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kboss7 11-15-2011 10:58 AM

Frequent Bowel Movements (1 year old)
My son is 14 months and has AT LEAST 5 bowel movements everyday. They are different consistency and amount but he definitely does not seem like he is constipated at all. He has a very balanced diet eating fruits, veggies, protein, grains, dairy, etc. He has been on whole milk since his 1st birthday. He is never fussy or seems uncomfortable. I have given him juice two times and when I did he had around ten bowel movements that day and also was bleeding a little from his rectum, so he does not ever have juice!! He often has a diaper rash because he is going so often. What could be causing this and is it something I should be concerned about??

JanaJ 11-15-2011 02:02 PM

Re: Frequent Bowel Movements (1 year old)
Toddler's diarrhoea is a common cause of chronic (persistent) diarrhoea in young children. It mainly affects children between the ages of 1 and 5 years and is more common in boys. Toddler's diarrhoea is not serious and the child is well. The diarrhoea will go as the child becomes older. The diet of young children is often not ideal and is thought to contribute to the cause. The diarrhoea will often stop if the child: has a good amount of fat in the diet (whole milk, etc); does not drink too much fruit juice or squash; has meals that include a normal amount of fibre (but not a high-fibre diet).

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