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MissGooberLynn 10-31-2004 02:49 PM

Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
I was diagnosed with mono 2 months ago with severly swollen glands, muscle weakness and extreme fatigue. Some of the blood results came back positive for mono while others did not, but my doctor said it looked like I had a reactivation of an "old case of mono." I had been feeling extremely tired for seven months before i was diagnosed with mono, and am still extremely tired so much that I can hardly leave the house. All my other results are normal except for I am slightly anemic and I take iron for that now. COuld my long term mono have caused Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

JJCHEEK 10-31-2004 07:32 PM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
Mono can cause cfs. I have been dealing with weakness for 7 months now, it is horrible. Sometimes I feel like im getting better and then Ill have days where it feels like its starting over again. If I try to do to much, I feel like I could collapse and never get up again. Dont feel bad you are not the only one. Try to think positive and tell yourself that one day you will feel normal again, It cant last for ever. One thing that the doc told me was that you have to slowly biuld your bodys strength back up. He said your body has been deconditioned and you should try to do a little more each day. I was thinking to myself thats easier said than done.

lillypad 11-01-2004 01:50 PM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
JJ - how is it every one of your words is captialized? I ask because it is difficult to read for me.

lillypad 11-01-2004 01:59 PM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
Miss Goober - do you know which test was done to determine the anemia? The one that my doc did is called ferritin, and I understand it is different than iron. Ferritin measured the iron storage in the body, as opposed to the iron circulating in the blood. A more acurate picture of "real" iron!

Mention it because my iron was always ok, but recently found out my ferritin was low. I am supplementing also, guess it takes a long while to build it up. Fatigue is one of my main complaints also. I understand that low ferritin can cause the fatigue you are explaining. For me, a long illnes depleted my ferritin and that sounds like what might have happened to you.

It is the pits, to say it mildly. Are you eating red meat? I am - anytime I get a chance! Sorry I couldn't answer your mono question, what did your doc conclude?

MissGooberLynn 11-02-2004 09:52 AM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
lillypad...I am not sure what test my doc did to determin my amemia..he just old me to take ferrous gluconate (sp?) once a day, and they retested me after being on the iron a month and I was no longer anemic. I was only very slightly anemic to begin with. I was having intense fatigue and it was 2 months after I was diagnosed as being anemic that I was diagnosed as haing mono. apparently some tests came back positive for mono and a few came back inconclusive. The thing is about 8 months before this I had a period for about 10 days when I was so tired I literally could not get off the couch. THe "intense" fatigue went away but I have still been drained for the last 8-9 months. However I also suffer from an eating disorder and I know that can not be conducive to overcoming mono. =( At age 12 I started getting sick constantly and no one ever tested me for mono, who knows maybe I got the virus way back then.

JJCHEEK 11-02-2004 10:12 AM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
Sorry, I usually leave the caps locked when I type. I went back and changed it so you can read it better.

lillypad 11-02-2004 11:05 AM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
I have so little knowledge of mono. I did a search on ***** and found and interesting article entitled "Who will get Chronic Fatigue". It might be of interest to you. Glad your iron is up. One more thing to cross off the list! Take care.

ncgirl88 11-08-2004 05:47 PM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
I was diagnosed with Reactivation of Epstein Barr Syndrome - I had the worst swollen glands I had ever had in my life (you could see them just by looking at me) turns out I have lyme disease with two tick coinfections called Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. Please go check out the lyme disease group here on healthboards and see if any of the stories sound similiar to yours.


rivkah 11-14-2004 04:41 AM

Re: Can Mono Cause Chronic Fatigue Symptom?
your situation doesn't sound too dissimilar from mine - I was diagnosed with mono nearly exactly a year ago, from a positive blood test. i was out of action for about 2-3 months and ever since then i've caught every virus under the sun, it seems i'm sick all the time, i have no energy, i sleep at least 14 hours a night, more if i can get it - if i'm not shaken awake, i'll just sleep right through the day. i can't complete any of my college assignments on time because i just get too tired. my tonsils are always the size of golfballs (plus all the other glands). i'm getting headaches all the time, and my vision is all weird - kinda distorted, i don't feel confident crossing roads and stuff because things just look...weird. i know my symptoms are kinda mum said that there's some kind of hormone test they can do now for CFS, so i might ask my doctor about that - any suggestions? :confused:

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