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Joodles1 03-31-2007 05:20 AM

Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Just thought you may be interested in our experience of the Lightning Process just in case you are considering it.

My daughter (14 years) has and I was with her during it, so have first hand experience. We


just want to give people a few points about the this that they may not be aware of, things I wish I had been aware of before embarking on this. Incidentally my daughter has felt no benefit from LP.

I think there are some misleading aspects on the Lightning Process website. We experienced no Osteopathy and the 'self hypnosis' is more like a relaxation session I have encountered after a yoga class.

In my opinion we had a particularly negative experience with the trainer we saw


On the first day, the trainer made my daughter stand up to learn the process, which was a very difficult as my daughter currently suffers from severe leg weakness. The trainer ignored the fact that my daughter’s legs were giving way while she was trying to learn the process. My daughter's confidence in the trainer took a severe blow.

On the second day my daughter insisted on sitting down to learn the process. The trainer reluctantly let her, but was not happy and said that she would have to start to challenge her beliefs. We were there to challenge our beliefs; I would not have paid many hundreds of pounds if we were not prepared to do this. On this occasion, the trainer missed out some of the process, and spent longer teaching the other girls who had no problem standing up.

Following completion of the process, I wrote to our practitioner raising my concerns because when we tried to ask questions during the sessions we were immediately told to stop. She replied with a letter, which in my opinion was insulting with grossly incorrect accusations. She also avoided answering many of my important questions. If the training doesn’t work, you are told it is your fault – you have not done ‘the work’, they take no blame whatsoever.

We went to the LP with full believe and high hopes. Our trainer accused my daughter of not doing the process properly, and that she didn't want to get better. How dare she say that of course she wants to get better and she has worked so hard trying to get this to work! She also said that 'it worked for everyone else' - I would love to know if this really is the case! My daughter was in hospital 2 months ago, which is when a relapse took place. Our trainer shunned this information, as irrelevant. In my opinion the process is nothing radical and very expensive for something that may not work.

I am pleased for those who have had success with this, and would not belittle them in any way. I believe that the LP may have some success for some people, however, it is not a miracle cure for everyone and i just wanted to point that out. I would love to hear if anyone else has had less than satisfactory experiences like ours.

I would be happy to provide any further details that you may like. I really feel very strongly that people should be aware of more information before doing the Lightning Process. The trainers are making a massive amount of money from this scheme.


they have had so many people contacting them for this apparent cure, which I can assure you it is not.

ME recoverer 04-12-2007 04:07 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
I feel I have to reply to this post. I had ME for 18 yrs, was wheelchair bound, needing a lot of help to look after our home and our children...until I learned the Lightning Process last year. My husband pushed me into my first appointment in my wheelchair and I walked out - I never used the wheelchair again. I had severe leg weakness, but using the Lightning Process showed me how I could stand to do the LP - and everything else I wanted to do with my life! It is a very powerful tool if it is used in exactly the way the practitioner teaches it. From my experience this - actually - [I]is[/I] the cure for ME.

I know of about 30 other people who have done the LP - and [U]all[/U] of them have made it work.

Joodles1 04-12-2007 11:48 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Hello ME Recoverer

I am delighted that LP has worked for you and that you know 30 other people it has worked for. I wish we had had the same success.

Best wishes for your continued recovery.

ME recoverer 04-13-2007 01:20 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Hello Joodles 1
Thank you for your best wishes. I am completely recovered.

I would urge your daughter to keep going with the LP. Once she has some success with it, she will understand the importance of doing it exactly as the practitioner has taught her and she will gain confidence in using it. I can't reiterate enough how strong a tool this is - it has changed my life completely.

I hope your daughter gets rid of her ME very very soon.

M.E free 04-14-2007 03:36 AM

Re: Lightning Process successful experience
Hi, Sorry to hear about your daughter Joodles. I have been well for a year now since doing the Lightning Process, after nearly 8 years of M.E and spending thousands of pounds on various therapies over those years with no significant results, the lightning Process training has given me back my life and it is wonderful. I did have to work hard at it by following the trainers instructions.
I know I will continue to be well because it is up to me to continue using the Lightning Process if necessary.
The payment has been totally irrelevant as my health is priceless, and I would have continued looking for help in other areas if it hadn't been for the Lightning Process.
Best wishes to you and to your daughter joodles, I am sure that if and when she decides to work at the process she will feel great benefits.

Sinead22 04-14-2007 06:11 AM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Hi Joodles! Sucks you and your daughter lost so much money and effort on this "cure"... I feel so bad for your daughter if she believed for a second not getting better was anything her fault. I'd like to hear from YOU more please, what is Lightning Process? What is it supposed to be about? What do they tell you in the sessions? That CFS is all in our heads and we need to change our beliefs?

Joodles1 04-14-2007 11:13 AM

Re: Lightning Process successful experience
[QUOTE=M.E free;2920864] The payment has been totally irrelevant as my health is priceless, I am sure that if and when she decides to work at the process she will feel great benefits.[/QUOTE]

Of course the payment is totally irrelevant if you get some success, my daughter's health has recently deteriorated.

What makes you say my daughter hasn't decided to work at the process? What a strange comment. Do you know my daughter?!

Thanks for your support. I would love to tell you more but would rather not as after the training we are asked not to talk about what is involved.

frances123 04-15-2007 01:55 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
I do hope your daughter has the chance to try again, maybe with another practitioner. Initially,I was bed ridden permanently for many months and then crashed every few days. I did the Lightning Process having spoken to over 40 people who had recovered. I found it extremely difficult as it forced me out of my " comfort zone" After the 1st day I was not going to return but I decided that I would do anything, no matter how hard, to be well. I have not had one day in bed since and this week have cycled over 80 miles and hiked 7 miles up hills. My life is transformed in every way. The practitioner has to be firm and offer strategies not sympathy as the latter would have kept me stuck. LP is not about blame but about every individual acknowledging their own incredible power to take control of their lives and health. For me, it is wonderful to find practitioners who let us know that we are the experts and in control. LP gave me the missing piece of the jigsaw about how to make myself physically, emotionally well again and to use it in everything I do for the rest of my life. I do wish your daughter all the very very best.

life after LP 04-18-2007 10:17 AM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Hello Joodles

I am so sorry that your daughter is poorly and is having trouble with the Lightning Process. I had tremendous success with the it. After a decade and a half of moderate to severe ME my health was completely transformed and I am saddened to see messages about the process that might deter others from trying it. There has been talk about its "secrecy" which makes it sound a bit cultish but the reason for not discussing the details is that it is difficult to explain in a few sentences and to try to do so would only result in misrepresenting it and giving the false impression that it is "just positive thinking" or "something that any NLP practitioner could deliver". It is precisely because neither positive thinking nor NLP could help people with ME that the LP was devised. I realised when I did it myself that it is better to go to it with a degree of ignorance (however frustrating that is when you want to know all about it) rather than preconceived ideas. Such ideas could easily get in the way of getting on with the process.

The LP doesn't need me to defend it as it is having great results with many people. I am really writing because the trainer whom you saw is the same person who helped me regain my life and I want to state that she was straightforward and and caring and I have recommended her to several people since. I think there is a danger that the language used in the LP can be misunderstood and I can see how people could get the impression that they are being told that it is "their fault" if they don't improve straightaway. I would urge you and your daughter to put aside all such thoughts and simply work FULL TIME on the process for, say, one week. There is nothing to be lost by doing that.

I wish you and your daughter the very best of luck

L a ME

ME20+ 05-05-2007 05:53 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Hi Joodles, I am so sorry your daughter was put through this, and at such an extortionate cost.
I have had ME severely since I was 17 (am 38 now) and have been looking into LP. I have to say that the one thing that really makes my blood boil about it is the cost, especially in comparison with the short time it takes to train as an LP practitioner (who need to have no medical or psychological qualifications).
I know of one person who claims to have been cured by LP, however she was never as severely affected or for as long as I have been.
I have yet to hear of anyone in the 25% severely affected group (and by that I mean severely affected for 10+ yrs) who has benefitted.

One possible reason for this is that our group of severely affected don't have that kind of money to spend (try living on Income Support for 20+yrs!) Moreover you NEVER hear of LP practioners willing to work pro bono for severely sick people with no money.
If I had the wherewithall to 'cure' severely sick people, who had no money to pay for treatment, I sure as hell would make it available to them by some other means.

LP practioners care about money first, people last (if at all).

Hugs to your daughter.

ME20+ 05-05-2007 05:58 PM

Re: Lightning Process unsuccessful experience
Sinead they like to keep it all a secret, because they don't want it open to proper scrutiny.
If LP works it is admitting there is no physical cause to ME, which, as far as I am concerned is utter rubbish. They go on about it all being situated in the hypothalamus, and being caused by an inflammation of that gland. The hypothalamus is a real mystery gland (I know a lot about the endocrine system) so it is easy for them to pin it on that. What is more inflammation of the pituitary gland really exists and can have fatal consequences, but is a totally separate and different illness from ME.

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