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sellarsn 11-20-2006 04:54 PM

Could I have CFS
I am feeling tired all the time to the point where i can't be bothered working. I am a computer clerk, so not hard labour. I also feel tired in the muscles, like they are really heavy to lift and everything is an effort. I am getting a sore head, but not like a headache, more of an ache in the head. And massively sore eyes. I have been so bad i haven't been able to attend work at all some days. Also having these terrible night sweats every night regardless of how hot or cold it is. I am saturating myself and the sheets. I don't feel "awake" when i wake up, and sleep for an hour or 2 every afternoon and then going to bed at around 10pm. On weekends i sleep for around 12 hours, but dont feel good when i wake up. Also have like a cramps feeling around what i would say is my ovary area. And pain that goes from my chest to my back. And NO sex drive!!, like it is a chore, and when i have it is like it's not nice or sensitive. I also feel emotional annd get upset and cry over things i really shouldn't. I have been to the Dr and been tested and everything else is fine. My Dr said i have some sort of chronic fatigue, and gave me a tablet called Lovan, which doesn't help at all. Can anyone shed some light? I am so frustrated

chrissy16 11-28-2006 03:55 PM

Re: Could I have CFS

im sorry to hear about your condition.

I am 18 years old. My dr was close to diagnosing me with chronic fatigue syndrome last year after having depression. My symptons were basically the same as yours.

It was extremelly frustrating and tiring. I slept for 12-13 hours and woudl feel even worse from when i went to bed. I would perspire all night making my sheets wet and have aching mucles and headaches. You didnt say how long you have had this condition so it is impossible for me to say anything more.

All i can say is that i overcame it myself without the use of drugs which was difficult but rewarding.

I joined the gym which suprisingly helped me feel more energetic.

This next bit is very inportant. Get in a bed rorutine. Go to bed the same time every night (about 10pm) and get up the same time (8am possibly). I know this may sound stupid but too much sleep can acutally make you feel worse than not enought!! And certainly DO NOT sleep anyimte during the day!!

There is light at the end of the tunnell!

Write back to let me know more information.


MOMOFBOYZ 11-29-2006 12:48 PM

Re: Could I have CFS

Your sound so much like me. It may very well ne cfs if all other tests are negative.
I have two little boys so could never get any rest. I haven't slept much in years. But it started almost 1 1/2 yrs ago now. My back has problems but it was much worse. I could barely walk. X-rays weren't that bad. Then I started in with low grade fevers and night sweats. Then my lymph nodes all were tender and swollen. One was rather large. So they thought lymphoma. Well it wasn't. I was told some infection caused it. Then right after the biopsy everythign started to hurt. Al lmuscles and joints and bones. I thought I had bone cancer. Also my legs feel like cement blocks on some days. Not to mention really bad dizzy spells. Then my heart hurt. I was hopsitalized for two days in August for chest pains and dizziness. Just flu lie all of the time.

I have had ct's and mri's to rule out ms. It is all fine.

I just posted telling about my latest labs.
But you can read and maybe get your doc to test for EBV and CMV. I guess this is common with cfs. See, I think the important thing here is to make sure it isn't something else like cancer or ms. Then when life threatening things are ruled out then....cfs.

I wish I didn't have it but am thiankful it wasn't cancer or ms. It is a long and scarey road. But believe me some days are good. I think the first year hurts the worst. But let me think,,,yesterday was nad. Well, it does get better.

I hope your ok.

shelovescliche 12-01-2006 01:00 PM

Re: Could I have CFS
How long have you had these symptoms? It could be CFS, or it could be something else.

CFS is a very long lasting illness; only 30% of people who REALLY have CFS ever recover, though there's always the chance of a relapse.

It does sound like CFS, but a lot of people consider CFS a really vague answer. If all tests that they do for you come out negative, then odds are it's CFS. If you do have some abnormalities in those tests, though, it's likely that it's something else. CFS is very subtle; really no way to tell whether you have it or not unless you've been tested for everything.

Have you been checked for depression? Because a lot of those symptoms can be caused by a deep depression.

When I sank into a deep depression after being diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it only aggrivated my symptoms. I wasn't depressed out of nowhere; it wasn't like the bouts of depression I had when I was younger. I was depressed because I was sick with a supposed mono-like virus for three and a half months before finally finding an answer.

So did the emotional aspect come before the other symptoms, at the same time, or after? If it came before, you might want to look into depression.

Just try to find as many answers if you can; you don't want to be treated for CFS if it's only a case of depression--depression is a lot easier to deal with, and easier to treat.

If you don't find any answers, though, and they've checked depression off the list of causes, then it could be CFS.

cappy7 12-01-2006 01:16 PM

Re: Could I have CFS
Have you all been tested for Lyme Disease? You might want to look into it. Most tests are not reliable so some doctors diagnose based on symptoms.

I don't really have the fatigue, but I have the other symptoms you are talking about.

Good Luck

Bette76 12-05-2006 11:50 PM

Re: Could I have CFS
This sounds EXACTLY like me- everything that you said!! I am ALWAYS exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get. I always have this general feeling of illness. I have the exact headache that you described - more of an ache than a pain, which hurts more when I cough or exercise. A dull ache. Also, I have the pain around my ovaries all the time, and the pain radiates into my legs.

What is wrong with us?? I keep joking to my husband that I have CFS, but I really think that I might. I haven't had a blood test in about 3 years so I am scared what they would find. I am 30 and otherwise healthy.

Anyone else have any other thoughts on what is going on here? I also have very, very bad sinus problems and am ALWAYS congested and sneezing - can this cause fatigue and headaches as well? Thanks!

fibro4-0 12-06-2006 04:53 PM

Re: Could I have CFS
I am so sorry you are going through this. I was diagnosed w/fibro & chronic fatigue & am tired most of the time at present. When I am up I ache all over & the bottoms of my feet hurt when walking & yes my legs hurt so bad & feel so heavy & cramp up.I also have other muscle pains though. I am curiuos about why there is so much pain in the eyes? I have that too & my vision blurrs at times. Weird ,huh? I have had night sweats off & on for quite awhile & used to have swollen glands on my neck,but haven't had that for quite awhile. My worst night sweats were w/Effexor (Awful!) but have switched to Cymbalta & am not soaking the sheets anymore.
I don't know if this helps at all~Hope you find your answers.
As far as I can tell you need to be tested for other things first because CFS resembles some other things & until those are ruled out it is hard to know.
Good Luck to you!:wave

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