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bcylou 09-04-2011 11:26 PM

1 year old vomiting on and off for several weeks
Hi everyone, I hope someone might have some advice or ideas about what this could be, I'm going to be quite detailed about this so please hang in there! My daughter turned one on Saturday, for the past several weeks she has been having vomiting episodes mainly at night about an an hour after going to bed lasting anywhere from 1 to 8 hours and occurring about once a week, I have seen GP's and last week visited a paediatrician. the paediatrician believes it could be an inner ear issue causing balance issues when she lays down and making her vomit, I'm not convinced :-( On Friday for the first time the vomiting happened during the day and she hadn't been asleep the episode was the same though violent vomiting 3-4 times over about an hour and a half, going to sleep then waking up completely normal?? Last night she did it again after going to sleep. The vomiting is very violent she usually gets rid of all her stomach contents the first time around and then heaves and dry reaches about every 20 minutes after that for anywhere between 1 hour and 8 hours. I am extremely worried about this and have another appointment with the paediatrician on Wednesday because I believe this needs more follow up, I'm concerned it's neurological ?? I don't really believe its a digestive issue as she has never been a refluxy collicky baby and there is absolutely no diarrhea. Other than all that she is a healthy happy baby. I think the next step will me an MRI which terrifies me as she will have to have an anaesthetic. Has anyone else been through anything similar to this or have any ideas?? Thanks :-)

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