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  • Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

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    Unhappy Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    I have been sick for 10+ years, and have now been completely bedridden and housebound for 1 1/2 years. I'll give you a quick overview, but will not go into great detail, as I am very tired.

    13 years ago: I developed seasonal and pet allergies.
    10 years ago: I developed excruciating abdominal pains. Had excruciating abdominal pains and severe IBS with constipation. Pain was so bad, it took 2 shots of morphine, for the pain to subside. Didn't have bowel movements for what seemed months at a time, then everything would come spilling out and I would be on the toilet for hours and in SO MUCH PAIN, an ambulance would literally have to come and take me off the toilet, because I was in so much pain, I couldn't move. Had numerous tests done, all to no avail, and none of the prescribed medications worked. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I stayed this way for 6 years. Tried numerous diets and supplements, nothing seemed to work. Started taking senna leaf, which helped to "regulate" my Bms. At least it gave me diarrhea every morning, which caused me to have to get up 3 hours early, before work, to stay in the bathroom, with great pain, but it was better than going months without bowel movements.
    6 years ago: stayed on senna leaf, with continued daily diarrhea, for two years.
    4 1/2 years ago: ate dairy/cheese, which I never ate large quantities of (I was "mostly" vegan, at this point. After eating the large quantity of cheese, my head suddenly became very "drugged up" and hot and I was having flashes and felt like I was losing blood and I felt very weak and dizzy and drugged up and was scared and didn't know what was going on. I went to lay down and told my mom she might have to call the hospital, laid down, fell asleep for 3-4 hours, woke up, and the drugged feeling was still there; very strong; just as strong as before I went to sleep. I couldn't see straight and everything seems hazy and kind of crossed and difficult to focus, I felt drugged and weak and very "out of it" and this scary, very apparent, "drugged" feeling in my head.

    Well, now, 4 1/2 years later, it is still there, just as strong as before, and has never gone away. Once, when I went on a juice fast, for 3 weeks, it "went away", but came back again, 3 weeks after I started eating again. Juice fasts don't work anymore now, though. I've tried. But, the drugged feeling never goes away now; it is stronger than ever; very debilitating.

    Well, since then, I have researched and seen numerous different doctors and specialists, all to no avail. I have also become extremely fatigued, to the point of being completely bedridden, for the last 1 1/2 years. Let me back up a bit... After the "drugged feeling" came, 4 1/2 years ago, I spent the next 2 years, relentlessly researching and searching for an answer or a cure, going to every specialist on my insurance list. I traveled and called and had appointments 2-3 times a week. No one could tell me what was happening, and many of them thought I was "crazy", which didn't help at all. My family was completely unsupportive and unbelieving and judgmental, and inwas left to do it all on my own, straining myself, and becoming more and more fatigued every day. I spent all of my money, time, and energy, trying to "get better" or "find a cure". Nothin helped. Well, colonics helped for a while, but then I ran out of money. Then...

    1 1/2 years ago: I got strep throat, or some kind of virus, and was knocked completely bedridden, the drugged feeling getting even worse; so severe, I could barely speak, or move my head, or remember how to write my own name. So strong; I felt like I was on the worst drug imaginable to man.

    Well, since then, it has never gone away. I am now constantly completely drugged, so fatigued, I can barely brush my teeth, I am constantly bedridden and unable to eat or digest whole foods. I have intolerances to everything; most all foods, supplements, chemicals, etc. make the drugged feeling EVEN WORSE! As if it could be worse, already. I am literally bedridden 95% of every day, and housebound 100% of the time. I can't eat solid food. Have been on a juice fast, for 5 weeks now, due to the excruciating intestinal pain, eating whole, select, organic foods, was giving me. I was doing everything "by the books", (literally; I've read so many books by now, I can't tell what's up and what's down anymore)... I have completely exhausted myself, trying to get well, over the last 4 1/2 years, and am now in a completely bedridden, highly reactive state.

    Current: These are my current symptoms, and then you can stop reading...
    Severe fatigue
    Food intolerances
    Chemical intolerances
    Supplement intolerances
    Completely bedridden
    Completely "drugged up"
    (head pressure)
    (off balance)
    Visual disturbances
    (everything is "blurred" together")
    (things "cross")
    (can't focus)
    (gray "haze" or "fog" over everything)
    (see stars)
    Severely fatigued, but not "tired", like "sleepy tired"
    Severe insomnia
    Unable to brush teeth or take showers or baths or make it outside or make my food/juice, or anything...
    Completely bedridden, severely fatigued, severely drugged, impaired cognitive function, racing mind, depression, stress, wondering if I'll ever get well, too sick to take care of self, but no one to take care of me, bedridden for the last year and 1/2, had to send daughter to live with relatives, because unable to care for her anymore, so drugged up and fatigued and weak, I can barely make it down the hallway... hate living like this...

    Can anyone help me?


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    Re: Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    i had the exact same symptoms.

    my doctor had failed to test me for parasites. i had large roundworms in my stomach and had no idea.

    I would try a prescription of Vermox and get some Bromelain(pineapple)/Papain(papaya)/Ficin (fig) supplements.... the enzymes are proven in agricultural studies to break down the cuticles of roundworms and many stomach parasites.

    The supplements are pretty cheap ... they are usually sold as "digestive enzymes" and they can help soften the food ... which is a good idea anyway if you have roundworms because they can mess up the absorption of and breakdown of fats/foods in your intestines.

    also...if you are inside a lot I would suggest going on a vitamin d supplement (5000 IU - 10000 IU is what i take) .

    It took me a while to recover after getting the parasites cleaned out, but it was definitely the underlying cause.

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    Re: Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    i think you should look into round worms .... stomach parasites...I had them and had the same symptoms

    Seriously roundworm infections are one of the most prevalent on the planet.... but doctors in america never test for them because they are much rarer in this country.....

    Some times the tests are false or misleading..... so i would definitely go with the bromelain/papain/ficin supplements.... they are being researched heavily right now as alternatives to chemicals like albendazole and vermox which are becoming ineffective due to resistance... they are super cheap and because they are sold as digestive enzymes they will help you break down the food....

    round worms secrete chemicals to interfere with your natural protease enzymes which break down meats and solids.... so its not uncommon to have massive deficiencies and difficulty digesting even very basic food

    i had so many food and chemical sensitivities I could barely move around the house... thats also a result i believe of some of the weird immune suppression chemicals they release.... it screws with the inflammatory pathways in you body .....

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    Re: Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    Numbcy you need to find a NAET practioner!! Different stories but i've had a very strange story myself and became very ill and no one could figure it out, i was allergic to everything it turns out, vitamins, amino acids, my own stomach, certain clothes etc....i had no money left (i can relate) but found a NAET practioner (energy medicine) willing to treat me for whatever i could give her, she was very concerned for my well being. I was like you and had tried acupuncture, chinese med, naturopathy, etc. I am 6 months into it and have went up 3 clothes sizes, i am having many more good days than the other, eating is usually pleasant now (it used to 24/7 be AWFUL).

    . LOve and light. Be well!

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    Re: Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    I'm 30+ years into all this. I've tried so many things, and even got the NAET book when it first came out. Each thing I've tried has done what it could, but it's gotten to the point now where one thing I have to do is contraindicated by another thing I cannot do. No doctors or practitioners will form a 'team' so they can work together. They all tell me the other guy (or woman) is wrong, but if I give up something that's helping in one way in order to get something another way, then I have relapses. I know by now what works, what doesn't, and what I need to keep doing, but in order to get a little more help, I have to let one thing go to get another, so it's just a trade-off, and I'm no further ahead in the long run.

    When will doctors decide the patient is more important than their belief and their ego?

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    Re: Sick for 10+ years; completely bedridden and housebound

    Wow...this sounds exactly like me! I have had almost all of the same symptoms, have been bedridden now for almost a year. First got sick 10 years ago after a heavy curse of antibiotics. Now I am being treated for candida and leaky gut, but I only seem to be getting sicker.

    Was just wondering how you are doing these days? Have you improved? Any new treatments? Anyway, I do hope you have improved. And if it's any help, I can totally relate to what you have been through.

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