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CMP, any topicals help you at all

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Old 08-29-2008, 08:48 AM   #1
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CMP, any topicals help you at all

cmp, I was just curious if any topicals have helped you out with your pain or spasms? I chose to specifically ask you because I know I have some damage & that alot of my problems stem from spasms.

I have found some to be soothing but thats about it. I will say that I am different from alot of CPers they seem to prefer moist heat, especially on the neck area, where I like the ice. I ran in to a new product (I think its newer) cyroderm, from the chiropracter, my neighbor works there so she brought me some home to try. I did not really get my hopes up, but I have to say I like it over alot of other products. It just seems to help abit more & I love some of the oils. I like try some topicals in order to get relief in between doses & am always looking for one that may help me decrease or stay at a lower dose of meds. I know of wishful thinking. Steve mentioned a certain pepper, which I am assuming may be an ingrediant of the capsaicin he has mentioned, you may correct me if I am wrong Steve. Lord knows thats is happening daily this week (I blame the fever,lol).

I have seen a black pepper oil & was curious about the pepper oils now.
I just placed an order for a couple I have not tried. I dont mind because there are multpile uses to most so they dont go to waste.
I would love to find one & perhaps that would help you also, all natural so not as many worries. Still some precautions but not like oral narcotics.
So have you had any luck? Muscle spasms are the darnest things to deal with. Looking forward to hearing from you, Sammy

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Re: CMP, any topicals help you at all

Sammy, Steve probably did mention capcasin. It affects substance P [unfortunately, I can't remember what that is at the moment, but it has something to so w/ the pain signals going to our brains.]. It doesn't work right away and it burns when you first begin using it. However, it helps to decrease the pain signals going to the brain. You just have to be patient. I don't know if other peppers work in the same way. I am only aware of capscacin - doctors can prescribe it as well.

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Re: CMP, any topicals help you at all

I too have chronic myofascial pain, and there are a lot of drugs I can't have.

What saves my sanity, especially at night, is actually ordinary menthol gels. I like the ones with a special applicator like deodorant, so I don't have to touch it. It usually fights off the pain long enough for me to fall asleep.

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Re: CMP, any topicals help you at all

Hi Sammy, for me when I get real bad spasms in my neck or back, I use good old Absorbine Jr. It comes in a roll-on bottle so you never have to put it on your hands all you have to do is rub it on wherever you need it.
RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy)
Cervical Dsytonia- severe muscle spasms in the neck

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Re: CMP, any topicals help you at all


Believe it or not, one of the things that helps me the most, is just having hubby massage some simple body moisturizers, into my back and legs. (I also get sciatic pain) There really isn't any special brand or scent. I do like the ones that have lavender and herbal scents. Especially if they have the essential oils. They are very relaxing, mentally and physically.

Luckily, he doesn't mind doing this for about 20-30 minutes, several nights a week. I am one of the "moist heat people" as well, and when he is done, I usually put on a therma-care wrap or two, and drift off to dreamland.

I've tried some of the "medicated" ointments and creams, but none work any better than just the simple inexpensive basic ones. I have to admit, I haven't tried the capsaicin ointments. I've heard you really need to wear latex gloves and they can burn a lot in the beginning. I have extremely fair skin and tend to be ultra-sensative to things like that.

I occasionally use Lidoderm patches (they are Rx, and they contain Lidocain) I've found that they don't work as well on areas where the spasms are really deep-seated. But for muscles closer to the surface, they do help.

I guess I just know, through trial and error, what works for me. Some of the pepper creams/oils might work wonders for you. I have heard good things about them. Not sure if I've helped at all, but I hope something does. Take care and let me know if you try any new ones. Hugs, CMP/MM

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sammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB Usersammyo1 HB User
Re: CMP, any topicals help you at all

Thanks ladies, I think I tried the cap. ointment, I will look in my many left over topicals I have used. I have enough to fill a store shelf.
CMP, I use the essential oils & they are really soothing. I have went through so much peppermint & just received my order. I love the wintergreen oil & it really can help my muscles at times. I ordered a few oils that I will put with some cold pressed olive oil & mix together to see how it does. I have to admitt I feel soothed when I use them.
I use them for other things to so the zap to pocket book does not bother me so much.
I would rather try the all natural then anything else & alot of people swear by some of these oils. I took some to my neighbor who has awful allergies, all stuffed up & felt miserable. She said wow that cleared me up & felt better for longer then I thought I would.
I use the lavender to. I used the lavender years ago when I would have migraines. Bless my mother in law, she picked some up for me & it would relax me abit during those episodes.

I am a firm believer that god put everything on this earth we need its just finding it. I will admitt I snubbed my nose up at first at the thought that something that simple would do anything at all, but I have learned to try to be alittle more open minded.
There are some advisorys on just a few of the oils for people on blood thinners & certain oils for epileptics (sp) & a couple to watch if you are preganant. I am going to start looking at the ingrediants used in the OTC topicals & see if I can find it in the oils. There are several oils that have an antiflammatory effect.
The lidoderm patch I have tried, I wish it did help, have a whole box here. I just keep plucking away hoping to find something that will help me avoid more meds, but I am realistic & know that the LA are around the corner for me.

I know the Naturalistic doctors & I believe the Holistic use the oils as does alot of massage thearpists. So I am just starting to really investigate them more. That is why I was so interested when Steve mentioned a certain pepper. I know there is a black pepper oil & I am going to look & see if there are any other pepper oils.

Bless that husband of yours. I could have used him last night when I was back out of bed at 1:00 talking to you all. My husband was snoring away, finally asked him to please vacate the area,lol. If I do find any real good relief I will put a thread up, I would like to share hoping someone else may get better PM out of anything that may help me. I would love to find a more natural way of helping to gain better PM. Thank you all for sharing, & by the way Ray as I had the worst buring sensation in my calf last night.
It really just burned, I had to chuckle thinking I just told Ray I dont get the burning stuff, open mouth insert foot,lol. Still some burning this morning. As Marcia likes to say we are in some freaky bodies. Thanks gang & god bless you all for taking time for me. Sammy

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