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nikelodeon79 01-11-2013 07:23 PM

Very serious illness in 20 month old
My 20 month old son has been "off" for quite a while. Symptoms included irritability, refusing to eat, occasional vomiting, pale complexion, and he was also unstable on his feet.

Blood tests were ordered and he had very low protein, albumin, iron, and hemoglobin. Hemoglobin was actually 4.1 so he was admitted to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

That occurred Wednesday night/Thursday morning. He did have a reaction towards the end of the transfusion, but after some benadryl, they were able to resume and complete the transfusion.

The doctors think some sort of GI issue is to blame and ran a bunch of tests. We meet with a GI specialist on Wednesday. They told us to take him off dairy, particularly milk.

His hemoglobin went up to 10.1 following the transfusion and we were discharged. He was subdued last night but we thought he was just tired/overwhelmed. In the middle of the night, he threw up the apple juice we gave him, but I figured it was just due to an empty stomach.

He kept breakfast down (a small amount of waffle and half a banana). He ate quite a bit of lunch (chicken & vegetables over rice) but vomited it up about five minutes later. The vomiting seems different than before the transfusion, a before he mostly seemed to their up due to some sort of texture aversion rather than stomach issues.

After awhile he was hungry again and had some iron fortified bread. Again, a short while after eating, he threw it all up.

He also continues to be very unstable on his feet, even worse than before the transfusion.

We called the hematologist and she thinks he possibly now has the flu. The other possibility is that he has something she's missing. She said his tests look good and it's not behaving like the cancers that generally would cause similar symptoms. She is, however, very concerned about the continued instability. She said she expected that to disappear after the transfusion.

She told me to give him small sips of Pedialyte to keep him hydrated. If he gets worse or dehydrated or if I simply feel like this is more than the flu, we are supposed to bring him in and have him readmitted. Her first step at that point would be a brain MRI. Otherwise, we have a followup scheduled with her after we see the GI specialist on Wednesday.

I guess what I'm looking for is whether anyone has any ideas, and advice on whether to wait or take him in now. I would definitely take the "better safe than sorry" route and go in more, except he was extremely traumatized by the hospital stay, to the point where he would scream whenever anyone entered the room, for fear he would be poked and prodded. Last night he had a total meltdown simply due to a middle of the night diaper change. So, I don't want to subject him to another hospital stay if I'm just being a paranoid mommy.

Thanks to everyone who made it through this marathon post.

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