well as the not so good,that would be nice.i am going to try the cold cap to see if i can save my hair.has anyone else had good results with this?any messages of hope would be lovely!!!

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