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How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

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Unhappy How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

Hi everyone.

I am venting here…and would welcome any replies.

At this point, I’ve become tired of meeting doctors in the past two years who are totally unhelpful and uninterested in treating my foot that has been in chronic pain since an injury in 2003 and cortisone injections that caused damage in my foot.

I’m a bit upset about the appointment I had with a podiatrist last week. I know I shouldn’t let his remarks get the better of me, but the problem is that he may write his lousy comments in my medical record which will be passed onto my primary care doctor—he also told me that he would be speaking with my primary care doctor. I’m afraid that perhaps my primary care doctor will not take me seriously anymore because this podiatrist does not believe I have the pain in my foot I truly suffer from and because the podiatrist thinks I'm malingering. I wish I never went to that appointment.

A specialist my father went to highly recommended that I see his colleague, the podiatrist. I had a lot of hope and faith that this podiatrist would be able to provide help for my foot. Well, in a nut-shell, he is a know-it-all type who thinks that if someone’s problem doesn’t fit with what he learned in podiatry school or with what he typically sees in his patients, then the problem cannot possibly exist. He was so closed-minded. He’s a doctor who is NEVER wrong. For example, he suggested that I have ketaprofen compounded into a cream to put on my foot, and I said that I have already tried two different formulations of compounded medications which include both ketamine and ketaprofen. He said it is NOT possible to combine ketamine with ketaprofen because ketaprofen can only be compounded by itself…he is WRONG! When I tried to explain where my pain in my foot is, he kept jumping all over my words and interrupting me. I’m going to skip over a lot of what went on at the appointment, but it was him basically contradicting what other doctors diagnosed me with and saying that I cannot have the pain I describe. But you can actually see some damage to my foot by simply looking at it.

He looked at my most recent x-rays that were taken in the office of an orthopedic surgeon—he made a few negative remarks about this orthopedic surgeon such as he has a terrible personality and he’s not a good doctor (personally, I agree because I had an awful experience with that doctor). He then looked at the x-rays of my feet and said that I have osteoporosis in my feet due to disuse atrophy. Plus, he said I have arthritis in my big toe. I told him that the orthopedic surgeon who looked at the exact same x-rays stated that my x-rays are normal. His response was that the surgeon is not a radiologist. My understanding is that osteoporosis does not show up on regular x-rays until maybe over 30% of bone loss has occurred, so how could an orthopedic surgeon miss osteoporosis on an x-ray? Or maybe the podiatrist is wrong and I don’t have osteoporosis in my feet. I don’t know who to believe, so I’m going to have to get a 3rd opinion.

Anyway, at one point, he asked me: "Do you know what malingering is?" I answered, "Yes," but I totally misunderstood the meaning of the word at the time and found out later what the real insulting meaning is: that a person is exaggerating/faking an illness or injury to avoid work or duty or for financial gain. He said something about how I am malingering, but I didn’t respond to his comment. Malingering…how much more insulting can he get? I would give all that I own just to have the pain go away in my foot and to be able to be on my feet for hours like I used to. He doesn’t see me when I’m unable to bear walking after doing a few short errands. There’s no faking to my pain...I want to walk so badly like I used to be able to. I’ve actually had to sit in the car while the people I’m with do their shopping because my foot is in awful pain. It’s embarrassing. Then, as I’m sitting in the car all alone, I see people walking fast and even running in and out of the stores, and I wish that was me running or walking fast. I even got stuck in the center of a mall one time, unable to take many more steps because my foot was killing me and my knee was very fatigued…but I didn’t tell any of this to the podiatrist. Gosh, I just want relief for my foot pain so my life can be better.

He told me most of what I'm experiencing is in my head.

Then he called me "histrionic." I said, "I do not have histrionic personality disorder." He responded, "That's okay, I have it, too." Great, another insult! I don't know where he came up with me being histrionic (my personality doesn’t have histrionic characteristics), it just doesn't make sense why he would say this to me. I’m sorry if I sound sensitive to his comment, but it bothers me that I’m at an appointment to receive professional help for my foot, and I’m being insulted for no reason that I can think of.

I really don’t want to meet another doctor like this again. How do you deal with a doctor like this at an appointment? Do you just walk out in the middle of the appointment? Have doctors treated you rudely?

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

hi. have you seen a pain managemnt doctor? it sounds like you have cronic regional pain syndrome or reflex sypothetic distrophy. if a doc accused me of faking, i would not return to him a probably report him. that is awful. i have rsd. i have not had a doctor that thought i was faking but did see mant that said nothing was wrong. when i was going to pt, i met a pt who had experience with rsd and she said that was what i had and recommended i see a pm doc. i was there for 5 min and he agreed. this took 3 months after my injusy which accured during a cervical spine fusion. if you haven't found a pm doc, i suggest you try one. if you have and he says your faking, find another. there are many docs who do not know or understand crps/rsd unfortunately. i hope you have success in finding the right help. it can make all the difference in the world. good luck and feel better...patti

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I know how hard it is to hear these things, and we always leave and wish later that we had said something. The last time this happened to me, I wrote a very long letter and sent it directly to the doctor by certified mail. (The doc had to sign to receive the letter) Did this change my experience? No. Did it change the doctor? Probably not. But this is about you feeling misunderstood and judged, when if the doctor only knew..........So tell him! Tell him like you just told us! This is for YOU to feel better. So do it! The hardest part is feeling that we are not heard, and misunderstood. Make yourself heard..........if only for you.

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I am so sorry that this has happened to you.
I have pain in my lung after a bout with pneumonia in '03. My pulmonologist told me that I cannot have pain in my lung. It hurts when I breathe!
BITE ME!! Sorry....he made me very angry because he started talking about when I lived in Italy and chatted me up and acted like we were best friends and then went into the 'you can't have pain' stuff. My primary is the best and I love her to pieces! She believes me. My pm calls it subclavicular(under my collarbone) pain...not lung pain. I don't care what they's my lung.

I'm going to the doc this week and am going to ask to start over...xrays, ct, mri...pulmonary...I haven't had an xray since '03. I'm wondering if I have valley fever...that's my newest idea.

Sorry to vent all over your thread. I'm sure that I'm not the only other person hear who has had a doc *&%$ them off. I would talk to your primary about the visit and clarify that yes, you do have pain and you would like him/her to help you find out how do deal with it. I hope it's not rsd but if it is you need a doc who knows about it. My hubby has pain after a calcaneus fracture and three surgeries....but that's another story. I understand how horrible foot pain is.
Good luck to you~Mush
undiagnosed lung and back pain after pneumonia in '03, tmj, migraines,(two failed surgeries for) Kienbock's disease

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

The doctor is a jerk. Plain and simple. Don't go back, and even file a complaint with your insurance company against him if he didn't do anything but insult you.

Not all doctors are professional, intelligent or even deserve to be practising. They are people too, and as with everyone, some are good people and some are just a-holes. Doctors are no different, it's just that some of them think they're above you, are very arrogant and self glorified.

I went to a doctor once who told me that he didn't believe that I was in pain, and that he "had seen much worse". I didn't waste another moment of my time after that. I just kinda chuckled and got up and walked out of his office without saying a word.
My point is, don't let it get to you. The guy was a moron who obviously didn't know what he was talking about. Just because he is a doctor doesn't mean that he is right, or that his opinion suddenly means that you are not in pain or a liar.

Many, many doctors, in fact the majority of them (imo) don't take people that are suffering from chronic pain seriously. They view them as drug seekers and addicts without giving them a chance. It is no differnet than racism, actually, just in a differnt form. That is the truth.

I'm an addict, now. I wasn't always an addict when it came to pain meds, that came with time. But, when my initial problem happened to me with my back, which resulted in surgery, I had a very hard time finding a doctor who would listen to me and take me seriously. In fact, the first pain managment doctor I went to flat out accused me of being a drug seeker because I told her I had been on Tramadol before and I didn't want to use it again as a pain treatment regiment (like she wanted to) because it was ineffective, previously, and there was no point in trying it again. She said that if I was asking for a specific drug, or denying what she was offering, that I obviously had abuse in mind and she would write her report to my family doctor, which she did, and which we both read over when he got it and both agreed she was wrong and obviously prejudiced and biased.

It happens a lot, trust me.

I think the problem is that there are a lot of addcits out there, but not 90% of people in pain are addicts like they think. Also, most of the addicts weren't addicts in the first place, that came over time, but is also a natural and human repsonse to narcotic pain relievers. All medical professionals agree that they are highly addictive, but they act like you're Hitler if you become addicted. Nice, huh?

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I'm sorry you are going thru this. I don't know where you are located, but I am in virginia, and I have the most amazing Pod doc. in the world. In fact, he is the one who thought I had RSD (reflex sympathic dystophy). He was required to do 3 maybe 4 more surgeries on my left foot before it finally healed. He than suggested that I go see his primary doc. I did, and took him on as my primary. My pod thought that the two of them could come up with a workable plan to control my pain. I have been on percocet for over 3 years. Never once has he even mentioned that I was over reacting. My new primary, after a couple of exam referred me to a PM>(pain management spec.) It has been a long road, but well worth it. anyone who has chronic pain needs to get it controlled. (as much as it can be). Jump on the RSD board here and talk to others, at least read some of the post. you will feel much better about yourself and your pain once you realize it isn't in your head.


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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

One of my worse doc experaincs was with a female doc before i got all my diagonses that basicaly said go home rest its all in your head.
Called hmo got a referal to an internist, she ran all kinds of tests from there refered to a rhumatoligist and a orthopedic surgon. About a year after treatment with rhumy she got frustrated with my sed rate (imflamation rate) and she herself refered me to a nuroligist that was/is a pain speiclaist. It took a long time to get to that point a few major surgeries, but it started with one doc saying nada and not bothering to run specific lab tests.
My internist ( i am still with ) reported my experainces to the texas liscense board with her dignoses and tests run and stated that the physical exam clearly showed signs of serious imflmation that was promptly ignored by primary care doc.
While i feel terrible you went through similar experainces many of us can relate.
However find a nother doc get proper diagnoses and needed referals.Yes you have to keep knocking on that door tests run answers saught till you get the answers...Good luck to you, do not give up

Try for a referal to a rhumatologist that might be arithus in your foot ( imflamation causing the extra continual pain) and the rhumatologist can help with the diagnoses and pain as well as treatment

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I too was going to say your problem sounds A LOT like RSD. I have RSD in my foot... While I was reading your post, I said to myself, "Did I write this?? This sounds exactly like me..." I have RSD in my left foot. I have to walk with a cane anytime I go out of the house, which isn't often... I haven't gone anywhere aside from doctor's offices for months now. (And food shopping once the other day with my father). I too feel horrible watching people walking or running around with no problems whatsoever...

I really get bothered by people I know who are too lazy to get jobs and work. They CAN work, but they just don't because the don't feel like it. I CAN'T work and I loved my job. I loved every minute of it, and it was not my fault that I got hurt on the job. I would do anything if it meant I could go back to work again and live a normal life.

I've gotten the same 'malingering' crap too, but it was only from the IME doctor I had to see for Workers Comp... and of course, they are paid to lie and say that stuff. Do not go back to that doctor, he sounds like he needs some help of his own... or he's got such a horrible life that he has to take it out on innocent patients.

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I would try and see a PM doc ASAP. As with many other posters, I agree that it sounds like you have RSD/CRPS. I had 2 surgeries on my right ankle following a wakeboard injury. I developed RSD after my second surgery and was seeing a PM doc within 1 month of diagnosis. If it is RSD, the earlier you get treatment, the better the prognosis usually is.

Just to give you a hint on how many healthcare professionals tend to view things that they can't get a definitive test or scan for, here is another part to my story. Before all this happened, I was a nurse (with a master's degree and plenty of experiece...most patients and families would assume that meant I knew about virtually everything). In reality, the knowledge base in medicine today is so vast that each individual practitioner knows a lot about their specialty (mine was general pediatrics...especially infants and toddlers)...and little about everything else. When my orthopedic surgeon first told me I had RSD, I went to the med school library and read everything I could get my hands on since I had never heard of it before. Well, even though the symptoms fit, I still felt that I was "making it all up". It did not help that I am female with a strong history of depression and anxiety.

I tell you this story because 2 years into PM I am just now at the point where I am 100% sure that this is a true, PHYSICAL problem. I spent a lot of time letting other people's opinions guide how I felt about myself. Had I listened to my PM doc, PCP, orthopedic surgeon, and the multidisciplinary team at my PM clinic, I probably would have a higher chance of my RSD being in remission (or at least not as bad as it is). Instead, I was conservative in treating it at first because I was convinced it was not real. RSD is real and you are not crazy...malingering...histrionic.

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you haven't already, take a look at the RSD board. It is a great resource and support group.

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

OMG, I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I am surprised though because I was just about to write the same type of thread. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!
I had neck surgery 7 weeks ago and the pain has come back twofold. First pain management said she would be gone for two weeks but since i was smiling we were going to cut down on my fentanyl patch. NOT I was so mad because "I WAS SMILING!!!!!" Come on now she's gone, my surgeon said there's nothing medically wrong with me because i'm fusing. I WANT TO GO TO WORK I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS PAIN!!!!! Why are doctors like this???
Maybe I will send a certified letter to my pm. I hope you find a good pain management place because overall they do work. Mine will be back on Monday and she will get an ear full.

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

Hello, and Im so sorry you had to go thru this...Id write a certified letter to the a**hole, and CC to the Board, and also to the insurance company...
This man is a jerk who shouldnt be practicing....oh yeah.,..Id make a copy for your primary as well and take it with you to your next appt..IF you dont do anything to stand up for yourself, you will have let this jerk take away a heck of alot of your diginty...PLUS anything in your chart goes to your pm and the insurance, and you need to let them know as well you arent putting up with that kind of treatment. I poersoinally wouldnt have paid for the visit...
I hope you will take action....think of how many others this arrogant jerk had probably insulted before you came in the door. I had a friend once who had the worst heart heart, ect, she had been run thru it...Well when she would go to the hosp or the doctor she knew more about what was wrong or what worked for her more than anyone due to her experiences, and her husband was a doc. Well they always treated her like crap and accused her of being histrionic and it was because she didnt want a bunch of morons killing her....long story shot,,,ive been with her to the ER numerous times in this small town we live in and she after getting treated so badly sued them to high heavens and is building a brand new million dollar home in texas for herself...and its been LONG overdue...these ppl cant treat us like this...
Sorry for the rant...its just Im sick of the way we get treated...

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so very much for the thoughtful replies to my post. I'm sorry that some of you have also experienced problems finding decent medical care.

Thank goodness for message boards like this one where we can share our personal experiences and support each other and offer advice and learn from each other. Plus, we are able to become more knowlegeable than ever about our conditions due to all of the medical info available online...I think some doctors feel intimidated by patients who are knowledgeable. God help us if we know something that our doctors don't know.

I called that podiatrist's office this week and told them that I will not be a patient due to the podiatrist insulting me at the appointment. I requested my records from that office, so it will be interesting to find out what the podiatrist wrote in my record. By the way, I was told that this podiatrist is supposed to be a very compassionate and helpful doctor, so I was truly shocked when he insulted me and didn't let me finish showing him where my pain is in my foot. He kept interrupting me. He even told me to come back for the next appointment at a later time in the day (when my foot is in more pain) with the areas of pain marked in ink! That's rediculous to have to make a second appointment so that I can mark the painful areas in I don't know where my pain is.

I have to admit, after my visit with that podiatrist, I felt quite depressed and let down. I shouldn't let him get to me, but his behavior did affect me. Some doctors have not been helpful since my foot doesn't require surgery, so they send me on my way without any advice as to what I can do for my I'm supposed to just let my foot deteriorate so that one day I can't stand to walk on it at all? I understand that I have to try again to find a new doctor, but I'm really tired of doctors by now.

When I first injured my foot, I was told I may have RSD. I've visited the RSD board many many times. I've been to several specialists and have had many tests done. I went to one PM doc, but he was unprofessional and never compared my hurt foot to my good foot...he said I have RSD. Many of the other specialists said I don't have RSD. My foot has soft tissue damage to it due to overdose of steroid into the foot following my injury. My pain feels like bone pain (like I'm walking on bones) and maybe some nerve pain, but not burning-type pain. I don't experience hypersensitivity to touch, but I did when I first injured my foot. My foot isn't swollen or discolored. But I think I may have some muscle atrophy, I'm not sure.

I've had x-rays done throughout the past few years, and none showed osteopenia. But all of a sudden the rude podiatrist says I have osteoporosis in my feet while the orthopedic surgeon who looked at the exact same x-rays said the bones were normal. So one of these so-called experts read my x-rays wrong.

Sorry if I ranted...

I'm really thankful for all the helpful comments from everyone here!

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

I am so frustrated at this point. I am not getting the help or treatment my foot needs, and my foot has been in pain for over 3 years. I am really tired of trying to find a doctor to help me. This is feeling like a joke.

I was told by the podiatrist (the rude one I wrote about in this thread) to go back to my primary care doc to get bone density test because I have osteoporosis in my feet. So I went to see my primary care doc today for my chronic foot pain and for my lower back pain. When I made the appointment, I told the receptionist to make sure he has enough time to examine my foot and lower back. I told my doc that I am to have a bone density test per the podiatrist, but he refused to order a test, and said he would call the radiologist who did the recent bone scan and ask her if I needed a bone density test.

The doc never examined my foot or my back. This is the second appointment I've been to in which I complained of lower back pain, and he never examined my back or referred me to a specialist. My lower back pain is pretty bad at this point, and I think it's crappy that I made an appointment twice already for my lower back, and the doc never even examined my back or asked me any questions about it...I think this isn't right to not examine a patient. He told me he doesn't know what to do for my foot, and so he can't help me. Then when I asked him to please look at my lower back, he said he was out of time. I asked him if he wanted me to make a separate appointment for my back, and he didn't answer me. Instead of focusing the time on my foot and back, he wasted time discussing depression, hypothetical situations regarding what my life would be like if I didn't have foot pain, and making some other small talk.

When this doctor wrote me a prescription for Vicodin a few months ago, he wrote it for 5/500 mg 3 pills per day as needed. I never took 3 pills per day, and I made a stupid mistake when requesting a refill by telling this doc that I take 1 pill before bedtime, which is the truth. Then when I picked up that prescription, it was changed from 3 pills per day down to 1 pill per day. So now at times when pain is intolerable, I can't take any Vicodin because I already take that 1 pill at bedtime. Also, 5/500 mg is not strong enough for my pain, yet I am sensitive to side effects like nausea. So today I mentioned to this doc that he changed my prescrip from 3 pills per day to only 1 pill per day for pain. His response was that he doesn't want me taking narcotic pain meds and so he's not allowing me more than 1 pill per day. Believe me, I don't want narcotic pain meds if I don't need to take them, I've never abused drugs or alcohol, and I don't desire to become addicted to any meds. But my foot is in pain such that can feel like I'm walking on a broken bone or walking on the edge of a knife. So how does 1 pill of Vicodin per day control pain? He's not willing to put me into physical therapy, not offering any solutions to my pain. My quality of life is not good, and I don't know how much longer I can take this pain. I just want my foot to get better.

My impression of today's visit is that my primary care doc is sick of me. He seemed frustrated. Ever since my foot injury, he's not taken me seriously. One other visit over a year ago, my foot was in acute, HORRIFIC pain (I couldn't get an appointment that day with a specialist), and he refused to take a look at my foot and offered no treatment.

Sorry to say that I almost wish he could feel my foot pain, then he would understand what it's like to have this problem.

I don't know if any of your primary care docs refuse to examine you when you are in acute pain. Do your primary docs prescribe pain meds?

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?

Hi again,

Well, I just received a copy of my medical record for the one visit I had with the rude podiatrist, and after reading what he wrote, I feel like vomiting. I'm just disgusted and wish I never met that doctor because he makes all kinds of negative assumptions about me and my pain.

First of all, the podiatrist notes my exact height and weight, although nobody ever took those measurements in his office, so what is written in my record is incorrect. I listed my height and weight in the intake paperwork, but he ignored what I wrote. Plus, the record states my pulse and respiratory rates, yet nobody in that office took those measurements.

So this podiatrist goes on to write in my record that I have a "play by play script" that I relate to him starting from the first day of my injury, which he finds quite unusual since most other people don't keep records starting from day one of their injury. He states that most people instead try to go back and reform those memories, but that I have detailed records. Well, I didn't start keeping records from day one of my injury, and I never mentioned to him whether or not I had any records except for copies of test results. I don't understand why he wrote all of this. I told him about when and how I injured my foot because he asked for a history, and I told him when I last had physical therapy and when I received cortisone shots and tests...this information is what he wanted to know. So I guess I should have just acted completely dumb about when my injury occurred and what treatment I've had?

I had showed him a specific area of my foot that is giving me problems, and he wrote in my record that I feel this problem is the reason I will never get better. OMG...I never told him that.

He wrote that some of my discomfort is psychogenically induced. He writes that I've been seen by many doctors and they all have probably come up with the same assessment he's come up with. He wrote that I have preconceived notions of what the problem is, and because of this, he doesn't know why I'm coming to a doctor because there is no help for me since I already believe that I'm not going to get better. He states that I believe what I have wrong with my foot cannot be treated. I can't believe he wrote this! I never said to him that my foot can't improve...gosh, that's why I was there seeking help.

He wrote lots more, all negative about me.

What's weird is that at the appointment he called me histrionic (I don't have any histrionic personality characteristics)...a histrionic person is dramatic and lively, yet in my record he writes that I was subdued. So he's contradicting himself. Also, at the appointment, he told me that my x-rays show osteoporosis in my feet, yet in the report he writes nothing of the osteoporosis.

I'm pretty insulted and disgusted because I had high hopes that this podiatrist could offer help and treatment. If I didn't think my foot could improve, why would I waste my time going to the doctor? Yeah right, my foot pain is in my head. Sure. I wish the ignorant doctor could feel my foot pain for a day. I have fat pad atrophy so that my bones don't have enough cushioning where I bear all my weight, but he denies that atrophy causes pain...he is simply wrong.

I'm almost afraid to go to another doctor now from this experience. I don't want crap like this being written in my medical record. He didn't write anything positive about me in my record.

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Re: How do you deal with doctors who don't take your pain seriously?


I am so sorry about this. What a JERK! I know you are mad and hurting right now. THIS is the reason why I get my records now. It is ridiculous what I have found in my records! Basically what I got from his "assessment" of you, was that he doesn't like an educated patient. He feels like you should walk in there and be like "oh great doctor, the smartest man of all, please find out what's wrong with me!!" All the while playing dumb yourself!

Please write off this idiot. You know that you should not let his assessment of you bother you, but I understand that it does. This has happened to me, and let me tell you, I was infuriated. I never put that doctor down as anyone I had seen because there was no point.

Some doctors have such a God complex, they cannot be questioned by anyone. I was in an ER once and the nurse brought a shot. I asked what she was getting ready to inject me with, as she didn't tell me. Later, teh doctor said I was a drug seeker because I had too much interest in medications.....What??!! It says on the wall of the hospital room to speak up to lessen medication errors!

I know how frustrated you must be, but keep moving forward and make this idiot a distant memory. I am so sorry you have had to go through this. If it makes you feel better, write the AMA and complain about this doctor. False information in records can be deadly, or simply hurtful to your reputation. This doctor CLEARLY wrote opinions, not facts!

Hang in there my friend!

Your Friend,


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