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besafe20 11-13-2006 02:06 PM

at what age do toddlers stop needing naps?
Hi there. I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy who has been giving me a hard time with naps lately. It is really hard to get him to take them. If he wakes up past 8 am he won't take his nap and then by the time dinner comes he is a mess and cranky. Even when he wakes up unusually early (before 8:00 is unusual for him) he will fight me on naps and even though he is stuck in his room he won't go to sleep a lot of times. Today I got him to take his nap by taking eveery single book any toy out of his room so he wouldn't have anything to play with for nap time. It seems to have worked but I am just wondering if he is getting to that age where he may not need them anymore.

jillr 11-13-2006 05:59 PM

Re: at what age do toddlers stop needing naps?
It sounds like he doesn't need a nap anymore. My youngest daughter outgrew her naps at about 2 yrs. old. Maybe just have a quiet time for him. Let him lay on the couch and watch a movie. Or even on the floor in a sleeping bag. Or give him some books to look at for a while and play lullaby music to soothe him. Sometimes just a quiet break in their day is all a toddler needs.

danimal15 11-15-2006 07:56 AM

Re: at what age do toddlers stop needing naps?
I agree with JillR. Very good advice. Our older boy was nearly 4 when he gave up naps, but our younger boy is not yet 3 1/2 and has pretty much stopped napping. He'll still take a catnap of 20 minutes most afternoons, but it's not planned. Usually he conks out on the couch watching TV or reading a book after he gets home from pre-school and has lunch. We found that giving him long naps made it harder for him to go to bed at night. We still haven't perfected his bedtime routine, so I can't say giving up the nap has made a big difference yet with that, however.

rouge 11-15-2006 08:25 AM

Re: at what age do toddlers stop needing naps?
My 3 year old still takes naps. He did go through many stages of fighting naps. I just started laying down with him until he feel asleep. Then I got a break and he was not as crabby.

I am pg now and I love the fact he still naps. I can take a nap with him everyday, as I am really tired all of the time.

myboogiewoogie 11-26-2006 06:50 AM

Re: at what age do toddlers stop needing naps?
I think he is overly tired and definately still needs a nap. Sleeping is vital to a toddlers growth. A two year old doesn't know whats good for them. My daughter was the same way. She would put up a huge fight, but she's six now and just starting to stop taking an afternoon nap. Maybe call it rest time and let him look at a book, or watch something soothing, afterall you probably need the break just as much as he does.

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