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  • 10 yr. old sick since mid Aug. Dr.says in her head

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    Old 11-07-2002, 06:34 AM   #1
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    Post 10 yr. old sick since mid Aug. Dr.says in her head

    Our 10 year old daughter has complained of headache, sore throat, stomach ache since mid Aug. Went to Dr. Said was fine. We asked for strep test. Dr. said not necessary. Went back. All symptoms worse plus now dizzy and pale. Asked for strep again and again told not needed. Asked about iron and cbc. Dr. ran iron but not cbc. Dr. said she doesn't believe in rountine cbc's. Iron was low normal. Headaches got worse and had ct scan to look at sinus. No cold or allergy symptoms though. CT normal. Sept. 11 our daughter gets up with 104.6 degree temp. Back to Dr. Says our daughter looks septic and has worse throat she has ever seen. Runs strep test. Comes back positive in less that one minute.Put on amoxil for 10 days. Headaches better but still dizzy, feels nausea, very pale. Finishes meds and never misses a dose. Positive for strep again on Oct. 10. Headache back plus all the other symptoms. Again on Amoxil. Finishes meds and is positive for strep again on the 22nd of Oct. Extreme fatigue has set in. Has been tired since mid Aug. but much more now. She was put on Augmentin this time for 20 days. Eight days after starting it, she ran a fever for 3 days. Went back to the doctor and insisted on blood work. She finally agreed. Determined that our daughter is not a strep carrier and does not have mono. The Dr. said she is too in touch with how her body feels and just needs to be in school everyday. She thinks that stress is making her sick. This is a little girl who loves school, her teacher, has many friends, and is on the honor roll. Even with all of this illness. She has been sent home from school several times for not feeling well. She will completely drain of color after she runs around at recess. Recess is a half hour after lunch so she has recently eaten. Her blood test show high platelet, lymphocyte, and monocyte levels and low MPV levels.Her doctor says its a virus of some sort and just send her to school. I got a full copy of her records and this doctor thinks this is all in our heads. Our daughter continues to run mystery fevers, wakes up with hudge dark circles under her eyes after sleeping for eleven hours. She is dizzy, has a stomach ache, is not as hungry as usual, and has lost some weight. She is over 5 feet tall and weighs only 70 pounds. She has a history of kidney problems and kidney stones. Please help if you can. We are very worried about her. She never complains about being sick or not feeling well until this happened. Even though all of the kidney problems! Thank you! MMEC

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    Old 11-07-2002, 08:52 PM   #2
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    Wow. I'm so sorry to hear about everything your family is going through. Your daughter sounds like a real trouper. I don't really know what could be causing it. She may have an infectious disease of some sort. It could be so so many things. I know how frustrating it must be to see your child suffering and yet you can't releive her pain. You just don't know what's wrong. That's so tough. I think you should get a new doctor. It seems that your doctor is just not being very compasionate, or anything. Not to mention you WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG. She should be willing to do any/all tests to help ya'll figure it out. Seriously...look into finding a new doctor. It sure can't hurt the situation...only help. Good luck! I hope she gets better.

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    You need to change doctors. Any doc that does not take your daughters symtoms seriously from the get go is not someone who should be trusted with her health. Your daughter was sick from the beginning and the doc was not at all concnerned and now feels she has done all she can even though she is still sick and thinks she is faking it. Find a new doc today and make an emergency appointment and get this checked out. If you have time stop by the old docs office before hand and get a copy of her medical records to take to the new doc. Your daughter deserves better medical help than she is getting and it is time to get her that help before this turns out to be more serious. Good Luck.

    Old 11-09-2002, 05:16 AM   #4
    Super Sarah
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    I just wanted to ask what kind of renal problems your daughter has had in the past? It is just that if she has had renal problems before, then her present illness and her renal problems could be linked. Also, a lot of viruses and other things can also affect the kidneys, so you need to keep a close eye on this. Does she have a good nephrologist so that she can have her renal function checked to see if it is all related?

    It could be that your daughter does have Mono and I think that you should get a Mono test done. This can cause sore throats, headaches and stomach aches (swollen messenteric glands in the stomach and swollen glands elsewhere around the body), fever, headaches and lethargy. It can also cause weight loss due to decreased appetite and you can also get stomach ache due to the liver and the spleen becoming involved - the spleen is a lymphoid organ and this would relate with enlarged glands. Mono is caused by Epstein Barr virus and she should probably be tested for this, even if it comes back negative. She is at an age when she could contract this, even though she is possibly a little young.

    Even if she tested positive for strep throat, they also need to isolate the antibiotic sensitivity too. The Amoxil and Augmentin may not have cleared this infection if the Strep was not sensitive to it. Also, three rounds of antibiotics will not have done your daughter any favours either and have probably made her feel a whole lot worse, as three rounds of antibiotics in quick succession would have lowered her immunity anyway.

    The fact that her white cell count is raised ovbiously means that she has some kind of infection somewhere in her body. Also, the fact that her platelet count is also raised could be indicative of Mono. The red blood cells and other blood components are disposed of and broken down by the spleen and if her spleen is slightly enlarged, then it will not be able to perform this function as well as normal and so the platelet count maybe raised. Other blood disorders can present with a raised platelet count too.

    I would suggest that you go and find a new doc and take all the blood results with you and also ask for a Mono/Epstein Barr blood test to get to the bottom of this. Also, ask for blood chemistry tests to check out her renal function at the same time, as the two could be related if she has had renal problems in the past.

    Did your previous doc ever examine her stomach when she complained of stomach ache to see if her liver/spleen were enlarged? If the spleen or messenteric glands are enlarged, this can be felt by examining the belly.

    Anyway, find a new doc quick. Hope this helps and good luck?

    Old 11-09-2002, 06:32 AM   #5
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    Thank you everyone for your comments. We have done a mono test and it was negative. We made an appointment with an ped.infectious disease specialist at Riley's childrens hospital. She also sees a ped. nephrologist for her kidney problems and we are sending copies of everything to him. He is in Cleveland. We moved to this area less than a year ago and still hear wonderful things about this Dr. Go figure? We will definately not be returning to her and I did pick up a complete copy of her records. She did feel her stomach and said that her spleen was not enlarged. I'm sorry to the 17 year old. Don't give up! I would be interested in the name of the infectious disease guy you know about. We live in Indiana but our insurance is good anywhere in the US. I have a brother who lives outside of Boston. If we don't get any answers here we are thinking about going to Boston Children's Hospital. I hope it doesn't have to come to that though. Thanks again for all of your help. MMEC

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    I'm so sorry about all your going through! I agree with the above posts --- find a Doctor who will do whatever it takes for your child. Have they given her other antibiotics-- some virus's have mutated now and the antibiotics that used to work on them are no longer effective. Keep us posted! And good luck!!!!

    Old 11-09-2002, 08:53 AM   #7
    Super Sarah
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    The original post did say that she was onto her third lot of antibiotics. Also, I hate to tell you this that antibiotics only work against bacteria and not viruses. Staph is a bacterial infection, so they should work if you get the right one. Something like Mono is a virus and if she does have a virus infection somewhere in her body, then no amount of antiboitics will work because they just do not kill viruses. You need antiviral drugs such as acyclovir to act against viruses.

    As I said before, it could be related to the renal problems and it could be a virus that needs to be isolated or it could also be a parasitic infection.

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    Hi, I just read your post and I feel so bad for you and your family. When I was a kid I was also sick all the time and nobody except my mother and grandparents(and sometimes my father!) believed me. Everyone thought it was all in my head. They even had me see a child psychiatrist who told them basically that I was truly sick and that they were the ones with the mental problems. (although I did keep going to her anyway because it helped me to be able to talk about how being sick all the time made me feel). My pediatrician was absolutely wonderful. He knew I was sick too, (it turns out that I have severe allergies) but he did not always know how to treat me. None of the other doctors that he sent me to believed that I was sick. But my pediatrician was a real angel. Finally, my mom found an pediatric allergist to bring me to, and he did extensive tests and was able to pinpoint the cause of my illness. I know it sounds like it's not that bad, but allergies can really wreak havoc on your system. There wasn't a week that I didn't have an ear infection. But this doctor was able to help me a lot. I still go to him.

    I now have severe eye problems. I have been told by a few people that maybe it is in my head. I brought that up to my eye doctor, and I said that I am starting to believe it myself. You know what he told me? He said "If it were in your head, how would I be able to see the physical symptoms?" This is what you have to keep telling yourselves.

    You know your daughter better than any doctor does. If her symptoms are this serious, there is definitely something wrong. Has she been tested for something like chronic fatigue syndrome or Epstein Barr Virus? (that can cause extreme fatigue, soar throats, fevers, etc...)

    Good luck, and I hope you find some answers. And when you do, go back to that first doctor and throw the results in her face. I just hate it when doctors think that they know everything.

    Old 11-12-2002, 03:58 AM   #9
    Super Sarah
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    You have to remember that the mind and the body are linked. They cannot be separated as they are part of the whole that makes up you as a person and sometimes when you are unable to deal with something on a mental/emotional level, your body will throw up physical symptoms to force you to deal with it.

    You should remember this, that unfortunately, the mind and the body are both part of you and are linked, but yes, some things are not just purely mental or physical problems, although they can be.

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    Find another doctor. Don't let your child go through any more. I was sick for 6 months, spent ages in hospitals, having tests, operations everything and nothing could be found. Everything came back normal and I was told it was all in my head. I'm 16 years old and I will never forget when they told me that. I felt sick and disgusting and horrible. I knew it wasnt in my head, but here were these people saying it was. It makes you feel so stupid and so sad, I'll never forget when it happened. I still have so much anger and pain from it.

    Anyway luckily I proved them wrong and my chest pains were homane related even though my hormone tests came back normal. What i'm trying to say here is dont give up. I have seen numerous specialists and done numerous tests but soon one will come along that will be able to diagnose your child. In the mean time keep her as happy as you can cos its really important when your not well.

    Take care and good luck.

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