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Kakjar3 04-12-2011 08:35 PM

4 y/o with high ANA
My daughter and I have been on a long hard road since her conception, but tonight my main concern is her lab results for the past few months and her syptoms (other concerns that have been put on a back burner, which I'm starting to think MAY be related, are her behavioral issues).

She has been having joint pain, head aches, and diarrhea for as long as she could complain (diarrhea since birth). When I switched peds for her back in November, we were sent for a bunch of lab work by Dec.
Since then, she has been going at least once a month to monitor her compliments (which are low) and her ANA which are extremely high.
In January it was 2560, Februrary 646, and March (which I made sure she fasted and was symptom free for 12 + hours) is 1270. Her compliments have been consistantly low, and EVERYTHING else has come back normal.
Her symptons that have been present for at least the past year & a half include joint pain in her legs and shoulders, head aches, diarrhea, eczema, runny nose, drooling, cough.
Symptoms that have come up in the past few weeks have been elevated temp (about 3-4 degrees higher than normal), "slapped" cheeks sometime with the higher temp, constant head ahces (possible migrains?), green BM's, and fatigue.
Things that have been put on the back burner is her aggressiveness, irritability, impulsivity, speech delay, attention span, oral fixation, sensory processing dissorder, and inability to concentrate ("spaciness").

Her pediatrician sent her to a rheumetologist who is taking a "wait and see" approach. I'm NOT comfortable with that - she's 4 and obviously does not have a good quality of life. The rheum won't send her for any xrays or an MRI to see if there is anything that can't be felt upone a physical exam.

She has gone for an EEG and an EKG that has come back normal, if that has anything to do with this...I have no clue.

My next step is to contact immunology at our hospital and request xrays/mri again at the rheum. If nothing can be done here, I will be fighting with my insurance to allow me to get a second opinion in a near by city.

MommyofJandB 04-16-2011 10:10 AM

Re: 4 y/o with high ANA
My son when he was 4 had an ANA level of 1400 and I was panicked. We saw a neurologist who said be had viral myolitis that was causing his leg pain. it eventually passed and his levels came back to normal but the doctor did say that while his number were high it isn't concerning until they get over 5000. I hope this helps ease your mind a little bit! Try seeing a neurologist and see what they say, you should be able to get her in with the constant headaches.

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