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Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

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Old 11-19-2008, 10:45 AM   #31
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DaisyChains HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

I've read so many pages on this thread, that I think I'm confused but anyway...
I've had anxiety and fatigue/sleepiness for as long as I can remember. Well, at least 20 years.

The anxiety was first attributed to mitral valve prolapse (which I have since found out that I do not have). I was treated with heart medication in the early 90's for it, and I had no idea about anxiety or panic attacks.

I've always had a hard time getting to know people. I never had friends, I jsut never felt comfortable talking to or being around people. I still struggle with that ALOT now.

The fatigue/sleepiness has caused LOTS of fights with now ex-husband. He couldnt understand it, he took it personal, and yeah it did cause alot of problems between us.

I've always been diagnosed with depression, then eventually the anxiety. The anxiety was taking over my life, I became house bound, I would even worry myself to death over trivial things like- do i take a shower or bath? Because in my state of extreme chronic panic, I could fall and bust my head open if I shower, BUT if I take a bath, I might pass out and then drown. It was hell.

That was years and years ago, thank goodness I am no where near that now. I think being married to a jerk made me very much worse. Now that I'm single all this time, and consistantly have been on anti-anxiety meds, I'm so much better.

I've been on Klonopin for three years, which has helped my anxiety tremendously. I've been very cautious in not upping my dose or asking for more than I need. It's helped me, along with Lexapro, so much that I was able to start taking a stimulant last year to help with my sleepiness.

I did start the stimulant with a low dose, just in case. But a year later, I am still much better with the anxiety than I have ever been.

As for the medications, after being on Lexapro three years, I think it numbed me out emotionally, made me adhedonic. I tapered off about a month ago and started a low dose of Wellbutrin SR. I still take the Klonopin, at night, so it doesnt cancel out the stimulant in the day.

I'm sick of depending on meds, especially meds that are so strong.

Oh, I also saw where someone mentioned in this thread about intellegence. I missed alot of school, regular and nursing school, but my grades, even at age 36, are still awesome. I'm a great test taker, but to talk to me, you would think I am ditzy

My daughter, at 16, has been diagnosed with social anxiety. It has made me so sad, but Prozac has made a world of difference in her. I hate to think that I have given either of my children any of this.
My son, at 12, has ALWAYS been sleepy. I mean, always.

And that's my (shortened) story of anxiety and fatigue!

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Old 12-23-2008, 03:11 AM   #32
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Sofia123 HB User
Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety?? -Makzim68


So i hope your feeling better

I really did want to carry on talking to you, so im hoping you get this

But yeah Happy Christmas for all that celebrates and i hope all of you start feeling better


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Old 02-27-2009, 10:47 PM   #33
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not2taboo HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

Hello, I was reading through the threads and noticed the similiarity to my husband's issues. Issues that had I not known him for so many years prior to being married would have ended our married relationship just even during the engagement. He drove me crazy that he would allways fall asleep during movies and I would have to watch them alone. He suffered from all the issues discussed above and was on all the various discussed anti depressants and anti anxiety, which then erruppted to final conclucion of no motivation and finally high cholesterol from no motivation to take care of himself, work out, and innability to control himseolf from nashing. the worst of course was the total blatent lack of sex drive that he first tried to blame on me. he initaially blamed all of his problems on someone else. If I had not dated others, some pretty awesome and some not so I might have just believed his blaming. However, surviving his issues for so long it had eventually had effect on me as well as he never initiated anything and was always too tired to do many things, blah blah that our friendships were effected so I felt isolated. Horrible feeling that you don't expect once your married.
I noticed from the threads two isssues of study were not discussed. Sleep apnea can create all of the symptoms above and antidepressants just help slightly bandaide the coping mechanism of not getting enough oxygen to the brain, to the heart, to the body. If you have not done it, try a sleep study and test how much oxygen you are getting. My husband after over 35 years of not knowing, after 1 night in the study with a CPAP machine to help his breathing through the night finally felt energized like he never had before, lost a lot of that fog like a hangover to the others of us who do not suffer from sleep apnea, did not wake up all congested, achey, and has been able to give up all the anti-blech medicines.
However with years of not knowing there also end up being other issues that arose from not living well. Have hromone tests done. Have your feet checked for posture where you might be full body reacting to overcompensating postures with the feet. Additionally try a acupuctuist for 'seeds' placed in the ear top that actually have an effect over the anxiety. a good acupunturist will go over with you on what you eat to ensure it is not related to a food allergy like yeast, nuts, particullar wheat.

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LadybugLyssa HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

After reading all that I'm not sure if this is the right forum for me or not. I'm new to all this and just want to know that theres people experiencing the same things rather than thinking I'm going crazy! I'm a 25yr old female and I stay so tired and sluggish all the time. I have extreme dizzy spells, constant diarrhea, mental fogginess, numbing in hands and feet, (recent) back pain and fatigue to the point I can't function normally. I had twins a year ago and afterwards found a "spot" on my liver. They are watching it and say its nothing, that it's not growing. While looking at my liver found abnormal cells on my cervix that were potentially serious I was told, but it turned out to me nothing. Currently waiting on bloodwork to comeback now to check several things. I don't know what to put your faith in these doctors and then when they don't find anything its really disheartning. It has gotten to the point that I'm slacking as a mom and most definately as a wife. My husbands on the verge of leaving me and my kids don't get the attention they need because of my "laziness." Someone please tell me you know what I'm going through and have an answer!!!!!

Old 03-19-2009, 12:51 PM   #35
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MoonBm HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

Sorry to hear your troubles - I have fatigue as well - if you are interested in changing your diet to a yeast/bread free diet, this has helped many people. Good luck.

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Old 03-30-2009, 11:13 AM   #36
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JewelryJulie HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

I have had these both. This may or may not help, but I was having severe problems with both. I finally went to see a pulmonologist and found out that my lung function was only at 76%. After being on inhaler meds now, my anxiety has nearly totally disappeared. I mean, I had disabling anxiety for years. I think I had CO2 buildup in my lungs which can cause anxiety. I also have fibromyalgia, so the fatigue is unassociated. (It is possible that symptoms are from more than one problem which is sometimes not what you want to hear or think about.)

Hope this adds some thoughts to the dialog.

Old 03-31-2009, 08:40 AM   #37
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MoonBm HB User
Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

If you want to try someting natural, try L-theanine. You can take a few of these at once, especially at those anxious moments. They are no way a drug effect, but help take the edge off.

Originally Posted by punkgod94 View Post
Hi all,

I suffer from being chronically fatigued every day as well as anxiety issues. I know that anxiety can CAUSE chronic fatigue, but my anxiety has only started 2-3 years ago, while my chronic fatigue has started in my early teen years and only gotten worse over time, so I think they have different causes. I can sleep anywhere from 2-20 hours a night and not feel refreshed.

Does anybody else suffer from both of these conditions? If so, what medicine(s) are you prescribed? It seems like taking a stimulant like Provigil or Adderall would be counter-productive because of my anxiety issues - would probably just make my anxiety worse. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

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