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All-alone 02-12-2007 09:05 AM

Can't stop sleeping
I got diagnosed with CFS last December after 18months of tests to rule out other causes, I do suffer depression/anxiety as well and am taking 150mg Effexor daily.

I am still coming to terms with haveing CFS and what it means, and am waiting for a therapists apt and a pain management referral.

I can not stop sleeping though, I do take 3mg of Zopiclone to help me stay asleep as without I wake upa ll the time, but I can sleep for 15 hours a day which is starting to annoy me as I am seeing no life.

I am guessing this is a bad attack as other attacks have been bad but not this debilitating?

I have tried the healthy eating and fruit etc but to no avail, I find if I have housework to do or light gardening I am worn out for days afterwards.

I don't want this illness as does no one I kow that, I am getting really frustrated with the food allergies and IBS symptons and then when they clear for a few days the sleeping and pain comes, I am boomeranging from one to another at the minute.

Anyone got any advice, it is greatly appreciated :eek:

OptimusPrimeX 02-13-2007 03:06 PM

Re: Can't stop sleeping
I completely understand what your going through. Its not easy to say the least. To be honest, the worst thing i could remember was taking sleeping pills that knocked me out for 15 hours, and left me SSuuuper groggy when i finally woke up. If you really need a sleeping aid to fall asleep?, maybe you should try something else. Waking up groggy, and oversleeping tends to make things worse, even though it feels we need rest all the time. I'm not very fond of sleep meds, because some are very addictive. But for CFS/FM/M.E. i think oversleeping makes things worse. when i was on sleep meds, i felt like i got hit by five trains when i woke up, instead of just one (^_-)

I would say, for now. STart small, and see what you can do about the sleeping. Ask your Dr. if you can try something that might leave you less groggy. Maybe AMbien CR?.. you wont be sleeping as long as now, but its allot better than waking up 100x. I still have problems with that, its very off an on. I usually take MElatonin before i sleep, or have some Calm Tea (helps allot! for a tea!) Lemon balm and Valarian root sometimes help for a deeper more refreshed sleep. In some people it can keep you up, so just a heads up. And also, stay away from Caffeine, its realllyyy bad for CFS/FM. I know its hard though, because people want coffee in the morning. I still use it from time to time, but it stays in your system far longer than most people think, and affects sleep.

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