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  • Fatigue, muscle aches, diarrhea

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    Fatigue, muscle aches, diarrhea

    I realize I can't get a diagnosis here, but want an idea of what could be wrong with me.

    Two years ago had fatigue and a huge boil. Had the boil removed, blood tested. No mono, liver was fine. Doctor said get rest, you're just stressed.

    This May, I started on adderall XR 20 mg. Huge difference. I didn't know people could concentrate like that. I don't think I have the most severe adhd case ever, but I have a hard time following lectures in school. I just write notes that are written on the board and pay no attention to what is said unless I REALLY enjoy what is being lectured on (like quantum mechanics, but that's neither here nor there). Anyway adderall had some noticable side effects at first but they went away pretty quick, but my increased concentration remained. Went to California in early June for a summer school program on nuclear and radiochemistry. Came back in late July. Thought I was having thyroid issues so I had it checked by a new doctor, as I didn't care for my last doctor anyway. Thyroid results came back fine.

    About the beginning of September started having recurring boils. I was in a heavy class load in school and wasn't sleeping much. All nighters 2-3 times a week and about 6 hours on nights I didn't have to pull an all nighter. About 8 hours of sleep on weekends. I'm the type who has always only needed 4-5 hours of sleep and I'm good to go though. So little sleep was rough, but I kept telling myself just get through the semester, it'll be over soon. I was getting irritable all the time, had occasional nausea. Boils were still recurring. Went to the doctor to get something for the boils and got cephalexin. Didn't get rid of the boils. Had my third migraine ever about 3-4 weeks ago (first two were about 3-4 days apart in the spring semester of last year) and I assumed it was just a seasonal thing as my sinus allergies get bad sometimes. This migraine was much worse though, so I drove to a walk-in clinic (was really dizzy and nauseous so I probably shouldn't have driven but the pain was so miserable I wanted to beat my head into a wall. There is no laying down in a dark quiet room for me during a migraine, it's pacing all over the place) and they gave me a shot of tauridol to take the edge off the pain. Also they gave me a different antibiotic for the boils which did clear them up.

    Started getting fatigue and a lack of motivation in school. Went back two weeks after the migraine to the clinic. They tested for mono which came back negative but couldn't do other blood tests. I went to a local doctor (during school I can't get to my usual doctor often due to the distance from my home town) and he ran a bunch of blood tests and said if nothing came back abnormal it could be seasonal depression and that he would give me wellbutrin to get me through the season.

    Fatigue continues and I am getting way behind in school. Ended up dropping one of my classes because of the lack of sleeping. Was still getting fatigued and nauseous. Blood tests came back and the doctor called them "interesting." The tests ran were CBC w/ Diff, Comprehensive metabolic panel, TSH, Epstein Barr panel w/ EBNA, and Vitamin D 25-Hydroxyvitamin. Here is a rundown of the abnormal blood results (normal ranges are in parenthesis):

    WBC count 11.5 (4.0-10.6)
    Auto lymphocytes 3.85 (1.09-3.58)
    ALT 80 ( < 56 )
    CA 10.3 (8.4-10.2, just outside the range, but I thought I would include it)
    TSH 5.09 (0.35-4.94)

    Other tests were normal, except for the mono tests. There were 3 kinds of mono tests ran, 1 checks if I currently have mono, 1 checks if I had it 6 weeks ago, and 1 checks if I have ever had the virus. All came back negative, which is apparently pretty rare. The papers said that 90% of adults in most countries have been exposed to the virus at least, so apparently it's odd that I have never had it. Even more curious, my fiance contracted the virus about 6 months before we ever got together. We got together 3 years ago. She also has had it flare back up and cause fatigue in her after initially contracting the virus. I am pretty sure I kissed her during this time and still never had a problem with fatigue at the time. He said we will check again about 2 weeks after the initial blood was taken in case I hadn't built up the antibodies quite yet, but that the results pointed towards something viral. The reason all this was odd is that nothing is way out of the normal range, but quite a few things were out of the range.

    In between the initial blood being drawn and getting the results back, I developed diarrhea on a daily basis. Very gassy as well. This may be a little gross, but my feces also looks sandy in the toilet and there are pieces of what appears to be undigested food left. My stomach has been gurgling really loud at times to the point others can hear me. Food also appears to be going through me fast so I figure I am not getting enough nutrients from the food I eat. Had the diarrhea for 6 days now. Also started getting foggy in the mind in the last few days.

    So for a quick recap of my current symptoms:
    Chronic fatigue
    headaches more often
    lack of motivation
    muscle aches
    diarrhea w/ undigested food
    extremely gassy (I'm talking farts lasting 5 seconds)
    mentally foggy
    seem to be sensitive to heat and cold (I can be hot, turn down the thermostat slightly and be cold)
    increased appetite
    increased lymphocytes
    increased ALT
    increased THS (implies low thyroid activity)

    Previous conditions diagnosed:
    mild sleep apnea (borderline mild and not even having sleep apnea)
    plaque psoriasis (autoimmune so I thought it could be relevant)
    spondylolisthesis grade 1 (spinal misalignment, probably not relevant)

    Adderall XR 20 mg, once daily
    Acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed
    Multivitamin most days (I forget sometimes)
    Started prednisone yesterday for 6 days after blood results (20 mg twice a day for 3 days, then once a day for 3 days, so that I will be clear of prednisone before next set of blood tests)

    Weight changes:
    Gained 30 pounds throughout spring semester of 2012
    Lost 20 pound during summer of 2012
    Gained 5 pounds back so far this semester

    This may be a little lengthy, but I just wanted to give a thorough description to help for anyone who may be able to give me an idea. I am just looking for possibilities, especially ones I can test on my own. School is overwhelming me due to this fatigue, and I have the GRE and the Chemistry subjects GRE coming up and have not studied at all. This is the worst possible time as it can be affecting where I go to graduate school at, if I don't do well on my GRE examinations. Also the prednisone doesn't seem to be helping. I felt like it helped last night when I took it initially, but then fatigue caught up with me after about 2 hours. It may have helped because I thought it would be a huge relief from what I have been feeling, so almost like a placebo effect just because I expected it to help.

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