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MsPolythenePam 05-22-2020 04:24 PM

the doctor backs down
After many years of arguing for more than 4 5mg breakthrough oxycodone a day my doctor finally relented and put me on morphine for long lasting relief. I never thought it would happen because Veterans like me usually get screwed on their pain meds and I had finally made up my mind to bite the bullet use my medicare and ay out of pocket for a new doctor on Wednesday. Its about time something changed now all I need is a cure

ProGuySC 08-14-2020 10:42 AM

Moving New Doctor
Glad to hear it worked out!

I have a family member who has chronic pain resulting from failed surgery 25 years ago. Prescriptions for morphine come with a considerable price to the patients, patience!

With every move, comes a new doctor! With every new state, comes a different set of humiliations. Pain Patients will try a variety of things to ease their pain. Some of these, like CBDs, are extremely effective and compliment morphine in a positive way. Products that can make a pain patients life hell.

Pain Patients are treated as criminals in he United States; in varying degrees between the states. Requesting urine tests and implying holding back on prescriptions, to patients in pain, is beyond the Pale! Test that can fail because of the very products some of these pain management centers SELL is ridiculous!

That said, What kind of experiences have others been having? What are the rules in your states and are you treated with respect?

I am really trying to understand the scope of the problem ...


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