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sharonzivi 10-25-2011 12:22 PM

Fibromyalgia fatigue center Denver
Hi Lisa:

I can tell you first hand about the fibromyalgia fatigue center in Denver now called Grossman's wellness center. My son who is 14 and now in 9th grade was diagnosed with cfs in the summer before he went into 5th grade. This kid went from an incredibly social being to being bed ridden for the next almost 4 years. I had taken him to all sorts of doctors who claimed they could help..Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal specialists, pediatricians, children's hospital where there was a specialist in chronic fatigue, immunologists, name them we saw them. He was so bad in 5th grade he was out of school for 77 days. He was bad last year and had to be taken out of school and did Boulder on line for the school year...the year before he went to school for 3 hours a day. He never got well, despite all that was told to me. Last year he was so bad I was desperate and was willing to travel out of state to find someplace to give my son a life again! I saw fibromyalgia fatigue center in Denver. I went there. It was a very aggressive treatment. But nothing else seemed to work. I looked at the blogs. These treatment centers were all over the country and had nothing but incredible reviews. The one review that got my attention was "Incredible place...Nothing else works...Just stick with it". I learned about the's 6000.00 for the year and they have a no interest payment plan if you pay it off in 1 year..otherwise it's a small interest fee. They tell you within 7 months to a year you will be better. Most people are. Through the ups and downs, my son starting this August all of a sudden got better. He's functional, he's in school, he has friends, he's out doing things. Now he still is on medicastion and we still go to the clinic. I will tell you the original clinic like all of them have all undertgone a change and have been taken over by new management. I was a bit skeptical at first, new doctors and all, but we still go there. I don't know how many reviews you read on how they are not good...but I will tell you I have battling sleepless nights (him), severe joint pain, crying, not being able to walk...there were ups and downs still for a long time...I just heard go through the program and you will see a change. I made a promise to my son...that I would get him better. There wasn't an option. My husband and I can't believe the change. My advice to you is go there and speak to them. See what they say and interview them. You will have blood tests up the kazoo. But you will find out what's wrong. Regular physicians do not know how to treat this. If you do not go here you may not see yourself better. Stick with the program and do what they say.

I hope this helps you.

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