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TERRIBLE constipation in 14 month old

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Old 02-22-2003, 07:06 PM   #1
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mmcaren HB User
Question TERRIBLE constipation in 14 month old

My niece is 14 months old. She has been having severe constipation for several months now. She screams and cries for an hour or two before having a bowel movement and finally goes. She sometimes bleeds. My sister is at wits end with her. Her doctor is out of suggestions. Does anyone out there have any suggestions that may be different from what they have tried? I will try to tell you all they have tried.

She eats 2 prunes per day. They have tried Karo Syrup.
She will not drink apple or grape juice but she will drink orange juice so they have her on that. They feed her bran muffins. They have tried stool softeners. They give her as much water as she will drink. They feed her lots of vegetables.

She isn't walking yet. Might the condition improve when she begins walking?

Any thoughts on this problem appreciated.


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Old 02-22-2003, 07:55 PM   #2
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mommyofhannah HB User

Have they tried apple sauce? Also has the dr. tested for celiac disease which is an intolerance to gluten? I would be seeking a second opion at this point if all natural ways have been exhausted and stool softeners don't work.

Old 02-23-2003, 05:40 AM   #3
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mommyof5 HB User

I had a friend who's baby was severely constipated all the time, she told me she used to have to help her poop by squeazing her bum somehow (I don't know how?). She had even gone for a biopsy (negative). She cut out bananas,cheese and a few other foods that may cause constipation. I remember her giving her milk of magnesia and mineral oil at different times.

I haven't really had this problem (severely) with my own kids, just the occasional times where it was just really hard to go. But I had an experience a few months back with mt 6 year old daughter who was crying and screaming on the toilet (like she was in labor!) because she couldn't get it out. I told her to stop trying and wait for a while. I took of to the drugstore and spoke to the pharmacist, she told me to give her a glycerin suppository. She showed me the box for infants and children, It cost me about $ 2.00 canadian. My daughter did not enjoy the experience of having it put in her butt and was quite upset (perhaps because she's older), so I held her on the couch for 30-45 minutes and then we went to the bathroom and like magic it worked. She felt so much better and thought I was a savior(lol).


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trainboxer HB User


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Old 05-09-2003, 07:29 PM   #5
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HeyThere HB User

What kind of milk intake does she have cow or formula? Cow milk is not really good. Once in a while my daughter had hard movements, sweating on the forehead, turning redish. anyway she occasionally had blood on the stool as well. Was she standing or lying down or squating? Squating holding on to something is best or lying down with legs up with you letting her squeeze your hands saying push. Bananas make it softer I thought-that was true in my daughters case anyway. How many movements is she having a day? Is it every other day?

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Old 05-09-2003, 11:17 PM   #7
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mlgable HB User

Prunes or prune juice is something she should consider introducing to the childs diet and if she won't eat or drink those she can also try raisins. I would consider going the glycerin suppository route routinely but continue with the stool softener too. If the child is in that much pain having a BM she may be holding back and not going when she has the urge because she is afraid it will hurt because it usually does. If she is given a suppos routinely for a bit and finds out that it doesn't have to hurt having a BM she may be more inclined to go etc.

Old 05-10-2003, 07:59 AM   #8
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kelly4 HB User

Any type of fruit is really good. Grape work wonders on my kids. I agree with depository. She is probably making it worse because she holding it in and at some point she can not hold it any longer and it is very painful. The blood in the stool is more likely from the anus tearing when she is pushing if it is fresh blood.

Old 05-10-2003, 09:31 AM   #9
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fntsyangel HB User

Please AVOID Bananas, Rice, Apples (in any form) and Toast when dealing with constipation. This is what is in a BRAT diet used to control diahrrea, because all the foods are binding. They will make constipation worse.

Other than that, sometimes sensitivity to the protein (rather than the lactose, the sugar) in milk will cause constipation. Perhaps they can try cutting things like cheese out of the diet for a bit, to see if that helps.

Angel, et al
Angel, et al

Old 05-12-2003, 02:33 PM   #10
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slowmo HB User

My son has been like that since birth. I have tried everything under the sun. Ask her dr for lactaluce. I may have spelled that wrong. Also Metamucel makes a cookie that tastes pretty good. I only used supposatories when he would go a week or more without going. Also Senokot makes a chocolate flavored laxative that works REALLY well. In my opinion judging from my own experience, all of these things are just temporary fixes. My son has huge, hard bowel movements that hurt like hell and he would hold them back because he knew it would hurt. His whole body would get stiff as a board and his little butt cheeks would be squeezed together so tight. It was awful to watch him go through this. Our lives revolved around his bowel movements because I didn't bother to leave the house until he went. Luckily things got better with age. It didn't start to improve until he was about 3 and a half where he was old enough to understand that holding it in was making it worse and even then I would have to make him sit down on the toliet. Once he started pre-k he finally began trying to push it out when he first felt the urge and that was only because of the embarrasment of accidents at school. He would hold it in for so long that some liquid would come out. Now he's almost 6 and things are just about normal for the first time.

Old 05-17-2003, 01:53 PM   #11
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moni1 HB User

Per our pediatrician's advice, we give our DD (now 18 months) a smoothie every evening with mineral oil. It took us awhile to get the right amount of oil figured out, but now we whiz up frozen strawberries and peach yogurt (the fruit on the bottom kind) every night and add mineral oil to it. It's worked very well so far and we've been doing this for about 6 months now. She used to cry real hard and get really sweaty when she would try to pass a BM.
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Old 05-22-2003, 04:01 PM   #12
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princessputter HB User

milk could be the prollem.. try elimnating that for a while replace with soy...and the mieral oil is a good idea... how often was she using the kayro?? cuz that works well for my 14 month old..also whats the childs diet like ...lotsa breads crackers and cereal will bind.. good luck


They saw a child "in a world of his own". I see the most the most brilliant star. They saw a child "who may never speak". I see a gift that didn't need words. They saw a child with "limited possibility". I see a child, my child, who can soar past the sky.

mommy to Ryan and countless foster children...


They saw a child "in a world of his own". I see the most the most brilliant star. They saw a child "who may never speak". I see a gift that didn't need words. They saw a child with "limited possibility". I see a child, my child, who can soar past the sky.

mommy to Ryan and countless foster children...

Old 05-22-2003, 09:48 PM   #13
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dave_mwi HB User

With out daughter it was milk. And it was lactose free so maybe it was some kind of intolerance to the proteins. She had extremely difficult bowel movements with blood. I noticed one day that her movements had a very light yellowish color...I realized it was from the milk. As soon as we cut that out, everything went back to normal. We just now have decided to try soy milk with her and see how she handles far so good.

Old 05-23-2003, 05:48 AM   #14
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Kimianne HB User

My son had (occasionally still has) the same problem. It was so bad that I had to take him to the emergency room as he was in such pain.

The doctor inserted his finger and broke up the stool a little and gave him an enema. Still didn't work.

After we got home and watching my poor guy still in severe pain I was at my wits end. This child hadn't slept in 24 hours (except little 10 min "naps"). I had to do something to help him. Although nobody recommended it I asked a friend to pick him up some child suppositories.

It took less then a half an hour for him to have a movement and boy was it big and hard (I wondered how such a little guy could pass it). All of a sudden he went back to his old playful self. And you could see the relief and happiness on this childs face.

This happened last fall and I only have had to give to him three times since. He hates it and always says "no medicine up my but mommy" (breaks my heart). But at least it helps get it out for him.

Good luck.

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