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TerryB 04-11-2004 09:54 AM

Sore throat, when to see the doctor
We've had two pediatricians. One was very conservative and didn't want to see sore throats unless the roof of the throat was red. The pediatician that we see now wants to do a strep test everytime my kids get a sore throat. I don't like to run to the doctor with a contagious child if I don't have to. When do any of you parents make the decision to visit the Ped. for a sore throat?
Thanks, Terry

sublimejg 04-11-2004 10:23 AM

Re: Sore throat, when to see the doctor
Hi Terry
I have 2 kids.Well my son is almost 17 and my daughter will be 13 this year..
My d/d has had mutiple sore throats throughout the yrs,My son had very few.
Anyway i always had the same concern as you!! When do you take them in??
I seemed to panic because she had strep twice w/out the blisters even appearing.I never allowed her to play w/toys in the doctors office because once i took her in for her eyes and the next week she developed strep.I began to think often do they really clean those toys???
I started to bring their toys from home tokeep them occupied till we were called and didnt share them w/other kids .usually something small or books..I have paniced at times and took her in and there was no strep .Through the yrs i learned to wait one day if cold meds didnt give even slight improvement then off we went also if there was no fever we didnt go...Thats what i did .I hope it helps.I say her alot because my son only had throat problems maybe 5 times his whole life.My d/d i cant even count how many times ,LOL..good luck hope your little one feels better soon!!

Blondee15 04-11-2004 02:43 PM

Re: Sore throat, when to see the doctor
I think it's really important to get tested everytime a fever occurs with a sore throat.. a fever for any amount of time, even just a few hours can indicate strep. As long as there WAS a fever at some point, it can be strep or a much more serious illness. The last sore throat I had, I had a really sore throat for a day & felt like I was getting sick, but I didn't..until a week later. I had a fever & really sore throat for about a day, then it went away & settled in my chest, my voice was shot & my throat was raw. Finally my mom a week later decided 2 take me 2 the doctor b/c I was coughing (she didn't even want me 2, I had asked her 2 call 4 some cough syrup) & my doctor said well we should do a strep test if you had a fever & of course I had strep. It was a long grueling recovery b/c I had let it go on so long that I had bronchitis and a sinus infectin as well, I had 2 take tons of medication 2 fight it I can't stress how important it is 2 check it out. Also I had a severe throat infection that progressed in a matter of hours to feeling alright to a 105 fever, and my throat closing shut..coudln't eat or drink for a week. Throat infections CAN be dangerous! I would say test everytime there is ANY kind of swelling and/or a fever!

kfs333 04-11-2004 09:05 PM

Re: Sore throat, when to see the doctor
In 2003 my daughter had strep throat once and tonsilitis 3 times within 6 months with sinusitis, ear infections, and bronchitis on top. There was no choice but for her tonsils and adenoids to come out. I never waited if a fever was present.

Danitom 04-12-2004 09:24 AM

Re: Sore throat, when to see the doctor
I have four kids. One runs HIGH fevers at the drop of a hat, one hardly ever runs fever, and the other are pretty "normal"(is there such a thing?) as far as fevers are concerned. My six year old who rarely runs fever has had bronchitis, pneumonia, and strep without ever running fever. I would NOT make fever a NECESSITY before consulting a doctor. I give over-the-counter meds for several days (two or three) and see if there is any change or if the symptoms are obviously bad we go right away. I don't have a standard rule. I just go by the kid.

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