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Mono in 6 year old??

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Old 06-09-2005, 09:56 AM   #1
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hrtofluv HB User
Mono in 6 year old??

My daughter (who is 6) has been sick for a little over a week. The worst part has been her ears. Well 3 days on this new antibiotic and she still is having pain, so took her in again. Well doc decided to test her for MONO and I was like WHAT? Anyway, she is positive. So all she tells me is to watch her for stomach pains and rest.
Well, my son (who is 8) started getting sick this weekend - thought he had the same virus as my daughter up front, but his fever was higher. I took them both in on Monday - her complaining with ears, him complaining with throat. Both rapid strep tests were negative. But when she pressed around on my son, he said that it "stings" when she pressed around on his stomach.
Well, got a call yesterday and the 24 hour strep test was still negative for her, but positive for him. So started his antiobiotics yesterday.
I guess I want to know more about this - tell me more about symptoms, complications, etc. And can someone have strep and mono - do you think I should take him back in? They won't let the same doc see both kids - so a different doc than hers saw him. Didn't think about his stomach hurting or stinging until now.
Also, my ear and side of my neck started hurting yesterday and is still bothering me quite a bit. So, if I have it - is there any point in getting a positive diagnosis since they don't do anything for you anyway?
I've thought we wouldn't see something like this until like high school. Jr high at the least, but in elementary school?! Well, the doc assured me that they could actually get this from drinking at the same water fountain, maybe shared some candy at school. So it is not like the kind I heard of back in my days (of course, that is like 20 years ago).
THANKS for any responses.

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Old 06-09-2005, 10:39 AM   #2
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meatball HB User
Re: Mono in 6 year old??


I posted something for you on the other mono thread.. if your kids both tested positive for mono the best thing for them right now is tons of rest. One of the first symptoms of mono is a sore throat (strep or viral) and a high fever. The reason your doc mentioned to watch for your daughters stomach is because mono can cause spleen and liver enlargement. The kids should not be active during this time because your spleen can rupture. They may also experience extreme fatigue and loss of appetite, swollen glands. It is important for them to rest , rest, rest, and drink loads of fluids to keep them hydrated. Also they should have liver panels done because in a lot of mono cases, liver enzymes tend to elevate. Mine were in the 1,000's. Just have their doc do the standard tests..

If you arent feeling well, get yourself a test as well, just to cover your bases. Even if you had mono before, there ARE chances of a reoccurance.

Hope the kids are feeling better, keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

Old 06-09-2005, 11:16 AM   #3
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hrtofluv HB User
Re: Mono in 6 year old??

Meatball (love the name)
THANKS so much for posting at both places for me. Yes, my son's left side was the side "stinging".
I did end up taking him back to the doctor's an hour ago. He also had mono (both kids tested with the spot panel) and his spleen is slightly enlarged. She said she could feel the tip?! Anyway - she said what you are saying - REST! And she said no activity (my daughter's doc didn't tell me this). We have the whole array of symptoms - the fatigue (laid on the couch all day), not eating, fever is now gone though.
So should they run these other tests on them? Will it change how they are treated - just be couch potatoes? She said she would like to see him back in 2 weeks for a recheck. When I told her the other doc didn't say that with my daughter, she just sighed and put down she would see them BOTH back in two weeks. My son is a little disappointed cause he is on a karate demo team and the have a performance next Friday, but I told him no way! Especially with her feeling his spleen.
Do they ever do ultrasounds for this or anything else? And is there anything they would do for the elevated liver enzymes - other than retest until they are normal?
Sorry - I'm still a newbie, but hope to become an expert like yourself before this all over. Cause based on what I've read on the other thread - they will possibly get this again later. I want to be able to recognize it again.
Hey - if it has already affected his spleen this time, would he be prone for it to affect his spleen the next time too?
My husband and I are getting checked tomorrow, but our doctor's office doesn't have the spot test. They said they would have to send it out and call us with the results.
I guess the BIG question is who all should be tested? Have they possibly had this since school which ended 2 weeks ago? My daughter was exhausted the last few weeks of school. The school nurse said that both kids (about a week apart) probably had fifths disease. Once, because it was going around, and two both kids had an unknown fever at the time with headaches. My son had some rash on his arms, but that was it. My daughter did have blotches on her cheeks, but she does that sometimes with her fevers anyway.
I don't know, maybe I'm probing the never-ending line of questions, but isn't that a mom's job anyway - haha!
THANKS again for your responses. Any additional info you can provide would be appreciated greatly! And hope you are feeling well now too!

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PinkPiglet HB User
Re: Mono in 6 year old??

You can also catch mono in a restaurant if the glass, fork, etc, weren't properly washed. My dh caught it 2 weeks before our wedding.

I agree with everyone else -NO ACTIVITY AT ALL - NOTHING - the more activity they have, they more tired they get and the longer the mono can last. Make sure they have their own glass, fork, plate, etc and that no one else uses them. Also, change their toothbrushes every couple days so that they don't re-infect themselves. Clean any toys they may have been playing with, with bleach so you disinfect them as well.

Good luck! HOpe they get better quickly.


Old 06-09-2005, 08:10 PM   #5
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meatball HB User
Re: Mono in 6 year old??

Pinkpiglet is absolutely right, make sure to disinfect all their toys and change their toothbrushes. One of the first things I did was buy 2 or 3 toothbrushes and made sure to keep changing them. It is such an easy way to respread the germs back to yourself.

Chances are, they did catch this at school. Mono incubation can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks so if they have it, other kids will probably get it as well. Everyone has different symptoms and kids that have a more weakened immune system may contract the virus easier than a kid with a stronger one. I caught it just as I was recovering from a sinus infection so my immune was already shot. Other times, kids can actually carry the antibodies and not even know it until they actually come down with the virus.

Contrary to what we all have heard that mono is labeled as the "kissing disease" this is not always true. You can get it from a contaminated glass like pink piglet said, or just by having someone cough near you that is infected.

I would have both your kids see and be treated by the same doc, it will probably make it easier on you so you dont get conflicting and confusing info. I wouldnt think they would need an ultrasound unless their liver enzymes are extremely high. It is very normal for them to be elevated but unless they climb well into the 1,000's (which is unlikely because they are healthy kids) and they are complaining of severe pain, I would just get bloodwork done in a couple weeks. I only had an ultrasound because my mono test hadn't come back yet and my doc was concerned about how high my enzymes were. Swollen spleen is totally normal. The doc will tell you when he/she thinks it is appropriate for them to be active again. I know it sucks, they are kids who probably have a million things they want to do, but really they just need to take it easy, watch movies, sleep and relax.

When they are all better the antibodies will remain in their system for life- meaning they will always test positive for the virus. The only way to know if there is a reoccurance is to run an ebv profile, this breaks down all the igg, and igm antibodies. This was what happened to me. I had mono when I was 15(positive by a spot test) and since my doc suspected it again, he ran this test and it was positive for all antibodies. It was worse on me now since I am 28 and don't have the immune system I had when I was younger. When I was 15 I was fine in 2-3 weeks, but now, I am just recovering after 2 months. No need to even think about this- just focus on making sure the kids get better, I am sure they will be on their feet in no time.

And remember- lots of rest! Take care and keep me posted.

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