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avoncassidys 03-17-2010 02:47 AM

reflux ???? please please help
My daughter is nearly 12 year, she was a prem baby and suffered reflux, she had thickening agents in her milk but was always a fussy eater.
We have had occasions over the years were she will be spontaniously sick eg, after lots of activity, in her sleep at night. she also has mouthfuls of sick come up that she then has to swallow, she also has really bad breath.
we are currently going through a bad patch and struggling to get her to school and she sobs every morning. my doctor keeeps shrugging off reflux saying she would have more symptoms!!, can anyone advise if this does sound like reflux , many many thanks, x

magicminnie 11-25-2010 02:13 AM

Re: reflux ???? please please help
Only just seen this but thought i would reply anyway as your daughter may still be having the reflux problem. My 5 yr old had the very same problem and after lots of meds and tests the paedatrician said to cut out all dairy products and see if it helped, i did so and the reflux stopped completely so did her tummy pains and her on/off diarrohea and bad breath. It was followed up by skin ***** allergy testing which confirmed a delayed response milk protein allergy. I didnt think it could be an allergy as the symptoms were not immediate, they were sometimes within a few hours sometimes the next day but that is exactly what happens with a delayed response allergy.

It may not be what is causing your daughters problem but reflux/GERD should not be ignored as it can damage the esophagus. Maybe see another doctor if your current one is unwilling to help. Hope things work out for your daughter.

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