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claflamme 11-19-2007 11:15 AM

Sick Daughter
Hi everyone, My daughter just turned 4 years old yesterday. I was wondering about pneumonia's.
She has had 3 cases of it so far. In october she had a fever of 102-104 for 4-5 days with no symptoms. Then a few weeks later she got another fever of 103 for the day. Just about a week ago she started with a dry cough. Then just the other day now it is a wet cough (not croupy). Slight temp yesterday for a short period of 100.2. Normal today still coughing (wet).
I gave her benadryl and delsym last night, it hepled.
She is on pulmicort for all her infections she has had and I started her on it again to help this to not turn into another pneumonia.
She sees an asthma and allergy MD.
They have not diagnosed or tested her for asthma, even though I have it her father and her sister have it, We have been tested but I guess she is too young and wouldn't cooperate anyway.

Is ther any tests for younger kids they could do?


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