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  • Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

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    Old 02-05-2008, 01:48 PM   #1
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    Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    i went to see my doctor about my ever present lower back/left leg pain,who then recommended another nuerosurgeon. so i went there only to have him order a mylogram/cat scan(doing this Friday 2/8) I AM IN PAIN everyday!!, the nuerosurgeon prescribed 7.50-500 hydrocodone, at this point it is like a band aid on a gunshot. the presciption is 1 tab every 4 hours, i need 2 just to get the pain under control so i can go to work. after that 1 every 2 hours seems to work best. of course that means i am using more tham prescibed and that make the nurse at the office mad for some reason. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?! please help, my PC doctor told me i am too young to be considered a chronic pain patient at 36y.o. is this true??

    thanx in advance,


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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???


    I really don't know if there's an age at which one becomes eligible for pain management. Most, if not all, states have a pain patients bill of rights stating that all patients have a right to pain control, whether it's chronic pain or acute pain.

    It may come down to what's best for you at 36. If at all possible you do not want to become dependent on opioids (hydrocodone, morphine, etc). Once dependent there's only one way off and it is not at all pleasant. If I were you I'd do everything possible to get the cause(s) of my pain resolved before agreeing to opioid dependence. I know this is hard because pain is hard to deal with, and the longer it goes on the harder it gets. But if there's any chance that surgery or other types of procedures can help resolve your pain please do everything in your power to go that route. When procedures are exhausted, and you are still in constant pain, that's when it's time for pain management with strong meds, narcotics and others.

    Use of opioids - it is critical to take your pain meds as directed. This is just as important for you as it is for your physicians. Doctors will cut you off if you do this and it'll be recorded in your chart. Plus, it can put your doctor's license at risk if he renews your meds too soon too often. The only way your doc can adequately treat your pain is for you to follow his plan, which includes using the meds as prescribed. If the prescribed dose is not working then you must contact the doctor and explain the situation. It's better to visit the doctor than to do this over the phone if possible.

    Best of Luck!


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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    Oh, I can SO relate to your situation!!! It's so frustrating...especially when you hear, "Now, if you were 70 and had these symptoms..." Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but PAIN is PAIN...same pain if I'm 20 or 300!!

    About the need to talk with your doctor (not the nurse) about your pain level, and tell him you're not being treated adequately. But you need to do it BEFORE you run out. If you go to him now, and explain that you're not finding relief from the 1 tablet every few hours, then he's more apt to listen and tweak your dosage...but if you wait until you're out and then go and tell them you took matters into your own hands and took more than you were supposed to, then they'll frown on that. The key is informing him of your situation before taking matters into your own hands, not after. Asking forgiveness instead of permission doesn't work well in the situation!!

    I'm prayin' for you!! I know what you're going WILL get better.

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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    I am also fairly young at 33 years of age. I don't think I have ever had a doctor tell me that they were not going to treat my pain very well due to my age. I think that doctor's comment if very ludacris and it sounds like he is not very educated when it comes down to CHRONIC PAIN.

    I worry about the medications that I am since I am on the 50mg fentanyl patch which is a highly potent medication. But I do know that I could be on the same dose for years and years without the need for an increase. Or if I do need alot of increased or the patch is not working very well, then I can take a "drug vacation" and switch to another narcotic. This way it gives your brain a vacation from the fentanyl and you can be on another narcotic for awhile and then possibly switch back to the fentanyl but at a much lower dose than you were taking. I have learned alot from the people here. I trust these people alot.

    I would suggest that you definitely try something else for the pain especially the nerve pain. There are several medications that are very effective targeting and treating nerve treating pain. There is

    1. Lyrica - used to treat nerve pain, fibromyalgia (I am taking this one)
    2. Neurontin - very similar to Neurontin and works for some people better
    3. Cymbalta - used for nerve pain and also helps with depression caused from chronic pain
    4. Topomax - another anticonvulsant effective for nerve pain
    5. Ultram - a different kind of narcotic medication that is effective for treating nerve pain (I am also taking this one)

    Alot of people have found that adding one or more of these medications into the mix of medications you are already taking is very effective. You might find that the Lyrica treats the pain way better than the hydrocodone. It does take a lot of patience and putting up with some side effects but I would suggest getting your doctor to try you on one of these meds to treat the nerve pain. Hope that helps.


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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    had a thought see if you can get a referal to a rhumatologist, imflamation can cause all kinds of crud and affect different areas
    at ANY age not just for old folks.
    With a different set of eyes /tests they might be albe to see/find something the other docs didn't.
    Also rhuyms are farily great at pain management as well if imflamation is found.
    Imflamation general or specific can cause back pain, spams anywhere muscle aches pains too!

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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    I get so darn flippin' angry when I see people post on here that their doc has told them that they are too "young" to be considered a CP patient. Does CP know an age limit. Do they not bleed red, do they not hurt like I hurt, regardless of age, sex, or race??! Frankly, were it me, and I were told this, I think I would run, (if I could LOL!) to the nearest next PM doc to get another consult. It just soooo ticks me off to hear that just because of "age" a person is not "allowed" to hurt! GRRRRR!!!

    Sorry to vent, but I had a dear friend who died at age 15 from a very painful disease, (sickle cell anemia) and she was treated with such compassion...imagine if someone had said that she was not capable of "hurting" due to her young age!! Imagine if she were left to die without the drugs that helped her be as comfortable as she could be in her last hours. Ohhhh, it just makes me wanna puke.

    We should not be judged by these "so called" physicians who are looking at a persons age, and because the outer body looks seeminly whole and healthy, they make a quick rash decision that the person before them is only there to "get drugs" whether in their mind it's for a "high" or for a way to make an income. While this IS a sad reality in our world today, it is NOT always the case in every situation with every person, and they cannot, just based on ones age determine that a person is "too young" to be a CP'er.

    Okay...stepping' off my soapbox now. I'm sorry for that little rant. I'm in intense pain today, both in my back and from a migraine due to a storm front moving through. So happy I go see my doc today. Not sure what I'm gonna talk about with him, I have so many issues going on. I'm wondering if I'm slipping into some depression. Lately, the only thing I can think of is "is this as good as it gets". I never got around to the thread I was gonna start yesterday, I just could never really figure out what I wanted to say, or how to say it! Again, pardon my interruption!
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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    Usually a neurosurgeon isn't going to treat post op pain. Its just not what they do. there surgeons and they will prescribe narcotics to you after your surgery but only for a very limited time.. They rarely continue to treat your pain once the surgery is complete so I am actually surprised your Dr has been giving you hydro's at all since you have not had back surgery yet. Unless I missed something and you did have surgery? if you did okay, than you do need to see a pain Doc. they specialize in treating chronic pain patients and can help you with better meds. it sounds like you might need to be on a longer acting medication as hydro is used more for acute pain or break through pain but not normally very good for a CP pain patient who is in pain 24/7.

    And if you tell the nurse you took more meds than your supposed to they might cut you off, so never tell a nurse that or the Dr that. it will get you in big trouble and the Dr might think your an addict who is using him to get pain pills.

    your better off making an apt and telling him the meds are not covering your pain anymore and you need something different. also hydro long term is not great on your liver, so its not the best medication to be taking long term every day for a guy like you who has pain all the time.

    Do yourself a big favor and find a good PM Dr. bring all of your records with you, all MRI'S, CT SCANS and what ever else you have and see what the Dr can do for you. Not all PM Docs will send you home with narcotics so don't go in there excpecting to get them. there are many other things you can try and they will offer you besides pain meds... I have had back surgery myself and I tried a lot of other things before I was put on oxycontin full time so just be patient and look around for a good Dr and go from there, but a neuro is not going to be a good doc to manage your meds. I am surprised he has been doing it at all actually.

    if you have General Dr like a PCP this would be a good place to start for a referral or your neuro might know of one but please be really careful with your hydro usage right now as you don't want the neuro to red flag you as a seeker and mention this in your records to the PM Doc. it happens all the time and than you will get NO narcotics if they suspect you are using more than prescribed which you clearly stated you are.

    good luck in finding a good Dr. It makes all the difference, but you must obey by the rules and be a compliant good patient or they will cut you right off!!!!


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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    Lexusjohnny, I Read through all of your previous post and wanted to correct myself as you have had surgery. A Micro disectomy. from what I have heard from others is that this surgery is pretty minor compared to other types of back operations. its the least invasive and is supposed to heal quicker than the other types docs do. I think that your Dr feels you shouldn't be needing pain meds this far out of surgery and he is getting annoyed with you for asking for early refills and calling up the nurses to get more meds before your refill is do.

    If you plan on sticking with this Dr than you need to ask him for something stronger than hydro 7.5, or ask him to allow you to take 2 at a time if that is what you need.

    I am also a bit confused as to why this DR only gives you 30 pills at a time. that is very odd as most Dr's will give you 60 to 90 to 120 at a time so this shows me he is opiate phobic as a LOT of surgeons are, this is not unusual at all. after seeing all of your post, in which you are in constant pain and not getting enough pain pills, than you need to find a PM DOC or a family doc that can treat your pain accordingly. this guy is not going to help you anymore from what I can tell so I would start looking for a new Dr.

    start with your GP as this is a better situation for now since it could be months before you get into a PM DR... You need help now and should not have to beg and made to feel so badly for pain control, when he did your surgery. so just stop asking him for meds and find a new Dr. What will end up happening is he will label you a drug seeker and it will get into your medical records and every Dr that see's your records will be warned about you and you don't want this to happen so just start looking for a new Dr ASAP!!!

    Find a good PM DR if you don't have a primary care Dr. Its not going to get any better for you and most surgeons aren't comfortable prescribing anything stronger than what your already on so don't waste any more time.

    if I were you in the mean time, make an apt with HIM and don't ask the nurse a thing, just make an apt and ask for a referral to a good PM DOC and ask him in the meantime if he could please either UP YOUR DOSE or give you something stronger. the next step up is probably percocet or oxycontin, but he is probably to terrified to give you these as he is so freaky about the hydro's as it is.


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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    I have had back problems and have been on narcotic pain medicine since I was 16 years old. If the pain is there... then the pain is there. You can feel pain at any age. Best of luck.

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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    You are absolutely not too young to be a chronic pain patient! That is utterly ridiculous!! If I were you, I would start looking for another doctor ASAP.

    Have you had an MRI since the surgery? It's entirely possible that you have a new problem...further herniation can happen after micro surgery and it can happen easily. Since you have this kind of pain, you may have a nerve being pinched and don't want to just treat the symptoms if there is a surgical problem....not saying there IS, just that there could be.

    There is a board here....the back pain message board...where you can get a lot more information from people who have been where you are. You might want to post there.

    Best wishes.

    Lumbar surgery x 7 over the last 30 years.
    cervical fusion...2 levels
    medtronic pain pump implanted
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    first there89
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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    i am 21 and in hte service and i get treated like **** cuz i must be a drug seeker cuz im a young male

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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    Just want to let everyone know that this post is from 2008, and the original poster has not posted since 2008. Not saying the topic is not relevant, but the OP will most likely not read the replies.

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    Re: Am I too young to be considered a "Chronic Pain" patient???

    You are absolutely NOT to young to be affected by chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that will mot go away and lasts at least 3 months. It sounds like the medical staff looks at you like you are a jubkie. I have the same problem. They should be in your place. I would go and find a doctor that specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Get one that specializes in pain. It also sounds like your meds need to be adjusted. Norco 7.5/325 - 2 pills is not all that much. You have been suffering too long my friend. Me mindful an take care of yourself.

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