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Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

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Old 06-04-2008, 12:09 PM   #1
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butrfligirl28 HB Userbutrfligirl28 HB User
Unhappy Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

Well, apparently while I was gone, and got a new job my supervisor did not approve of, she had plenty of time to smear my name. She never called me, not one time. Not to aks about anything at work, or to see how I was doing. I go back yesterday to find a new girl in my office, (now her office), and my stuff randomly stuffed in boxes in a downstairs office.

Then we meet with my old supervisor, her boss, and my new supervisor. My Program Supervisor started talking about some important paper work that I said I had done, that was never done!!! It WAS done and my supervisor had an intern call me to find out where it was in my office not two weeks after surgery. He says that they never found it, and he was really upset and disappointed with me. (Later I find an email from him to me, stating that he was angry that I did not do my job, and said I did, and that this was an example of my poor work ethic................and sent it ALL THE WAY to the top bosses!

Today, I try desperately to find that paperwork to show that I HAD done what I said I did, and I tell my old evil supervisor that I need the files so that I can look there. She says, "Oh, I found it weeks ago." WHAT??!! She sat right next to me yesterday when he jumped all over me about this paperwork "no one could find, so I didn't do it", and she DID not say a word. Not one word in my defense. Much less, "Oh yeah, I found that paperwork, where Amanda said it was."

I am so livid. I remember the assistant director calling me, and having an attitude on the phone and I wondered why? I guess because she had just read an email about my crappy work practices, and lying to cover them up! Which of course could have been cleared up by my supervisor weeks ago, at least she could have set the record straight yesterday. But No. She just watched me burn.

God I hate trying so hard, and working my butt off with CP. I have been there 18 months, and they don't even KNOW about my health problems. I have hidden it very well, by busting my butt and doing a good job, and now look what I get for it.

Sorry for the rant.

Your Friend,


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Old 06-04-2008, 12:26 PM   #2
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cmpgirl HB User
Re: Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

Amanda, I am sooooo sorry you are going through this. I am furious for you! I can't believe how evil this woman is. Did you talk to your boss about the fact that she just told you she had found it? If so, what did your boss say? If not, you have to let him know! She shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. It's flat out sabotage! Several people owe you a big fat apology!

I can't advise you about what to do. Staying or quitting has to be your decision. I just want you to know that you have every right to stand up for yourself and if that means throwing her under the bus, then so be it. I know you probably don't want to "stoop" to her level, but if it is the one true way to clear your own good name, then so be it. What a %4^7*!

Sorry, I know you are upset enough without my help. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the very best, whatever you decide. I'm here if you need a virtual shoulder. Take care and God Bless, CMP/MM


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trowftd3 HB User
Re: Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

OH, Amanda, I would be beyond livid!!! But, some people are just like that and you always seem to have to work with these people. How frustrating!!

Forgive me if I'm out of the loop long were you gone? And " a new job my supervisor didn't approve of..." How did you get a new job while you were gone? Point me to the correct post if I've missed the story.

It sucks to fight so hard against cp and have to deal with difficult co workers and bosses. On my last job(my last day was 11/29/05) I kept my cp a secret which was really, really hard when trying new meds and titrating meds. Most of the days I missed work were med or at least cp related. That is exhausting enough without having to deal with all of the office politics and drama. I have been lucky enough to not have to go back to work...although, right now we could really use the money. I don't know if I could handle a job right now.

Kudos to you for making it to work!!! Let us know how it goes and again, forgive me for not knowing the details.~Mush
undiagnosed lung and back pain after pneumonia in '03, tmj, migraines,(two failed surgeries for) Kienbock's disease

Old 06-04-2008, 02:13 PM   #4
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butrfligirl28 HB Userbutrfligirl28 HB User
Re: Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(


Thank you so much for your post! You made me feel like I had an very angry advocate in my corner, and that felt awesome! Your support means so much to me. She is a *&(%$ and that is why I had to leave my position there and working under her. She has always done stuff like this, and I simply could not take it anymore! Thanks again for your post. I wish I could take you with me to work! LOL


Please don't apologize! There is no reason, my friend! I have been at the same position for 18 months. This 18 months felt like years because my supervisor is incompetent and crazy. She has never liked me, and all I ever heard from her is critisism. She was constantly doing crap like this to make me look bad, and I was so miserable at work! (When I started there, people asked me who my supervisor was.....when I told them I got alot of comments like "Whew good luck, she is a witch!", or "Let's see how long you last." or "Her unit has the most turnover.....for a reason!"

Well, after months of being sick, I had to have a serious abdominal surgery and I have been out for 8 weeks.

I had been trying to find a new position, but she had to approve it, and she wouldn't ever do it, because she knew that it would make me happy. She made my life a living hell, so she must have hated me, yet she wouldn't let me go!

Another supervisor came to me a few months ago, and asked if I would like to be considered for an opening they were going to have in a new program they were putting together. He said of course that I would have to interview with alot of oher people, but I HAD to try, so that I could get away from my evil supervisor!

Then I had to have surgery, right away. I was unable to go through all the protocol for transferring, because I had to be out on sick leave, It hurt me so bad though because this would be a dream come true. Not only would I be rid of the evil superviosr, but I would be working in a field I have been trying to get in to. After I came home from my surgery, I was just about obsessed with not being able to apply for this new job. I hated to let it slip away!

So, I finally got up the courage to call the supervisor over the new progra, I guess he took our phone conversation as a job interview. My BFF at work called a few days later to tell me that she had just read an email and I GOT THE JOB! Oh my God, I was so happy!
I was worried too though, because I thought that there was no way she approved me to transfer, and then I heard that they went over her head to give me the position. I was scared then, because I knew she would try to mess this up for me if she could. Obviously, you see she is trying!

I am just so fed up with this! I don't deserve to be treated this way, to be sabotaged like this. I don't know what to do. I have always felt like I couldn't really do anything about her. My employer has a strict chain of command policy, which means I have to go to her with problems first. Yeah, right!

Thank you both for your support. It means so much to me!

Your Friend,


Old 06-04-2008, 02:31 PM   #5
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kim46 HB User
Re: Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

I'm so sorry to read your post.

I wanted to add - I used to be a highfalutin' Administrator and did a good deal of the HR and office politics for an 80 person office (before children). DOCUMENT everything. Document each day, every comment, time, look and print off or forward to your home email ALL emails and or written documents to back you up.

I was once in a similar position and walked away wth a tidy sum of money after my ex-employer voilated my maternity leave rights which are protected under Federal law. The money is long gone and it was very stressful to negotiate my way out of there - I had some friends in high places who came through for me. The last thing any firm wants is a lawsuit of any kind. A wise lawyer once said to me "there are ways of achieving your goals without hostility". I took that advice and ran with it.

I wish you luck in your new position.

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slipperyslope HB User
Re: Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(

That is why I have my own business. I COULD NOT handle that Amanda. If I were you I would look for a new job. These people are just RUDE and mean. They sound as if there jeoulous of you and this is why there treating you so badly. I would go above and beyound with your HR dept and file a complaint. that is just so awful and you sound to good of a person to be working them . You are better than that and deserve to be treated with respect. I would go and look for a new job and show them your not going to take this abuse any longer and if you do find something, have an exit interview.

One reason they might be acting this way is that they are mad you went out on leave. Were you able to collect short term disability? maybe they think you are faking your problem and have lied to them. I can't understand why your own boss would do this to you. This is NOT a place I would ever want to work for. I would rather dig ditches than put up with that. I am so sorry what a crummy deal. and to not call and ask how you are shows me they don't care about you. so awful, I am so sorry.


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