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Jonzie 10-02-2012 10:32 PM

5year old, sever stomach pain
My 5 year old son has been experiencing sever stomach pain at his belly button area for 9 days now. The pain starts at the same time daily and usually lasts all night. Once he gets up in the morning until around 3:00 he seems like my normal little boy but by 3:30 he is in sever, excruciating pain. We have taken him to our pediatrician, Urgent care, and to the ER two times and he still is in pain.We have seen several different doctors but they have not been able to determine what is wrong. My son has has two X-rays, urine test and blood test. The first X-Ray showed a lot of stool so they thought he was constipated and put him on a laxative, that was on Tuesday. By Thursday the pain was a lot worse and the second Xray showed a lot of gas in his stomach. He has not had a fever, vomiting, or loose stool but the pain has just become worse. The blood test and urine test were both normal. It seems like when the food he has eaten earlier in the day reaches an area in his stomach the sever pain starts. Im starting to think it is a digestion problem since it starts the same time daily. I had to call our pediatricians emergency call line tonight because he was in so much pain. We are scheduled to meet our pediatrician in the morning and he is going to order some more tests. Please help if you have ever experience anything lie this...any information coiled help.

kanded 10-07-2012 04:03 AM

Re: 5year old, sever stomach pain
Your pediatrician can refer you to a gastroenterologist if they think it is merited. The doctor is probably assuming it is severe constipation, which can be quite painful. Especially if they gave him a laxative and there is a lot of build up of poop in there. When food reaches the stomach and can't go anywhere because all the bowels are full, it has nowhere to go. I would imagine that would cause pain. It took awhile to get all of that stool in there, so its going to take awhile to get him all cleaned out. Lots of water and prune juice can help clean him out.
Also a diet of vegies and fruits only for awhile with not much milk, meat, potatoes, bananas, pasta or bread products, which are all constipating. If after a couple weeks he is still having sharp pains in his bowels, there may be an obstruction in there that may need the attention of a GI doctor. Does he put things in his mouth? Ask him if he has eaten anything that is not food lately.
A GI doctor will also look at whether everything is structurally sound. Although usually those are things that they are born with and are found out almost right away. Also his doctor may not want to expose him to all that radiation unless its completely necessary. Ask for ultrasounds first, that doesn't carry a risk of radiation exposure.

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