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  • Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

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    Question Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Hey everyone..I'm new to this messageboard and any thoughts or answers would be greatly appreciated.

    So I am 21 and have been feeling horrible for a long time..6 years infact. Basically i have symptoms of so many dieases and disorders i don't know what it could be. The worst thing is that i feel so tired all the time that it actually interferes with my daily life. If i'm not struggling at work i'm at home sleeping. I feel bad for my boyfriend because he always wants to go out and do things and i just don't have the energy to. Any extra energy i put into something, i have to rest twice as long. After i'm done doing something so small as the dishes i feel like i've just worked a 15 hr day at a construction site. It sounds so crazy i know..but there have to be people out there that feel the same way.
    Some of my symptoms are..fatigue, abdominal pain, dizziness, pale skin, intolerance of cold, lower temperature than normal, spaced out feeling, tingling in my lower back, horrible pain in my knees, loss of concentration, painful lump in my breast that has been there for atleast a couple years now.

    The first doctor i went to told me i had mono in the past but other than that the blood work looked fine. That was about six years ago..then i went to a different doctor because i still felt the same way and he said just by looking at me that he would bet i'm anemic. At the time i didn't have the bloodwork done to find out if that's what it could be and that doctor just told me to take some iron pills which i tried for about a month but whenever i was around light i would become so dizzy so i couldn't take it. Then the next doctor i went to told me i have a stomach ulcer just by feeling my stomach. She even gave me medicine but i never had an ultrasound that showed i had an ulcer? I also told her i had a lump in my breast and i'm worried because all types of cancer run in my family. She told me she didn't feel a lump so i had to go to a different doctor that said he did feel the lump and he gave me a script to go get a breast ultrasound and nothing showed up on that. A year or so later i went back to the female doctor and told her about the lump that she supposly didn't feel before and she checked it out and actually felt it this time which means it got larger. I asked her to give me every type of bloodtest possible because i know theres something wrong with me. From what i know everything came back normal except a test to check my liver..i don't exactly know what it was..i just know my liver enzymes are either low or high so the doctor told me to get more bloodwork and a liver ultrasound..she was saying it may be hepatitis. I never went for those tests because i ended up moving to the west coast with me boyfriend. As of now..eight months later i've yet to find a new doctor. With all the symptoms i've had over the past years i worry it could be anemia, chronic fatigue syndrom, diabetes, lyme diease, cancer, crohn's diease, hepatitis, etc. Or maybe hypothyroidism because that is what my mom has. Why has it been six years and i still don't know what is wrong? Each doctor thinks it's something different and then i get fed up with going to doctors and just let my symptoms get worse. My life sucks..i'm only 21 and i haven't been able to experience the same fun things other people my age get to do. I just want some sort of answers...i'm not ready to go find a new doctor because i fear the worse. If anyone has any idea of what i might have just based on my symptoms..please let me know. I understand i need to see a doctor and have bloodwork done before i can actually find out what is wrong with me but it is nice to hear from people that are going through the same makes me feel not so alone in all of this.


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    Re: Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Have you did any research on fibromyalgia? I had a lot of your symptems, they would come and go. I too had a mamogram that showed nothing was there. Lumps on my neck that I had a biopsy done on that was also nothing. Just general pain everywhere, with cronic fatigue, when I got in the tub the hot water on my hands, feet and bottom would hurt so much. I get numbness in my hands and feet, (sometimes other places) anyway, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteo-artheritis. I hope this is helpful to you. ( This is my first time on Healthboards. )


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    Re: Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    I dont' think you have fibro, unless you are in alot of pain, but it sounds more like just a sick, sleepy. and yes, if you keep going to different doctors, you are going to keep getting different ideas, becasue that is the only way to find out what it is. take the symptoms, test one thing, if not, test another. but if you keep switching doctors, they don't know whatyou have said to other doctors that you might have forgot, or what your other tests said. what if something was missed. its good to trust your doctor, and make sure they care aobut you, I mean you are ONLY 21 and should be doing the things other 21 year olds are doing. I would go back to the Hep doctor, and rule that out, becasue if it is Hep C or something, you can treat it, some hepititus is even cureabule. some needs to be managed. and if it is not HEP, I would stick to him and make sure he keeps looking to find out what is wrong.

    you could also try chinese medician. I have had alot of good expearience form that.

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    Re: Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    You need to find a doctor & get your past medical records faxed to them. Especially the records partaining to the possible hepatitis. A lot of the symptoms you describe, apart from the painful lump in your breast are symptoms of CFS. However, they also could be from Hypothroid. You'll need to have a TSH test to find out about that. Good luck!

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    Re: Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    It could also be depression. Left untreated, depression can be devastating.

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    Re: Could it be chronic fatigue syndrome?

    I'm really sorry that you are having such a tough time with all of your symptoms though please do note that you are Not alone. I have fibromyalgia which is the chronic diffuse pain and the pain tends to be at certain 'tender points' and at least for me (and some others), the tender points feel like black and blue marks when pressure is added. I also have chronic fatigue but not diagnosed as cfs since I (thankfully) don't have the severe fatigue (sometimes though) for at least six months and it keeping me in bed or in the house and such. I do, however, get flu-like symptoms of achiness as though I have a virus but with no fever and even below the normal 98.6 (degrees Fahrenhiet) temperature. I would suggest going to a rheumatologist who is a specialist in rheumatic (joint and muscle pain) and even immune disorders including arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and others. If the other dr found liver enzymes to be at an abnormal rate, please do remember to be 'safer' (even though you most likely already are with a condom :) with your boyfriend as (not to frighten you) if one does have hepatitis, it can be transmitted thru sexual contact. I wonder if there is a support group locally for those with fibro. There doesn't seem to be too many for those with cfs since they are (seriously) actually too tired to attend. (I would stay away from that dr that didn't feel the lump at first too :)

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