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What do I have?

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What do I have?

Hello everybody. I am always tired. Everyday. It got to a point only drinking coca cola helps this fatigue. (helps a little bit). Or rosemary tea that helps too. but not enough to function normally.

My story goes like that: 7 years ago been in a car accident and had a whiplash(I think it was pretty bad whiplash). Since then I can hardly sleep at night cause of the reason of not being able to rest my neck on the pillow. So without taking sleeping pills I am able to sleep up to 1-2 hours a night.

They did an MRI and i have two minimal bulging disks with no pressure and no need for surgery.

Before the whiplash I was able to sleep 8-9 hours without any problems and now you read here 1 hours a night without the help of sleeping pills (sometimes as I said 2 hours). If I take sleeping pills then it can be most of the time 5 hours of sleep.

They told me I have fibromyaliga but I don't believe them. cause I don't have tender points. but body hurts all the time ----include the neck which is a different type of pain.

ANybody has any knowledge about the connection between chronic fatigue syndrom and insomnia and whiplash?.

Plus I walk slow, I don't have power to walk. and also, I don't eat much, no appetite at all---I am skinny. That is not a matter of depression. I just don't feel like eating.

But the neck,neck, the pain radiates to my throat and it presses on my nerves. Perhaps that makes me tired dealing with this everyday for 7 years?

Anybody knows if my hypothalamus being hurts during the whiplash and that's why it's so difficult for me to sleep more than one hour???

Things get better with sleeping pills, but for how many years can I take sleeping pills?

Appreciate any answer.

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Re: What do I have?

My aunt suffered whiplash from a car accident. Afterwards, she developed sleeping problems, mainly insomnia and could only sleep a couple of hours a night. Sometimes she could not sleep at all. This lack of sleep caused fibromyalgia like symptons. The brain stem is responsible for sleep. It is possible that your brain stem is damaged in some way. I have attached a link to a research paper on sleep problems after whiplash injury.

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Re: What do I have?

It's good to know. But how do they diagnose brain stem damage?
and how can your aunt live like that?

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Re: What do I have?

I wish you health. I have CFS, diagnosis 40 years ago and I went through the same course of doctors and treatments and vitamins and I can only get sleep with Ambien . It only got worse for me, now at 73 I have no advice except maybe some day a cure will be found for all the conditions we seem to have with our body that all the tests so far can help .

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Re: What do I have?

Following a whiplash injury (hyperextension,flexion) of the neck, the muscles often tense up and can stay chronically tensed, in spasm, causing pain, and consequently insomnia. This can be suggested by pain with motion of neck, loss of normal lordotic curvature of cervical spine on xray, and tenderness of the muscles in the back of neck. Dealing with chronic pain and only sleeping a few hours each night causes the fatigue. Some people respond very well to nightly muscle relaxants instead of a sleeping pill. There are many RX muscle relaxants with varying levels of sedation to help you sleep. Finding a good pillow which supports the normal curve of the neck is crucial. Massage therapy can help, as does heat. You might also try to find a good neurologist or pain mangement Dr who could try trigger point injections to interrupt the pain cycle and reduce inflammation. An OTC antiinflammatory may help too and can be taken along with the muscle relaxant. If your sleep gets restored your fatigue should subside. If it doesn't, other causes of fatigue, such as anemia or thyroid disorders, should be explored.

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Re: What do I have?

My dear friend how I empathize!

I was in a really bad car accident October 2009. No broken bones, but I hurt EVERYWHERE. Couldn't walk more than a half block without collapsing in pain. Went to the ER twice. The first time was the initial visit and they just sent me home with horsepill ibuprofan. The second time was two weeks later when I lost feeling and control from the cheek bone all the way down to my toes. They did MRI and CT, got the OR prepped for in case they had to do an emergency surgery. They found absolutely nothing. Said it was all in my head, go see a back Dr, maybe some physical therapy.

Went to physical therapy improved some, but still had no life. Bed-riden at age 23! After 5 months of intense pain and still not able to shower every day (pain, imobility, and lack of energy) I went to a chiropractor that my friend gave raving reviews for. He taught me SO much about the spinal column and how it affects EVERYTHING in the body. One vertibrae slightly out of alignment can cause serious illness. For example, a mid-back vertibrae slightly out of alignment puts a rib out of alignment, puts super stress on vital organs, and you have stomach problems, lung problems, gland problems, etc. From the midback up, those nerves are the sympathetic nerves - the ones that regulate appetite and sleep. Any injury to the midback or higher (neck in your instance) can cause all of the symptoms you are experiencing and more: nausea, vomiting, headaches, face aches/cramps, sleep problems, vision problems, speach problems, etc. For me, I had torn every soft tissue from the neck down through my lower back and hips, across my shoulders and ribs, and am now covered in scar tissue. Nothing was holding me together. Then there was also the fact that the accident was so violent that I had lost all curveture in my neck, my mid and upper back looked like someone had tried playing janga with my virtebae (every virtebrae was crooked and shifted to either the left or right side), and my lower back and hips were in a little better shape. When I first saw the exrays he took, I just started crying. He didn't need to tell me what was wrong. I saw it.

This Dr said I was lucky to be walking with how much damage was done to by tissues and spine: soft tissues take longer to heal than broken bones, and symptoms of car accidents can pop up ten years post-accident! Spinal injuries are super scary. Not something I want to ever do again. Anyway, this Dr is really up to date and continues to educate himself and go to conferences as he continues to help people heal. He has amazing charts that break down the different symptoms that each individual vertibrae can cause if damaged or injured. He also educates his patients on specific nutrients that can help them recover. For example, amino acids help with nurological repair, and vitamin Bs help with soft tissue repair. He also educates patients on how to get the most effective and affordable vitamins that your body will absorb - multivitamins won't do it. He makes out a very specific and personalized plan for each individual patient. He will not give you the exact same exercises he gave me because we have different injuries. He's worked with patients who have long-term chronic pain from herniated disks to decaying bone mass in the spine, and he has really helped them get to a very manageable and pain-free life again. Sounds wonderful and impossible at the same time - that's why it took me 5 months before finally going and seeing this miracle quack Dr. :-)

I am now at about 90% recovered - sleeping again and mostly pain free. As long as I do my exercises life is pain free. I've been able to start running again - that is until I had a baby, broke my foot, had a root canal, and now have felt like I've been hit with a semi truck and beaten half to death - hoping it's just Mono and not CFS - waiting for test results. :-D

There are Drs out there who do know what they are doing, though they are far and few and hard to find. I hope you can find the right Dr for you that can really help you. Anything is possible. I want to cry every time I hear of someone with back pain. Five months was too long for me. I can't imagine 7 years. I really hope you can find relief soon! Hugs!!!

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