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punkgod94 09-07-2008 09:37 PM

Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
Hi all,

I suffer from being chronically fatigued every day as well as anxiety issues. I know that anxiety can CAUSE chronic fatigue, but my anxiety has only started 2-3 years ago, while my chronic fatigue has started in my early teen years and only gotten worse over time, so I think they have different causes. I can sleep anywhere from 2-20 hours a night and not feel refreshed.

Does anybody else suffer from both of these conditions? If so, what medicine(s) are you prescribed? It seems like taking a stimulant like Provigil or Adderall would be counter-productive because of my anxiety issues - would probably just make my anxiety worse. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

lojo222 09-08-2008 07:58 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
I have had anxiety my whole life that comes and goes. I think what you may not realize is when you get the anxiety, many times it depresses you and you may not realize that you are depressed. Depression can cause major fatigue and sleeping for long hours. I kept telling the doctor that I didn't feel depressed and I really didn't, it was because the anxiety was so overwhelming and I was concentrating soley on the anxiety. It's easy to slip into a depression when you have no relief from the anxiety.

I don't have any coping mechanism for anxiety. I tried medication and it made me feel worse. I have read allot books that teach you relaxation techniques. The key is to finding something to keep you busy and get your mind off of it and you will start to feel better. The more you dwell on it, the more it takes over your life.

Now 2 years ago when I caught the EBV virus, my anxiety came back with a vengence, over the past two years talking to others with EBV, it seems to be a consistent symptom of the virus. When I get a flare up, my anxiety comes back. I think it has an affect on the nervous system. Have you been checked for the Epstein barr virus? I would ask your doctor to check you. It can cause fatigue and anxiety. Good luck.

FEELBAD62 09-08-2008 12:52 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
Yes, I have CFS and anxiety. I am on celexa 40 mgs, Buspar 45 mgs, zyprexa 5mg and xanax as needed (which is not very often) I also have Brain fog and have started taking the Provigil as of this past thursday. So far it has not made me more anxious. My anxiety has been pretty well controlled by the Buspar and 20 mgs of Cortef for weak adrenals. I am feeling much better and the Provigil so far is keeping my brain alot more alert.

TiredOTired 09-08-2008 01:23 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
I was taking adderral xr 30mg once a day with cymbalta 60 mg. Seemed to help both issues. And yes, you can have both.

Sofia123 09-11-2008 10:46 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
For me they go hand in hand.

I get panic attacks, which prior to CFS i didnt have.
I have had both of these for about 2 years now.

Liz1900 09-11-2008 07:46 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
Hi all,

I am writing in response to several of the threads on this board regarding chronic fatigue. For the past nine months I have been fighting what doctors thought were problems with my thyroid medication which I was on for 40 years. From Dec 2007 - now - I have been to my M. D. and then an endocrinologist - changed thyroid medications and had heart palpitations - (the original symptom/problem) - then finally in July went to a highly recommended holistic doctor who balances the hormones. She changed my thyroid medication and diagnosed adrenal fatigue and I have been taking vitamins for that. I still didn't improve and just last week she told me she wanted me to take a blood test for Epstein Barr - and I was shocked to learn that I tested positive. She said it is all related in some way - and other than being in shock I am so exhausted, feel like I have the flu all the time and find it hard to function. I have had anxiety all of this time, but thought it was just from the stress of the situation. Doctor gave me a vitamin treatment today to try to make me feel better - but so far I don't. She said my body is depleted and may take more treatments. Just reading some of the posts here and at least I am not alone in this - but it is so terrible. I am stressed beyond belief and cry all the time - and have been so frightened for months that something fatal was wrong with me. Now that I have this news - I have to regroup - and deal with it - not easy either -but better than fatal I guess.

Any comments would be appreciated. I am sure I will be checking in here more often now.


Sofia123 09-12-2008 04:11 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

For Liz1900:
Im glad that you know what is the matter, and i hope it all gets a lot better for you.

For me i guess, im still quite young, and its unfortunate that Chronic Fatigue has managed to destroy my future plans, so easily. I need to delve deeper into my emotions and thoughts and see if theres anything else, but so far, i havent really had the guts or the time, or quite possibly the right emotional support. (I find it hard to open up to people, and I dont really like knowing myself... so at the oppostie to a win win situation, i guess) But for now, I hate to admit it, i have to keep struggling through. My doctors.. all seem to think im too young or something for medication, and i havent been brave enough to face councilling. Thats next on my surprisingly packed 'To Do' list.
It wont be done.

I hope all of you are coping better.
Its quite, in a way, reasuring to know other people are going through the same, although that does sound unsympathetic.

I will keep coming back to this thread so I will comment more often.

tinkerbell78 09-12-2008 07:55 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
im just now learning thru these posts that EBV or Mono could cause so much pain and trouble, i had mono when i was about 15, noone mentioned anything about it staying in ur system or causing chronic fatigue, ive been to dr after dr, seeking treatment for my dpression and i always mention to them that i virtually always feel sick, i always have a nagging headache, body aches, sore spots where my lymphs are and im ALWAYSSSSSS tired. I just thought it was b/c of being bi-polar and having an anxiety disorder, maybe theres more to it. im definatly gonna talk to my dr about this. Thanx!

Liz1900 09-12-2008 09:12 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
To Sofia and Tinkerbell,

I just learned I have Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue) on Monday of this week after 9 months of thinking I had thyroid/adrenal issues. Well I do have both of those and Epstein Barr. I have and still feel bad and it sometimes is worse than others. I didn't know I had this, so trying to learn about it. It is so depressing being sick for all this time - not knowing exactly why - and now learning mostly why - it is still depressing. Does anyone know if the symptoms get worse and then let up and get worse again - perhaps driven by stress? Since I found out on Monday night - I guess I have been in shock and have felt physically much more like I have the flu although I felt bad before.
I am just trying to talk to people to find out their experiences.


Sofia123 09-13-2008 03:50 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
It took me a year to have chronic fatigue/ M.E offically diagnosed.
That year was one of the toughest. Not knowing probably made me worse, due to the fact i was worried about what it could be.. etc. I have offically had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 2 years now.

The anxiety for me is studying related, and friends and because im 'ill' i have become alot shyer and less relaxed. Every situation for me is now 'planned' out, its like i evaluate things, over and over, which genrally stops me wanting to do what ever.

And the depression for me, is because of being ill, and how its so easily messed up a lot of future plans...

I have found, that the peaks and the troughs,the 'boom and bust' incredibly hard to stay away from. Its when you do more than you can do one day, so the next day/s are spent not doing much. It does ease up, the advice i would have loved all that time ago was [I] 'sort out you mind and emotions, and it can help you start getting better' [/I]

Now you know what you have, and this forum to ask questions, hopefully you will start getting better, and i wish you the best of luck with it all, and i will keep checking back, to see if theres anything i can help with. :)


Liz1900 09-13-2008 08:05 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??

Thank you so much for the information. Having just found this out - after 9 months - like you for a year - it is shocking and yes during those 9 months of worrying about what I might have were awful. I guess my body is in shock between finding out and then not knowing what to do with the information I do know. I have been stressed and depressed the whole 9 months and wondering why I couldn't get better - all the while thinking it was thyroid and adrenals - which I also have that problem along with this. I know there is no treatment for this only to treat the symptoms. How have you been treated? It is a lot to deal with and I guess I just have to listen to my body. I had such an active life which all these months has been curtailed so much - having to give up so many things I love to do because I don't feel well.

So, I guess I am wondering that snce I felt bad before and then since I found out last Monday this is a part of what is wrong with me - I suppose my body rather just shut down and the whole thing made me feel even worse - really like I have the flu and don't want to get out of bed. I guess you can't force yourself too much - but can't lie in bed and get weak either - I don't know. I am not young - so all of this going on in my body is even harder.

Thanks and I will post again - you can be sure.


tinkerbell78 09-13-2008 12:21 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
I am actually gonna go to the DR today and ask specifically for these tests. im so tired of feeling sick. i was actualy wanting to know what type of treatment do they have for this, im already on so many mes i really dont look forward to taking more pills, but if it will make me feel better then i suppose i will have to buck up. I first came here after searching about specific questions involving disability benifits and i have found much much more than that. I think that just being on this board(s) will be a sort of therapy. i slept much better last night after reading and posting here for several hours!
Thankx to everyone!!!!!

Liz1900 09-13-2008 03:07 PM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
Hi Tinkerbell,

Boy, I can identify with you feeling bad is the pits. I just feel like I have the flu all the time and have been saying that all along. I am going to a holistic doctor I guess you would call her. I was just diagnosed 5 days ago after 9 months of other doctors and even going to this doctor for tests and being treated for thyroid and adrenals. All of a sudden - she said I want you to take the blood test for the Epstein Barr - and I was shocked to learn that is probably the reason for all of this or a good part of it.
But all these 9 months I have felt bad and had such weird and frightening symptoms I thought for sure I was dying - and got so depressed and anxious which I am sure didn't help the condition. Anyway, keep us posted on what the doctor says for sure.


Sofia123 09-14-2008 03:25 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
The stupid thing is, you cant really be tested for chronic fatigue, they test everything else, and if you dont have anything else, and have something like 3? (I cant rememeber) symptoms for 6 months then thats bascially what they say you have. My doctor is absolutly amazing,when i found out i had Chronic Fatigue, it wasnt too much of a shock (2 of my older brothers have/had it, and although it doesnt run in familys, well thats what they say...)

Back to the point, my doctors Son has Chronic Fatigue, so he knows about sons symptoms, but they are different in everyone. but he always says to me that 'dont think your ill, it makes you worse' and 'although it stops you from doing certain things, it enables you to do others' (i used to be really sporty, and like running everyday, horseriding, football, basketball..netball etc. everything) i couldnt do sports now if i tried, but i can draw and now i do that for hours, and read, although for me thats hard, because of concentration issues.

Try (yes i sound like an idiot) but try and think of new things you can do which stop you thinking your ill, and things you enjoy. Plus you cant wait till your better, because i have found that makes you worse..

I have been treated for depression, as im quite ill im not allowed all the medication.. etc. its stupid. I have to wait for a bit, but im quite happy, i dont want to be all drugged up.

I know how you feel with the feeling worse once you know, but now you do, your mind wants to protect your body, and i would recommend (as i did and it does help) setting a time to get up, and even if you sleep somewhere else, or even if you just do nothing all day, get out of bed and do something each day (something small)

Good luck (:

Makzim68 09-14-2008 05:39 AM

Re: Anybody else with Chronic Fatigue AND Anxiety??
For me Sofia is spot on. Chronic Fatigue and anxiety go hand in hand. Firstly there's the pre-diagnosis worry that it could be something even more sinister (something I had to put up with for 21 years :mad:) then there's the post diagnosis worry of trying to advance through life even though the stresses of living are bad enough to deal with when you're healthy.

For a long, long time I lived a lie of not listening to my body and accepting that I wouldn't be able to compete and earn the way I wanted to. Eventually this led to three major panic attacks with chest pains, shortness of breath, sweats, the works. I recovered from these attacks, but the last one has left me so sensitive that I often jump out of my skin when the phone rings. This has got better since I had my diagnosis (if you're interested see my thread on CFS and Mitochondrial disease) but I know I have to respect stress now. I am light years away from working a 9-5 now, but I am still trying to earn money. However, I work at my pace and no longer feel guilty about having been on benefits for so long or that I haven't contributed to society or even that I can't hold down a steady relationship. While I was not a perfect human being even when I was well, I know that I would be a much better person if I was healthy and none of this is my fault. Maintaining that state of mind has helped me a lot and here are some other medication-free, anxiety-busters I have learned over the years:

[B]Avoid toxic people and relationships.[/B] This is my number one rule. I have cut out all unsympathetic people out of my life. Being male, I suspect this is more an issue for me than for many of the women on this board. Men tend to be very competitive and before my illness I was doing quite well in life. This attracted a fair amount of resentment and envy. When I get ill, this allowed certain people to take advantage of me and because I was so terrified of being a social outcast, I maintained friendships with people who only wanted to be around me so they could feel superior. It took me a while to realise just how bad these individuals were for my mental health and even though i now have less friends than I would like, at least they are true friends. I have gradually whittled away all the poisonous personalities from my life. Please, please please, drop any such overly-competitive people from your life too. Even if you (as I was sometimes) were competitive with them before you became ill and kinda feel that you deserve what they're giving you. You don't deserve it, no-one does. And they will bring you [I][B]down[/B][/I]

Also, I was not honest with women. Presenting myself as man who had all the mental and physical equipment to deal with life, despite the fact I would often mess up socially or at work because of concentration issues. Eventually, I would be unable to hide these issues (or worse, my anxieties and insecurities over these issues) and the women would see the real me. I used to think they left because the real me was not a pretty sight, and I used to blame them for being shallow, but the truth is women hate to be fooled. I am now honest with women and have been single for six years as a result!:D Yes, there have been women I have been attracted to and vice-versa, but it's not that simple is it? I envy (and am glad for) all you women that come on here and say you have supportive partners but my philosphy is, if I don't think the women is truly sympathetic or supportive and many have so much baggage themselves it would be hard for them to be, then it's not worth it. I am better on my own trying to cope with my illness than also having to cope with a woman that can't cope with my illness. If you see what I mean :) Again, it's probably much harder to stay single if you're female, but being in a toxic relationship is guaranteed to make you feel worse no matter what gender you are. When you have CFS, support is everything.

[B]Find something you're still good at and concentrate on that.[/B] Trust me, there will be something. The good lord doesn't bring many of us into this world without some kind of skill. Even if you can't do it as much as you'd like, do it. You don't have to show it to anyone, but it's just to let yourself and the world know that you do have employment value. And that if you weren't ill you would have definite benefit to society.

Whoops! i had four or five more pointers to write but i'm my mind is starting to wander so I better stop. And i felt so fresh when is tarted typing..... ;)

Anyway, I'll be back later. good luck to you all.

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