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sara89251 01-28-2013 03:28 AM

is it a real disease?please help!
I have been ill now for over 3 years SOME of symptoms are (because there is alot!)
weak achy legs epecially walking upstairs.
very weak arms struggling to use my hairdryer.
shooting pains all over.
stomach pains.
back pains.
shortness of breath.
jaw pain mostly left side.
pain behind left ear (worse with alchohol).
problems with focusing eyes and pressure on left eye.
extreme feeling o exhaustion every day!
tender ribs stomach and back.
lymph node swelling groin and neck.
irregular menstrual cycle.
night sweat.
had blood tests white blood cells low quite often, occasional elevated CRP,
had brain mri, chest xray, echo they all come back normal. except one of the valves in my heart was midly thickened.
The doctor can't seem to work out whats wrong because i've had so many tests. so now she is saying it could be ME or fibromyalgia. Is she just saying this because she can't find out whats wrong? Are they real diseases because I don't know much about them?i think she thinks i'm a hypochondriac sometimes and its so frustrating! she had also referred me to see a blood specialist but I'm not going to get my hopes up that they will find anything.
I'm 27 female healthy weight.

Sensitivo 02-11-2013 03:06 PM

Re: is it a real disease?please help!
Yes, Sara -- ME is a real illness.

I was diagnosed almost 25 years ago. The sooner you get an accurate diagnosis, the more likely you are to take the steps necessary to get better (or at least not get any worse). Good luck.

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