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4 year old with undescended testes, please help.

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Jeanine25 HB User
4 year old with undescended testes, please help.

Hello ladies, Im new to the site and really looking for
My son is 4 in sept and since birth I have known of his
problem with ''undescended testicle'' (his left one)

I have seen 3 drs, 2 nhs drs and 1 privately and all have
told me ''similar''- though one did exaggerate compared to
the latest one I saw who was a private urologist.

My father has/had a left undescended testicle and fathered
3 children with no other health issues.

My sons uncle whos in his 30's (on his dads side) also had
this issue (with one testicle) and that came down without
intervention when he was around 7 or 8.

When I first saw a dr about this issue I told them of the
family history, though this was brushed off and they
immediately wanted to do surgery... I was EXTREMELY
skepticle about this and kept making ''follow up
appointments'' stating my concerns and also once again the
family history.

The 2nd NHS dr was a woman and told me my son was at
HIGH RISK of testicular cancer and infertility- she scared
the you-know-what out of me and pressured me into
agreeing to surgery, something I have NEVER wanted to do
based on the history of the males in my sons family.

she even went as far as to say should I not agree she will
get the social service to decide for me.. Bare in mind my
father is STILL living with this condition and is perfectly
healthy (all bar a hernia that causes no bother)
so I could NOT understand why this dr was threatening me
like this.. though I do believe that payment incentives
played a big part of it.

I decided to go to a private dr who told me my son did
have an undescended testicle but could live a perfectly
happy life with one health descended tesis, would father
children with one working testicle and the risk of cancer in
my sons case (because the testicle is NOT in the abdomen)
is a 2- whereas a male with both testicles descended would
be a 1. He said the chance is still very slim but the op
needs doing. *shakes head*

Back to the woman dr at the NHS. She told me my sons
testicle was not movable out of the groin... she shown me
where it was.. hmmm it was in the middle of the groin,
between the top of the scrotum and the pelvis bone.
She stated it could NOT be brought into the ball bag.

A few weeks later I received a copy of the letter she sent
to my sons health visitor stating I AGREED to the op (like
* did I) and that it was a PLEASURE meeting me (ha
yeah ok) and that my boys testicle was DIFFICULT to bring
into the scrotum... again, another lie since she told me it
couldnt be moved at all.

After receiving this letter I decided to look at his testicle
myself- as I was once adviced from the first dr my son
saw, to try and manipulate the teste into the scrotum to
help it drop...

So I get the cream out and I feel for his testi.. I managed
to get the testicle to go from the middle of the groin to the
very top of the scrotum- upon feeling from the scrotum I
could feel it slightly inside the bag, although it did spring
out when I took my fingers off.

Im so so confused. I booked the private op for oct 5th and
I REALLY dont want my son to have it because I DO have
this condition in my family, I have known from my father
that it has not yet caused any problems and from my sons
uncle, it dropped aged 8- also, the differences in stories
from the drs is making me wonder if they just want to
operate on my son for the ''sake'' of it... almost like they're
''following a trend'' if that makes sense.

The only reason I agreed to let the private dr book the op
is because the one at the NHS basically threatened me.
I cannot believe she had the gall to speak to me the way
she did only to then send on a letter to the health visitor
saying it was a pleasure to deal with me and that I agreed
to the operation...
I cant stress enough how much I believe my sons testicle
will drop..
Ive been told NOTHING bad can occurr until puberty
anyway as
theres no sperm production going through it so why cant I
look for alternatives?
I wasnt offered the hormone injections and wasnt told
acupncture that has indeed successfully lowered the

I was considering (should alternative treatment fail) to give
my son the option to decide when he is old enough to
understand or right before puberty.

Im so so confused.
Can any of you mummys out there give me some friendly
advise please? taking into account all I have said, if this
was YOU and it was your son, what would you do?

Thank you so much for reading and Im sorry to have
droned on. xx

I have posted this on another childs health forum but nobody has responded and I think I posted it in the wrong section of this site to begin with

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tay725 HB User
Re: 4 year old with undescended testes, please help.

Just see u post, I have a 4 years old boy with right undescene testis symton.he just did the surgical yesterday, the surgical was smooth.Since his born, i already notice his both scrotum are thin. but in that time bcos of his jaundice i never care for that. i have even ask the doctor(unexperience) 1 time only about the scrotum but the doctor said is ok.bcos the two scrotum can see. day by day and sometimes when my boy reach to 2-3 years old, i bath for him and also see why his scrotum still looks small. and i still never take action..until last week, i accidently read a mothercare magazine talking about this undescene testis. and then i check my son scrotum, i found on left side is ok, but the testis is not found on right. i imediately sent him to hospital to do the check out and found is true. i am so worry...the doctor said actually the surgical need done before 2 years old. and not more than 10 years old.bcos when the testis not moving down to scrotum. it may causes like cancer or infertility.testis must in scrotum bcos scrotum provides a place to "take care" the testis. testis is produce hormon and sperm. so the undescene testis patient must do surgical as soon as possible before they reach to 10 or 12years old.. Now i need to monitor my son's scrotum until he growing up....

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Re: 4 year old with undescended testes, please help.


I can imaging your concern, as well as your confusion after all the conflicting information you have received. While I am certainly no expert, I am the mother of two sons, and wanted to at least share my support for you until you find the answers you are seeking. I would not act on the threat that the one doctor left you with, as long as you have other doctors reports that give other recommendations. I would definitely keep good records of the various opinions you have received.

My first reaction would be as your is, to remain on the conservative side, and let things progress as the other men in your family have done, with no adverse affects. I would do as much research as you can about the possible down sides to leaving the testicle untreated, and use that to help with your decision making. Any surgery has it' own risks involved, especially with anesthesia and young children.

I just popped over to see what I could find about undecended testicles and their treatment. This site explained the surgery as minor, done on an outpatient basis, with full recovery in a week. They listed several reasons for the surgery, but admitted that most men will have full ability to father children with only one testicle. It looks like a personal choice to me, but I would definitely consult with a good doctor you trust, as well as get a second opinion. I would not consider that woman that wrote that report you mentioned.

I hope you get several other opinions from other mothers who have had this same dilemma. I would also give credit to the family history, and equally to any new research that calls for surgery.

Best of luck and please keep up posted to what you have decided.


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