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Mancoon 04-14-2016 05:49 PM

5 Years of Pelvic Floor, Groin, Abdominal, and Leg Pain
I apologize for the length, but this cannot be explained in short. I've had this since I was 17 when I got a mysterious injury in high school wrestling. I am now 22.

[B]Left groin[/B] is very tight and weak. It is painful to stretch out. I can feel a radiation of pain from my groin to my left testicle, in what feels like the vas deferens area and leading upwards behind my pubic bone and bladder.
Pelvic Floor is also very tight and weak. The tighter it seems to be, the more pain that radiates into my testicle. In the past I have had severe pelvic floor and testicular aching after sex and orgasm. This region hurts after lifting and other strenuous activity as well. It may also be worth mentioning that throughout my teen years Iíve had a history of sucking in my stomach, which seems to also tighten my pelvic floor and cause discomfort. I still sometimes find myself doing this and have to consciously try to relax my pelvic floor.

When my pain is at its worst, having a full bladder becomes urgent. It sends a significant amount of pain into my pelvic floor, testicles, and abdomen, and feels as if there is a shocking amount of sudden swelling. I had an incidence where the pain had become suddenly overwhelming with a full bladder that I blacked out while driving, urinated myself, and then felt this trickling warming yet severely painful sensation in my abdomen that made me think I had internal swelling and bleeding. Other times Iíve had to void my bladder and then lay on the floor to try to alleviate the excruciating pain.

I have pain from the tip of my [B]left rib down to my testicle[/B]. It is most apparent when I'm sitting down, hunching, lifting, standing in the cold, or anything that could potentially tighten my abdomen or pelvic floor. The abdominal pain is concentrated at the very bottom tip of my left ribcage and has a long ďfingerĒ of pain stretching down to my inside left hip/left testicle. If I bend backwards, this section gets sharp pains and very tight.

Finally, my [B]left leg[/B] has severe discomfort from my butt down to my toes. The discomfort is very hard to describe; (most noticeable at my foot, butt, calves and inner leg) my leg is very cold, sensitive, and tingles as if it is not getting enough circulation. I sometimes get painful sensations at the tip of my big toe and ball of foot. My leg is also very tight, especially on the inner portion of my knee. The more pain I feel in my groin and pelvic/testicular area, the more discomfort I feel in my leg.

At night, I lie down flat on my back and I can feel every single bit of the pain from my rib, to my testicle, to the tip of my toe. Everything hurts at that moment at the end of the day. I sometimes cannot fall asleep because of it. It hurts no matter what way I lay.

When I bear down, I can feel a lot of pressure in all the previously mentioned areas of pain. Every now and then when I have a bowel movement, if I bear down too hard I will be in severe pain for the next hour or more. When I sing or laugh (abdominal stress), my abdomen, pelvic floor, and left testicle hurt as well.

For a while, the pain started to recede, I repressed the traumatic experiences of pain and life became busy. Recently I strained my left groin muscle at work. Since then, my left leg numbing/discomfort has become very severe and my pelvic floor area feels extremely tight again.

I have had a plethora of tests, treatments, and different doctor visits that will only add to this length. I don't know who to go to anymore or what steps to take. The pain is plummeting my quality of life. Has anyone had anything like this or have suggestions?

backhurtz 04-14-2016 11:10 PM

Re: 5 Years of Pelvic Floor, Groin, Abdominal, and Leg Pain
Have the doctors ruled out a hernia? A twisting of the vessels in your testicle?
What kind of doctors have you seen and what if any testing has been done ?

JudyLady 04-15-2016 11:03 AM

Re: 5 Years of Pelvic Floor, Groin, Abdominal, and Leg Pain
If you've seen the doctors and they can't find a cause for your pain, see a neurologist and ask for medical help with your pain. I have similar symptoms. I know where the pain comes from in my case. Pain management has reduced my pain considerably and saved me from early retirement.

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