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sleepiness_vs 08-09-2006 01:31 PM

excessively sleepy
I am a college student with a surprisingly busy/long schedule. Lately I've been having trouble staying awake, alert, and focused during my day to day activities. I was wondering if these were the symptoms of anyone's chronic fatigue syndrome. I found a lot of useful infomation, such as test/questionnaires, on the two sites I've listed below; but I'm looking for more if anyone has anything to offer.

I've also been reading up on a wake promoting agent called Provigil that might be a solution to my daytime sleepiness. And I was wondering if anyone out there has any comments or experiences with it. If anyone wants to research the pill any further, I've provided a link below.

Just hoping someone can help me out. I'd like to have some background information before I would go see a doctor.
Thank You.

Leanne R 08-18-2006 08:37 AM

Re: excessively sleepy
Get your iron/B12 levels you eat a good diet?

there are many things that can cause this sleepiness and the first one that springs to mind is adrenal fatigue brought on by your busy/long schedules.
Get your thyroid levels checked too (Ft4, FT3, TSH, thyroid antibodies)

Things that can help adrenals are...a good vitamin B complex.
1000mg vitamin C a day
and an amino acid called L-tyrosine 500mg a day on an empty stomach.
I would aslo take a good multi vit/mineral to cover any other deficiences you may have.

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