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KaylasMom98 10-06-2010 06:18 PM

12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
I brought my 12 year old daughter in for a physical back in August..She is 5'1" and weighs 93 lbs..Thin and active..Her blood pressure was elevated.. 138/88.. Her dr had said to have her school nurse check it a couple times and see if it stays elevated or if it could just be "White Coat".. Her school nurse checked every week once a week for 3 weeks and it stayed consitently high.. 148/89..147/84..139/88..So I called her pediatrician and she sent her in for Blood Tests and Urinalysis..Her blood test come back fine except her HDL was high and her Urinalysis came back abnormal showing "trace protein"... Her ped refered her to Cardiology and Nephrology..

I am scared out of my mind for her..I have another child who is 6 and has medical problems that have demanded so much of me mentally..

Any ideas as to what all this could mean?..I have read alot and her ped did say Protein in her urine coupled with HBP generally isnt a good thing.. I am wondering what she could be facing..Could this be something wrong with her Heart or more probable for it to be an issue with her Kidney function??

Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks KaylasMom

feelbad 10-09-2010 10:54 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
sorry for what you are having to go thru with this. if i may ask, just exactly what does your other childs medical issues consist of? is there ANY family history either side of any type of possible kidney related problems or any GI, like possible liver issues?

having the positive protien in urine alone is ususally a sign of possible kidney issues, but adding in her pretty high consistant BPs here and i would think seeing that neph is a really really good idea in order to get the proper testing and dianosising done, then you kinda go from there.

one really good way of seeing the inside and looking at not only the kidneys, but the whole abdominal(plus all vascular flow to major vessels within) would be with a good doppler ultrasound? my son, who has the same kidney disease i do but mutated a gene and ended up with liver failurue, both of our kidney Dxes came from simple ultrasound. and also his liver diesease was found out from lack of bloodflow thru his portal vein in the liver too. it can just SEE alot and pick up alot more and in better ways, like with realtime bloodflow, than certain other types of scans.

your ped doc could actually simply order that abdominal ultrasound to be done in a matter of a few days since it will usually take a bit of time before you can usually get in to even see any of the specialists? its a great test and you would have THAT info for the neph when you saw him too? it does save time and hassle. the other thing here regarding what actual 'labs" really test when done are how the overall 'functions' of every organ in us, depending upon what gets tested, are simply doing. the numbers do only tell one part of the picture and the things like seeing the actual organs as they 'look/work' and actually just are inside IS the huge other part of the picture too.

while there could actually be some resonable explanation for the HDL, she most defintiely NEEDS to see that ped neph doc to have all the right tests run to find out just what they look like and how well they are truely functioning too. and this would be the best specialist to actually see FIRST as well. if only her HDL was off as far as when needing to see an actual ped cardio would go? while the heart does impact in certain ways what our blood pressures can be, the 'governing' part BPs IS kidney function. this just is what REALLY does the more underlying control(the renin release done from within the kidneys also involves the adrenal gland that sits on top of the kidneys too?), thus the higher BPs when someone has kidney problems? they could possibly even rule out any real cardio involvement by simply fully checking out her kidneys too?

hopefully whatever is impacting her kidneys is not a huge thing and can be helped or any progression of this can be also stopped once it is actually properly Dxed as to what it just is? but your childs doc IS doing the right thing here for her by sending her to the people who simply know more than the ped does. i would ask her ped tho about obtaining that good look inside with a full abdominal US tho. esp if it is going to be a longer type of wait to even get in to see the neph? sometimes you can get into see these people much more quickly, and other times, well, its unfortuently the way things just are ya know?

also, make certain to always always obtain your very own copies of any and all testing report results so YOU can keep them for your own personal file on her. this was by far one the the very best things i did for my son while he was going thru soo many different tests and a ton of ongoing labs too. keep it all in a really nice little expandable folder that you can also bring to all appts. i would also obtain all the presvious testing she has EVER had done at this current peds as well, moreso as comparritives? this stuff really helps just keeping track of yourself for her too.

i also had to start doing this for me too with my ton of medical nightmares(6 surgeries and sp cord injuries) as well as monitoring my kidney and liver disease always with labs and a good yearly ultrasound just to 'see' how those organs also 'look' too.

please let me know how things are going, K? good luck to the both of you, Marcia

KaylasMom98 10-11-2010 07:14 PM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
Thanks for the response..It was really helpful..

I have a 6 year old daughter that has a rare disease called Chronic Reccurent Multifocal Osteomylitis (CRMO) To my knowledge no kidney or liver issues there..Also a suspected diagnosis of Sarcoidosis another rare disease which can affect the Liver..As of right now no kind of involvement in her Kidneys or liver..

She goes to see the cardiologist on Nov 3rd then hopefully the Neph will be soon after..I am really scared for her..Does the protein in her urine def mean she is having kidney issues?..And her HDL being above normal what does that mean?..I thought high HDL was ok?.. I am a huge advocate for my daughters medical needs..I have learned over the course of my other daughter (which has been 2 years and still going) that if something doesnt satisfy me I keep going..I can be a huge pain but I have no choice..I do what I feel I need to do to get my kids what they need...

I truely appreciate anything you can give me..I hope things are going well with you and your son..How old is he and what if you dont mind me asking is going on with him and how was he diagnosed?

feelbad 10-15-2010 11:31 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
sorry it took me so long to get back here. dealing with my own stuff then a new family emergency. it never stops ya know?

i was confusing the cholestorals here so not to worry i do believe her good is what is up here and not the bad actually? so lets concentrate on the kidneys and the BPs.

unfortuently having protien in anyones usine 'usually' does mean that things are a bit 'off' in the kidney dept(something NEEDS diagnosing there). the only other reason a person would have even a trace of protien in urine from what i recall would be extreme excercise, overexersion type of situation where it could possibley 'leak' into the urine? but unfortuently, usually it IS a kidney issue. esp given her way above the norm BPs, esp for her age? they just are pretty high. those are the things that simply NEED better defining right now too? i am just wondering the "whys" in sending her to the cardio? what reasons did he actually give for THAT referral? i would really be intersted to actually knowthnat one.

luckily my son as far as the liver goes, he just celebrated a full ten years with that in june and it has been wonderful actually.the bigger problem with his kidneys besides just having the very same polycystic kidney disease i have too, is the absolutely horrid impact the anit rejection meds simply have on ones kidnyes at all? they ARE pretty impactful, but when the trade off for having to be on these would have been death, the trade off does not seemn like a huge thing ya know what i mean? i too will be needing my own tx here too much sooner probably than him since PKD, as you get older, that is when the overall kidney functions really start to decline(i personally had my first ever actual changes in my kidney labs this past year. i am now 49)? but with my liver also being full of the same types of globby huge cysts which simply push healthy tissue out of the way in the organs, and create huge kidneys/livers too really are also starting to become impacted too now. both inner and outter compression and pressure really IS your bigger enemy with what our inherited disease just is. but hopefully things wont get too bad really soon.

i personally think her doc realistically should be referring her to the neph FIRST before that cardio ped doc actually? i just am having trouble trying to really figure out the 'whys' in the cardio in the first place considering what your daughter has exhibited is more in relation to a possile kidney issue which would also include the higher BPs as well like i mentioned in the other post, and of course, that protein even being there at all? i just really DO think, given what i KNOW already the types of testing the neph would more than likely just do for her that answers would come much more quickily thru that neph than any cardio doc, ya know what i mean?

hopefully she can get in to see that neph very soon, i just really do feel that the real answers for 'her' current situation would come more quickly and be explained more readily by the neph and the types of testing he would do for her vs the cardio? if ypu can tell me exactly 'why' her ped thinks she needs the cardio here it would help in me getting a better understanding? while it is good that he is being thorough, i just think you will know much more seeing that neph than cardio here. but thats just my own opinion and i am NOT a doc. just a mom of a child with kidney disease and having my own kidney and liver issues too.

but please DO let me know what you find out hon. and make CERTAIN to obtain any copies of any labs or other testing results too. good luck,marcia

KaylasMom98 10-16-2010 07:02 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
Thank you for your reply.Dont worry about how long it took to respond..We all have our own things going on and I hope things are ok with you..

I am not exactly sure why they are sending her to Cardio first..I think they just want to make sure everything is good with her heart first.. Kayla is an active child but she does not do any "regular exercise" so I wouldnt think that would be a reason for her protein..Her school nurse checked her BP yesterday and it was consistant with the others 137/83.. I am going to ask them to do an ultrasound of her kidneys..I am not sure why they havent just done it..

What is Polycystic Kidney disease?..I am sorry that you and your son have to go through any of what you are going through..I feel helpless for both my children..

Take care.. I look foward to talking with you again real soon

feelbad 10-16-2010 10:56 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
thanks KM.ya know, it wouldn't hurt for YOU if at all possible to obtain your own auto BP machine for her? i know that most chain drug stores like WGs has them actually on sale from time to time(they really are a great investment, i have one myself)? this way YOU could take it whenever you wanted or try doing it in the morning before she goes to school or in the later afternoon or evening and see what YOU also get? just make it an "always' or consistant time period when you do it, and keep track too(i use a notebook) and that part you can bring to neph appts or doc appts. our BPs can change alot during the course of any given day. but people who actually have "untreated/uncontrolled" high B Pressure, they will have more consistantly higer BPs across the board more often than not? and doing it yourself simply allows you to keep a running set of numbers, esp on days she is not in school too? just an idea.
and those auto machines that you buy like i am talking about are usually pretty well calibrated too. the one i have i have been using on me for over ten years now? but i have to use my my own steth and BP cuff that sits in my crash bag from way back when before i had my sp cord surgery that kind of also destroyed my life and i used to be an actual emt/ff, on my son and my hubby since thay have much much larger upper arms than i do. while my sons BPs are great, the hubby does have high BP too that we have been working with different meds to try and get it to go down to at least 'kinda' normal for years. he consistantly goes wayyy beyond the norm, and at times has gotten systolics up into the 200s?? scarey stuff. thankfully your daughters have been only "up' and not over the top "up' ya know?

unfortunetly, from what you have described here, it really does sound like she may really have 'some type' of kidney issues going on, but whatever those are, it probably WILL take an ultrasound(great type of test for abdominal by the way and good idea) among other testing like the 24 hour urine collection test? you get a big red jug and she just does her normal intake of fluids during an average 24 hour period? but instead of simply peeing into the toilet. ALL the urine for 24 hours gets collected into that jug then the thing gets brought back to the nephs for testing. all of us kind of actually have our OWN norms as far as lab numbers go and what you would see on any lab sheet as the national ratios is just that, the national average? but this test will more individualize your daughters "norms" per her levels in what gets found in the 24 hour period average? the neph can explain it much more in detail, but this test for any potential kidney patient is kinda standard at least at the beginning?

and an ultrasound of her kidneys or actually having a full abdominal US really would show a heck of alot including the kidneys down to being able to actually watch the 'jets fill" from ureter to her bladder like they are supposed to do under normal circumstances and the bloodflow thru the major vascular structures in the abdominal organs like the liver too among other things. i have a regular yearly US and bloodwork done to monitor my kidney and liver just to see where my cystic globs decide to pop in and join the fun and hoping none of them decided to block off any major vascular structures in anything like my portal vein within the liver? thats a biggie and very crucial to have always 'open".

but that one US seriously would show and tell ALOT about how your daughters kidneys simply 'look' which is the other part of the whole picture when combined with the labs, urinalysis and the fact she is running higher BPs too? all of the different symptoms she is displaying combined with all testing results actually are simply little parts of that much bigger picture when this all is simply combined to show what if anything are the issues involved here with at least the kidneys and the possible adrenal gland involvement too? the adrenal kind of IS what releases the renin(renin dictates BPs) depending upon the 'information' given to them by the kidneys, so they do play a role in BPs here too and have to also get a good looksee. if you can find a good image of the kidneys sitting inside a drawing of the human body? you can see these little 'globs" kind of sitting right on top of both kidneys? those ARE the adrenals.

just getting ALLL this stuff finally fully checked out, and it would not hurt at all to ask her current ped doc about obtaining that US now as a full abdominal while you are simply waiting to finally get in to see that neph, it will give the neph and you a much clearer idea of what the underlying problems may be within her kidneys. its just that there is 'something" affecting/impacting her kidneys here that needs to be found out so appropriate treatment can be obtained. unfortunetly it DOES take ongoing testing to find that all out. but at least it pertty non invasive, so thats good.

unfortunetly i do not have enough time to really explainthe ins and outs of what PKD actually is(kinds lenghty) today, but i will get back to you hopefully tomorrow. had a bad night while my meds are beging changed over and slept wayyy too long this morning. but i will. but PKD IS an inherited and "autosomal dominant" form of kidney disease? simply meaning that only one parent has to have it in order to pass it on to a child(50/50 chance usually). vs recessive where BOTH parents have to have a particular gene/chromosome that 'combine' to create a disease process in their child? it just IS one insane and bizarre form of kidney disease that does NOT know its OWN dang boundries, lol.

please keep me posted tho KM, marcia

feelbad 10-23-2010 10:44 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
hi KM, just wondering how things are going? do they have that appt with the neph set yet or the ultrasound at least? the US really will show the most overall if her current doc can actually just refer her for that one test. i would imagine once she has been evaled by that neph that the US would be a part of just the basic testing, ya know?

just going into that neph appt WITH a good abdominal already being done really would save alot of time and hassle. and it would possibly pinpoint at least part of the possible problem as far as how the kidneys simply 'look' themselves too. you really would be amazed at just what can be picked up upon a good US.

were there ANY kidney labs done that were out of range? i am assuming if protien was actually found via UA combined with the BP issues that blood labs would also have been ordered too? i am just hoping things are going okay and she can get things done sooner vs later. let me know when you can how things are going KM. marcia

KaylasMom98 10-27-2010 05:30 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
Hey..I have been thinking about you..Thanks for keeping an eye on me. :)..
Kayla went to the Cardiologist yesterday and all was perfect with her Heart.She has to go for a Echo once a year just to make sure there is no change in anything but other then that she was cleared for sports and told she was doing great...Just like I had assumed it would be..I am waiting for the the Neph appointment and I asked the nurse about doing a 24 hour urine and Ultrasound before we go to the Neph and I havent heard yet..So I will call again today and keep calling until they finally say yes..

Being that her heart is fine does that mean there is a less likely chance that there is anything wrong with her kidneys??

I am off now to take my youngest to the Pediatric Surgeon to set up her biopsy..Not a fun day.. I hope all is well with you and your family..Take care and talk to you soon..


feelbad 10-29-2010 07:32 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
so sorry your other child had to even undergo a biopsy at all. some can be quite an ordeal. my son has had MANY done on his liver over the years, esp as he was going thru liver failure, then during the year following the actual transplant too. seeing children suffer thru anything, esp when its our own, well... i DO know how you feel there, trust me christine. hope everything comes out okay.

i am glad you did ask the nurse about those tests. if they want to wait on the 24 hour UA, that wont be to bad, but honestly? getting that ultrasound done sooner vs later, esp if there is going to be a longer wait really IS the best way to do this and just HAVE those results for that neph right at that initial appt.

as far as your question re the cardio being good, and hoping this bodes well for the kidneys goes? in some cases, depending upon what the underlying problem(s) just are, it "could" matter, but in all honesty, simply even having that protien and along with the higher BPs here, i still do feel personally that the kidneys may have some type if real issues here in some way shape or form. its just even seeing trace protien in anyones UA is one of the earliest indicators of having a kidney problem of some sort, you know what i mean? and you still were never really told just exactly 'why' she was actually even sent to that cardio in the first place either, so the wait goes on unfortunetly.

i WOULD however, be making certain tho that she is not drinking any pop or at least NO colas? its the phosphates in them that can in many cases, have impact on the kidneys,tho i am not exactly certain as to the overall 'whys' of this(colas simply DO contain a much higher phosphate level unlike non cola types of pop)? also try and limit salt intake as well since that simply CAN impact BPs too. and watch out for the good old "processed foods",since these also tend to contain some pretty insane amounts of sodium in them? just read the labels on certain things and you will see what i mean. sodium routinely is added to certain foods as a form of preservative and of course for flavor as well? i really was stunned when i really started looking at the labels on esp processed foods and certain boxed "dry" goods too? luckily, they really are trying to make certain food products with at least a lower sodium option now too.

while its okay to have some salt, just watch out for the more over the top type stuff that you CAN avoid and do not allow her to actually add anymore salt to anything when you just DO have that option. even when cooking your own foods at home, there just ARE other ways you can flavor foods without having to use any or only a smaller amount of it depending upon what you are making. i personally use pepper alot more often now than i ever had in the past myself.

just some stuff i thought you should know about if you didn't already that can help with the BPs some. do you have a "set" date for that neph appt yet? if you did ask someone about the US and the 24 hour test and you still have not heard anything back form the docs office, try calling your daughters docs office and ask again or ask for a call back from her ped himself so you can simply ask about at least getting that US done soon. sometimes certain medical professionals just need a lil kick ya know? that one test just should be able to tell/show you something just in how it will 'look at' everything abdominal and the kidneys too. like i mentioned before, the US just can show ALOT more than what you would think. and do not just settle for only a 'renal' US, ask for a full abdominal only because some conditions can also create certain problems with other organs, usually moreso the liver for some crazy reason? you just DO want to see the "whole" abdominal as long as she is going to be getting the kidneys too. and then at the very least YOU know the whole abdom has been examined and evaluated too.

her ped really should have ordered this done already just given those two symptom indicators of possible kidney impact of some type showing in her. did that doc actually run her blood labs at all on her kidney functions esp after the detection of that protien then the BP just being up there more than it should have been?

just finding out thru one blood draw right now(or if they already did this, obtain that lab sheet) they would be able to tell if function impairment is going on at all within the kidneys by looking at "her" function values compared to the national standard 'normal" ratios. the creatinine and the GFR are the main things I will usually look at first when mine or my sons labs get done?

i hope all went well with the biopsy for your other child, and this one can just get in soon to see that neph. hopefully her doc will okay at least that US done right now. at least this will help at possibly knowing something sooner vs later ya know? good luck christine, and DO please let me know when you find out anything? marcia

KaylasMom98 11-01-2010 06:03 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
My daughter doesnt get into the Neph until DEC 7..Kinda irritated by that but I do understand.. Still havent heard from her Dr and I am VERY irritated by that..Today I will make one more nice attempt and if that doesnt do me any good, the next phone call will not be pleasent..I will keep you posted..

Hope all is well with you and your family.. :)

feelbad 11-01-2010 10:08 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
sorry its going to take 'a while' to get her in. unfortunely, as i have found with my medical situations and my sons and having to simply see wayyyy too many 'specialists", this IS pretty much the 'norm, at least for new patients anyways.

when i had initially found out after my first ever MRI done on my c spine back in 01 that not only revealed my herniated disc, but that glob of blood vessels sitting in my cord that before they angioed it was thought to be an arteriovenous malformation and therefore about the same as having an actual aneurysm inside a spinal cord. i was actually goindg to have to wait from sept when i had the MRI alll the way til jan 6th JUST to get an eval and consult and the angio that told us what i had was venous fed and thank god not arterial like my report stated? that was insane. just having anything 'wrong" and WHEN you even CAN see certain specialists is really sick. but for some reason, once you DO get in and become their 'patient" they DO magically seem to be able to fit you in much sooner for any follow ups. its just the way they are.

since her actual appt is simply THAT far out, she DOES NEED to get that US done now and not 'then' ya know? once that gets done and her doc can possibly contact this neph, depending upon the hard findings, she may be able to gget in a bit earlier with her current docs help. i HAVE done that or had that happen with one particular specialist before? only becasue my primary felt that "need to be seen" needed to be moved up from where it was actually scheduled? they simply DO have a bit more 'pull' than we do as patients. also christine, if you call the neph she will be seeing and ask to get on their cancellation list?? that really can help, alot in some ways. i have done this too when i needed my knee surgery and got in for the eval about almost a month and a half earlier than my original appt was set for. just a good suggestion that anyone can ask to do.

but DO keep pushing her doc for that US now vs waiting. any doc can refer for pretty much any type of test,esp when the testing would not change in 'orders for' with the neph or her current doc since a full abdominal US is done only one way and not a specific type of area testing in like an MRI where a specialist would want to 'only see' a specific area in her? abdominal is abdominal when it comes to US,ya know what i mean? so the doc she is seeing now is perfectly capable of giving her that referral for that US and also that 24 hour urine collection test too just so ya know. there is just NO real reason she should have to wait til that neph appt for the testing for kidney problems.

i know i have asked this before but you didn't answer? did they actually do any blood draws for doing her actual kidney labs after finding the protein? knowing what her functions are simply like with that lab testing would help.

well i do hope things get moving a bit more quickly here instead of her doc simply wasting time right now since you cannot get in to see that neph for quite a while. might as well get some known testing done that the neph WILL ask for. these tests just ARE part of the very basic eval she will have, or get referred for? hang in there christine, and do see about that cancellation list at the nephs? it can help alot, trust me. and as usual, please keep me posted hon, marcia

KaylasMom98 11-08-2010 09:58 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
I took Kayla for an Ultrasound..All they checked tho were her kidneys and nothing else..I did hear that her kidneys looked normal on Ultrasound so that is reassuring..I am not sure if it only looks at the outside of the kidneys or if there could still be something going on inside that they cant see with Ultrasound?? I also did the 24 hour Urine and that still shows Protein..So her Doc said she still definately has to see the Neph because the main reason for Hypertension in children is Kidney Disease and being that there is still Protein in the Urine she needs to go and have it checked..She also ordered Blood Test that I need to take her for that should answer more questions.. She said the labs they did take of her Kidney Functions "mostly" came back normal..Not sure what they were or what was abnormal if any..I am also not sure what these new sets are testing for either..I am also on a cancellation list with the Neph so we will see how far that gets her..I will keep you posted..Hope all is well with you.. Again, Thank You SO much for your help.. Chrisitne

rsberk 11-10-2010 02:50 PM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
I wonder if the BP is unrelated to the trace protein and your daughter possibly does have white coat syndrome. If her body is pumping unusually high amounts of adrenaline at the time of the BP reading it will not be accurate. She could be just as tense with the school nurse as she is with the doctor. Especially if she is now scarred and thinking something is wrong with her body, know what I mean? Have you asked her point blank if she gets nervous when her blood pressure is being monitored?

Have you purchased a home digital BP monitor? I just got one myself after my doctor said that he thought I suffered from high bp (I am 30 y/o, 5'6 and weigh 125lbs), I also eat a healthy diet. I do have anxiety though.. Anyway, after taking my own blood pressure at home I got normal numbers, this morning was 110/69 compared to the 160/90 when I was at the doctor's office in full panic mode. I wonder what reading you'd get if you took your daughter's bp in the comfort of your own home?

I cannot comment about the protein in the urine and perhaps it is related but I just thought I'd ask.. since I am a sufferer of wcs.

KaylasMom98 11-11-2010 01:33 PM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
Yes I have asked her if she was nervous and she said she was at her Drs office but not at the nurses office..I do have an at home BP monitor and it is always elevated... They have diagnosed her with Hypertension and perhaps it is unrelated to her Protein but mostlikely they are related..

Thank You for your response..I am hoping to find out more within a couple weeks being that her Ped is sending her to the Neph..

feelbad 11-12-2010 10:53 AM

Re: 12 year old daughter with High Blood Pressure and protein in her urine
the good thing here is at least those kidneys 'look good' in her and that rules out alot of possibles(certain disease processes simply CAN be very easily "seen' opon US?). but of course the high BPs and the protien thing are still there and that connection is what the neph, with further more in depths types of testing can pinpoint for her. i do wish they had not only done that renal but full abdominal, esp since the kidneys themselves did not appear to show anything, ya know what i mean?

but while a good US also using doppler to check all things that simply 'flow' in there in realtime too, there can be much smaller things that could contribute to her symptoms that are also kidney releated that wont always show either? different types of scans just do or do not show very specific things considering most use different ways TO scan? like ultrasonic waves and what looks like you are watching the weather channel with that doppler can using the US, the magnetsim of a good contrasted MRI or plain old x ray too, they all have 'their bigger things' that they just kind of see or pick up on better than another type of scan would. soo, your kind of on hold mode here again unfortuently.

but that neph really does KNOW a ton more about what creates high BPs and protien in anyones urine and all the possible reasons for it much moreso than any other type of doc your could be seeing just based upon the info he has from years of ongoing excperience and knowledge that come from seeing patients like your daughter year after year, ya know? so he should know what specific things will need to simply be checked out first in any 12 yr old presenting with those two classic symptoms of having kidney disease or at least 'some' level of involvement somehow in order to even get those reasons/answers much more quickly. the adrenal gland that sits atop the kidneys is where the release of whats called 'renin' actually takes place that will really dictate what anyones BP actually will be? when THAT area is not functioning right for whatever reason(or signals are not 'right' telling it to release too much, thus giving high BPs), it can create either hyPER tension or hyPO tension too, so that IS one are the neph will also want to check out at some point too since it just DOES impact BPs at all?

so her actual rad report from that US stated everything looked 'normal" then? were there ANY findings at all in there per the interpretting rad who went over your daughters films and created that rad report listed in the conclusion/summary? knowing what was in the conclusion or very end of that whole report is simply where the interpretting rads who simply do any readings on any scans will place anything they 'feel' is even a bit off, or outright not normal too.

i am really glad you obtained that home BP kit hon, just try taking her BP at the same particular time every single day til you get in to see the neph? this does help best if the BPs are being done in a pretty much 'same time everyday' type of way vs sporadically? it just gives more continuity TO the BP itself. i had to do this with hubby for HIS high BPs too then send it into his doc.

exactly what is she averaging now that you can take her BPs on a regular basis? i am just hoping you can get her to see that neph soon and can finally get this all figured out for her and your sake. i KNOW how really stressful just trying to deal with getting something truely Dxed when we know something is simply not right with our child can be, but you have such a huge load to carry already hon. hopefully this can be explained easily and something given in the way of ongoing treatment that will not be impactful for her. once again, good luck christine. and as usual, please DO keep us posted. marcia

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