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Emily Post 07-05-2012 07:42 PM

7 year old started repeating himself
My son is nearly 7 and up to now has been very verbal and social. He is very bright and articulate. In the last couple of months, he has been repeating himself to the point where he tries a sentence over and over again until he finally gets it out. There are times (like at bedtime) when he is compelled to say an exact statement and repeats it over and over again until he gets it right. There are times when he is very "normal" and then he slips back into the repeating.

This week, the problem has gone into overdrive - we think it might be due to the end of school and start of day camp. Sometimes, he starts speaking and then stops and taps a number of times until he continues on. He has always talked a lot and he still does - it's just harder for him to spit it out. He is a very social kid who has no problem talking to anyone, anywhere.

We are trying lots of techniques to try to get him back to his old self, but nothing seems to work.

golfhat 07-08-2012 02:10 PM

Re: 7 year old started repeating himself
My grandson used to repeat back things that WE would say. It drove us crazy. Because he was mocking us. I never knew if it was a real issue or he was just being funny. He thought it was funny.

Well, maybe the first time it was funny, but it wasn't funny after awhile. he is 10 now and no longer does that much.
But I can't recall him repeating his OWN sentences. Ones that he himself thought up but it is probably all linked into the same disorder.

MY gs has mild sensory issues which have lessened over time. He used to be on the spectrum but it is now so mild you would not know--- except he is still shy with a lot of people he doesnt know well.

Does your child have any other issues besides this? Sometimes therapy is very helpful and the school can provide that. One thing my gs did was go to an afterschool club for kids to learn how to behave properly with other people.

"Typical kids" ran it along with teachers. The typical children would perform and the atypical or shy children would imitate the proper behavior. Believe me this was such a help.

After awhile my gs moved closer to being typical and no longer benefited from the club.
Frankly, I don't think you have a lot to be concerned about, but explain to him that it is not acceptable to do that in front of others. HOWEVER, sometimes kids still need that outlet of repetetive behavior in order to calm down anxiety.

My nephew 19--who is not on the spectrum and was 8th in his hs class, used to repeat instructions to himself!!

When he was scolded and told what not to do or what to do, my mother (his grandmother) told me she would catch him repeating things she had said to him--- to himself. As if he wanted to be sure he didn't do it again! She thought it was strange, but he was never on the spectrum.

So don't worry too much but mention it to his doc or his teacher.

sjb 07-09-2012 09:32 AM

Re: 7 year old started repeating himself
Greetings Emily and welcome to healthboards! :) I am not sayig this is the problem and of course the professionals are the ones a person can consult. I found out that sometimes a strep
infection can cause symptoms like that. :( Unfortunately sometimes even antibiotics or heat does not destroy germs.

Strengthening the body is usually useful with a good healthy lifestyle. I would eat more grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, lime, and drink raw garlic water 3 times a day for 2 weeks if possible. The garlic can be put in water and blended and then strained out. If it seems difficult this way perhaps it can be minced and put in homemade salad dressing or in mix in the food in other ways. I would not use sugar or sweetening of any type since germs love sugar. Of course everyone makes their own health care decisions in life and does what they think is needed. My sympathies for this. Peace, sjb

Ed576 08-02-2012 02:44 AM

Re: 7 year old started repeating himself
MY younger brother who is 4 years of age also faces the same problem. And his situation also varies. Something this repeating problem comes to stage of normality while sometimes it just goes overboard.

Emily Post 08-02-2012 06:18 AM

Re: 7 year old started repeating himself
my son's pediatrician is treating him for PANDAS and the antibiotics seem to be working. There is lots of information on PANDAS if you google it. Has your brother been exposed to Strep at all? Our son never had any strep infection that we knew about, but it was in the community this spring, so it makes sense.

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