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6 year old with belly pain

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6 year old with belly pain

my 6 year old daughter has had belly pain for 3 weeks. I took her to the doctor and the xray showed she had moderate stool in her colon, so i was given miralax, senna, and mineral oil to give to her for three days. It has worked as far as her using the bathroom, however she still having the belly pain. The doctors all say she is constipated, but she is having bowel movements daily! Just yesterday alone she had 4 bowel movements within an hour time span. I have held the miralax because her stool has no constistency anymore. I have called the G.I. doctor but they cannot see her for another 2 months!! Please help

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Re: 6 year old with belly pain

tsudler, i am just curious about a few things? just approx how much fluids is she taking in on any given day? has she been having pretty consistant BMs like this for a while now like the frequecncy or esp the very loose consistancy? i am only asking since in a child esp, they can become dehydrated pretty quickly when they are not taking in alot of fluids to replace what is simply coming out the other end? you can tell if anyone is even close to becomming dehydrated by "tenting testing" the skin on the top of the hand? all you do is simply pinch the top of the hand skin just using your thumb and forefinger, kind of right in the center top area, squeeze it for a few seconds then let go. then see how long it takes for that pinched area to bounce back down to 'normal'? if this even takes more than like a second or two(or it actually stays that way(tented up? if it stays THAT way it IS a very definite dehydration in need of immediate trip to ER), she probably IS becomming dehydrated and would need some extra IV fluids. its just one thing that can occur with very loose stools for more than just a few days, esp in children, or if they are vomiting alot too, the very same thing can occur thru basic loss of fluids. she is not 'just' losing "only' water, but the very needed electrolyes and minerals needed to maintain good solid body system functions, even the heart since the normal heart rhythm also needs a very specific amount of things like calcium, magnesium and other lytes to maintain a normal regular rate and rhythm.

another problem that can occur when she is moving very loose bowels very quickly, she more than likely is not retaining any real nutrients either since they are kind of absorbed thru not only the stomach, but much more just while traveling thru her intestinal tract as well thru the mucosal tissue that makes up the walls of the intestines. so she may not be taking in a whole lot of calories or fat either that IS needed(has she lost any weight since this started?)? its good you stopped the mirilax and i would also consider possibly taking away the senna too(tho this is much more 'benign" a laxative than mirilax). only because "just" the mineral oil itself is usually a pretty productive way of ridding constipation just all by itself. and you also are putting something much more 'natural" into her instead of what is just in esp the mirilax as polyethylene glycol. its a chemical that if you do not actually HAVE to use in esp a child, the better for her, ya know? up until more recently, mirilax could only be obtained by Rx, so that just is something that if used ONLY on an occasional basis would be fine, but over time and daily, they really do not know how that poly is going to actually impact any given child down the road. but using any product for chronic constipation(which i too suffer from from spinal cord damage knocking out my natural parestaltic wave, and i also have to take long acting narcotics as well. BIG back up problems)that is even senna let alone an actual chemical based type, is usually recommended for only a shorter use length of time so the body does not get used to only having 'chemically induced" bowel movements. this does not seem to occur with more natural products like mineral or even castor oil. i used to use senna and ducosate combo then switched to only mineral oil daily every morning, and that alone has helped me tons more than anything else. i did and still do also use the miralax when things get really backed up usually after most of my many surgerys tho. the more you simply rely on any chemical so a child or adult can simply have a BM, that much harder it will be to allow 'normal' regular BMs to happen without it.

but the one thing i would do here considering her belly pain(where EXACTLY is that pain located in referance to her abdominal area? upper or lower, and just where more specifically, and how severe is it on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worst)? is consider actually just taking her in to see her primary doc to simply run some blood lab tests on her lytes and a total metabolic panel just to see whats up with her levels in her labs NOW, not two months from now. you need to know if she is even close to being depleted in ANY of the more critical things that maintain normal body system functions too. just wondering if she is actually peeing more normally per her intake of fluids too, only because she IS losing fluids/water thru BMs, her kidneys may need some checking too with simple labs just to see how they are doing here too considering(she should be trying to take in as much water as possible too right now to replace loss). she also needs a good palpation of the abdomen to see if anything has changed with her 'presenting symptoms'? her primary should have enough knowldege to at least pin the source/area of that pain area down. it helps to rule out other organs or systems.

the abdomen also needs to be rechecked for any new tenderness, rigidity and pressing into it and what type of response she has in each of the four abdominal quadrants. if he tries to press into the abdomen and she kind of goes to 'protect' that abdomen, its called 'guarding' which means there IS pain there in that spot which could be occuring from a specific organ. then, based upon the primarys eval, he can either call that GI doc to get her in sooner, or see if she can be referred to the ER for a more "immediate work up" there. or actually just go THERE yourself when her pain is really flaring since at that point, they would HAVE to do some types of real testing, like ultrasound or CT or MRI to see what is actually even generating her pain. waiting for two flippin months with any child who is suffering at all with pain and possibly losing needed chemicals/minerals in the body is just not right, and depending upon the actual reason for it, dangerous to wait THAT long. she should NOT have to be suffering here only because her doc has way too many patients, ya know what i mean?

you just DO NEED to know her overall medical status down to the pain source and what her actual panels are with each and every individual lab too. if they do see anything that does require more immediate attention, they WILL at least help her vs waiting two freaking months to find out ANYTHING thats needed to be found out in a more asap way NOW? you just wont really 'know' anything right now until some levels of good solid testing are done. even just doing a very in depth comprehensive bunch of blood lab work would tell you something at this point, esp if anything IS too high, too low or something new there that was not there when she had any labs done before. labs simply show levels of needed minerals and system functions and any issues with specific organ funtion. they wont change in numbers til 'something' is actually really affecting a function of any system or specific organ functions in the organ, which can have many different functions like the liver does among other organs in our bodies, so each individual function IS tested. has she ever had ANY types of testing done before? if so, just what has she had done and what were the overall results?

hopefully she can get in to see her primary here and get an eval and labs done and also testing in a much more specific way for potential dehydration from too much rapid fluid loss. i just would NOT even begin to try and wait two whole months right now to find out her overall medical status NOW. if things are simply 'not right' in any way, they CAN at least help with supplimenting specific minerals among other things and hopfully give her something that would help with that pain too. but knowing exactly where that pain just is, and how severe and what it feels like TO her? really would help me to try and help you right now. does 'something" bring out this pain in her, like some type of catalyst or trigger, or is it like 'always there' just goes up and down? good luck with getting the right tests done now, not wayyy later. hopefully whatever is creating this pain and constipation CAN be found out with the right types of testing done. please let me know what you find out. marcia
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